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Spring Nail Art

images (1) Spring Nail Art

  1.  Blue with Pink Polka Dots

What you will need: A bobby pin, Blue, Dark Pink, and Light Pink nail polish.

Start off by painting all of your nails with a blue nail polish. Let that dry for 10 minutes so the dots won’t mix with the blue. Then after it has dried, dip the tip of the bobby pin in the light pink nail polish and start putting dots on your nails. Make sure to leave enough space for the light pink spots. Repeat the same steps for the dots but use light pink nail polish instead. The end result is a colorful look perfect for any day in the spring.   


Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 12.25.24 PM

  1. Purple with Green Heart

What you will need: Light purple nail polish, white nail polish, green nail polish, and a bobby pin or dotting tool.

First you will need to paint all your nails except your ring finger with light purple nail polish. Use the white nail polish to paint your ring finger. Let that dry for 10 minutes. Then dip the bobby pin or dotting download(1)tool in green nail polish and make a heart by make two dots and dragging them down to connect them. Now you have a cute heart manicure that will fill you with love.

  1.  Bunny Nail Artdownload (1)(1)

What you will need: Pink nail polish, white nail polish, black nail polish, and nail art brushes or toothpicks.

First you are going to paint all of your nail except your ring finger pink. Paint your ring finger with white nail polish. Let it dry for ten minutes. To make a bunny face on your nail you start off with the nose. Use pink nail polish and a nail brush or toothpick to make a pink dot for the nose. After that make two eyes right above the nose with black nail polish. Still using the black polish, make three whiskers on each side on the nose by make small horizontal lines. Then above the eyes, make two ovals for the ears. And finally fill in the ears with pink nail polish. Now you have a cute bunny manicure perfect for Easter Day.

  1.  Coloimages (2)(1)r Block Nails

What you will need: Pink nail polish and Cream Nail polish

Start off by painting a horizontal line across all your nails with cream nail polish. Fill in the top half with the cream and fill in the bottom half with the pink. You can even mix and match colors to whatever you want.  It is really simple yet beautiful.



  1.   Cloud Nail Art

What you will need: Blue nail polish, white nail polish, bobby pin or dotting tool.

Start off by painting all of your nails blue. Using a dotting tool or a bobby pin dipped in nail polish, make dots in the shape of a cloud. Start with the dot at the top of the cloud and continue around until you get to the bottom. Then make a straight line connecting the two side dots. Then just fill in the cloud and enjoy your new cute nail art perfect for any spring day.

  1. Glitter Nails images (4)

What you will need: Glitter Nail Polish or nail polish and glitter

All you have to do is paint your nail with a glitter nail polish and you are done.

Another way to do glitter nails is to paint your nails any color you want and put glitter on them. make sure the glitter is the same color or a color that complements the color of your nails. That is how you do the perfect manicure for any day in spring. images (3)(1)


Daniel Berehulak

Daniel Berehulak is a famous New Delhi based photographer. He is a native of Sydney, Australia and has visited over 60 countries covering events such as the Iraq war and child labor in China. Daniel first started his photography career when he began shooting sports matches after he finished University, then soon after that he became part of Getty Images and began freelancing. His stories and/or photographs have been published worldwide but mainly in The New York TImes, TIME Magazine and Der Spiegel. He has traveled to Afghanistan, Egypt, India, Japan and Pakistan.  Daniel’s fame really took off when he started to cover the Ebola epidemic in West Africa.

Sergio Dorantes

Sergio Dorantes was a Mexican photojournalist who ended up being acquitted for the murder of his wife. Sergio began his photography career as a paparazzo, which is defined as a photographer that follows famous figures and takes their pictures to later sell to newspapers and magazines. Sergio’s stories and photos have been published to places such as the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Sunday Times, Independent, and Sunday Telegraph, the Chicago Tribune, El País, Newsweek, Time, Forbes, Fortune, BusinessWeek, GEO, Elle, and Paris Match. He has traveled to many places including Mexico, the United States, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Robert Frank

Robert frank was a famous photojournalist who was best known for his collection the americans. He was a swiss photographer and film maker who grew up under the threat of the world war two threat of nazism. He later went to the united states and pursued photography. His work was first published in his books but then was later put on the internet. Robert was born in zurich but later traveled to new york and worked as a newspaper photographer. Later he applied for a internship for a photographer before leaving and starting his collection of photos. His book of photos was first published in paris but now is very famous all around the world.

Damon Winter

Damon winter is a famous photojournalist who was in new york and studied as a photographer. He was born in germany he was famous for his works in the military and his album the americans. He was famous during his time and was published in books and on the internet later in his life. He studied photography all throughout his life and was a very famous photographer.

Raghu Rai

Raghu Rai is an Indian photographer and photojournalist. He actually became a photographer in 1965 to soon later join a newspaper The Statesman which was a New Delhi publication. Rai then left The Statesman in 1976 to become a freelance photographer. His photos and stories have been published to companies such as Time, Life, GEO, The New York Times, Sunday Times, Newsweek, Vogue, GQ, D magazine, Marie Claire, The Independent and the New Yorker. He’s also traveled to places such as India and Southeast Africa. Rai ended up becoming known for his extensive cover of India. Rai is also known for his books such, Reflections in Colour and Reflections in Black and White and is still alive today.

Andreas Gursky

images-8 Andreas Gursky is man known for his large format architecture and landscape colour photographs. His photos are well known due to them being presented in several exhibitions in international exhibitions and museums. They include the Venice Biennale exhibition of 1990 and at the White Cube in London.

He focus on the photography area when he enter Kunstakademie Dusseldorf, a college in Germany. He soon started his photo taking in Germany and travel to Japan, Thailand, North Korea, China, ext.. His photos are sold off due how beautiful and unique the photos are. Some say it’s a scandal and are criticizing his works, but that doesn’t stop Andreas from taking more photos. My favorite pho21341008.cms-2to that he took was the one with the workers at a cane furniture factory in Nha Trang, Vietnam.

The reason why it’s my favorite is because of the high view of people working. To others it can show people working in complete chaos, but to me it shows that those workers have their own type of system of how things work. Call me crazy but that’s how I think about it. It’s amazing how this German man travels to different countires and chase after for the perfect shot, even if there are people out their who give negative comments about them.

Homai Vyarawalla

20050826000206501Homai Vyarawalla was born on December 9th, 1914 and died January 15th, 2012. She lived to be 98 years old. February 2006, a book documenting Vyarawalla’s works “India in Focus – Camera Chronicles of Homai Vyarawalla” By Sabeena Gadihoke was also published. Many of her photographs were published as photo-stories in the Illustrated Weekly of India, Time, Life, The Black Star, Paul Popper and numerous other international publications. She started her career in 1930s and thereafter received notice at the national level when she moved to Mumbai in 1942 with her family, before moving to Delhi, where in the next thirty years she photographed many political and national leaders, including Gandhi, Nehru, Jinnah, Indira Gandhi and the Nehru-Gandhi family while working as a press photographer.


James Nachtwey

static1.squarespaceJames Nachtwey is a contract photographer for TIME magazine, he has been published in britannica, and he has 3 books ( Deeds of war, Pietas, and inferno.) In 2001, he became one of the founding members of the photo agency VII. He has had solo exhibitions in New York, Paris, Rome, and around the world.

He has traveled El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Lebanon, the West Bank and Gaza, Israel, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, the Philippines, South Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Rwanda, South Africa, Russia, Bosnia, Chechnya, Kosovo, Romania, Brazil, and the United States, and many other places.

He grew up in Massachusetts and graduated from Dartmouth College, where he studied art history and political science. Images from the Vietnam War and the American civil rights movement had a powerful effect on him and were instrumental in his decision to become a photographer. 


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