By Addison Columbus

J.B. Hunt A few weeks ago I, as well as the rest of my journalism class were assigned the task of exploring how NWA stays informed about leaders, changes, and growth in the Rogers community. In order to do this we had to pick a topic or company to research. After doing research, we had to contact one or more people that are directly involved with our subject. Then we had to attempt to schedule an interview with these people. I interviewed three people from J.B. Hunt, and the turnout was great.

The three people that I interviewed were Salena Phillips, Keith Landis, and Tiffany Hutchek. They each have a different position. Salena Phillips is a business systems analyst. Keith Landis is a director of marketing. Lastly, Tiffany Hutcheck is a account rep. When I went to J.B. Hunt to interview them I asked them 12 questions. Some of them were questions intended to require biased answers. The perfect example of this is the question “what is the best part of your job?” The most popular answer was people, yet not all job descriptions there require employees to interact with people. Such as the people who work on the tech. I was told that when you interact with the people all day, you form a friendship with them. This is what makes the job more fun.

Another significant question that I asked the three of them was “What are your four business segments?” The answer from all of them was DCS, ICS, VAN, and Intermodal. They use all of these means of transportation to ship their freight for the customer.

In conclusion NWA stays informed about leaders, changes, ajbh 2nd growth within the community through the media and the work of curious journalist. I was curious about J.B. Hunt therefore I did background research about the company and developed my questions from that. J.B. Hunt was originally founded in Arkansas. This made it the perfect subject in my opinion.