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S-U-M-M-E-R. One word, six letters. People may say that words shouldn’t affect others, but what about the word ‘summer’? It excite others, make them nervous, or feeling as if time went by too fast. Some wish it would come slower, others want it be here right now! It isn’t hard to feel the same in both sides, another summer indicates a new school year to start and taking a break from this jail place called school. Summer is both the ending and beginning, how could we possibly feel one way towards summer?
First of all, there’s the not meeting with all friends or staying home bored. I’m not sure about all of you, but I rather go to school than staying home, doing chores, and expected to clean the entire time. Plus the fact of a reminder that another school year has past by and the day of entering the real world is approaching quietly. For the seniors who are reading this, they know that once the countdown hits zero, they are now considered as responsible adults officially. Summer is filled with uncertainty on what to do and how you’re going to meet up with your friends, you can’t help but wish for school last longer or for summer to end soon. School is filled with the people we know and get along with, it’s natural to want to stay (even despite the hatred towards the homework part). There’s the fact that things won’t be the same as they left. It’s not unusual for teachers to leave a school or people transferring to another school, so there’s the chance you won’t see some of the people you got along with. Now that we covered most of the reasons we don’t like the word summer or wish it would come later, let’s discuss what makes us want it to come sooner.
Who likes summer? If you asked that to classful of students, it doesn’t matter what age or grade, most hands are likely to be raised if not all. Admit it, summer is somthing you at least thrive for about twice or many more. There were the plans with families, those trips you were looking forwards and those promises you were going to force your parents to keep. You traveled and experience new things. Even if you stay home, you get the two chances of being productive or do nothing and laze around. You have the chance to catch up to the latest new episode to you wanted to watch, the choice to make a new creation of food when you’re home alone or with siblings, or dance around silly with your socks on with the music loud! Why worry about studying and the test on Monday when you can stay up and watch that one horror movie that was released on DVD? It’s not that difficult to find the reason why people enjoy summer.
To conclude, summer is both something we all love yet hate it at the same time. It save us from the drama in school, yet proves that we’re growing up and that things are slowly changing. In my opinion, I think we should enjoy the present as much as we can before the school year is concluded. After the school year is over, focus on having the time of your lives in summer! Make it worth while before it’s too late.


Workouts for this Summer

Is your body ready for this summer and that time to sit in the sun and tan. Well if not keep reading. Here are some easy way you could be ready for summer these are quick workouts to do each day and some healthy food you could eat to help.

Each of these workout moves only take 20  mins that’s not much so you can do this.

Well let’s start


  1. 50 jumping jacks
  2. 5 Push ups
  3. 20 Crunches
  4. 30 Squats
  5. 25 sec Planks
  6. 20 Lungs

Here is the link to more workouts if you wanna change it up


Here is another one for those ladies or girls working on the booty🍑

Here is the link to lots and i couldn’t just choose one so here is the link


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