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Ariel Gonzalez

Thank you to my Mom

arielAs I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to realize how the time spent with my family has gotten so minimal. Nowadays I’m out with friends, studying, or just hanging out in my room watching the newest episode of whatever show is on Netflix. I seem to have forgotten about the people who got me to where I am, and I’ve especially forgotten about the one person who pushed me to make me into the person I’ve become, my mother. So mom, this one’s for you. I love you


Dear Mommy,

I want to start by telling you how much I love you. I know I don’t always show it. I don’t even say it that often, but I do. You are the most important woman in my life, and you always will be. You are my mom my best friend. I could tell you anything and trust you. Ever since I was little you have been my hero and someone I’ve always looked up to. I know life is hard for you and I don’t always do much to make it easier, but you have sacrificed so much in your life just to raise me, and it means more to me than I’ll ever be able to express in words in this article. You are the strongest person I know, full of love and motivation, and I am incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to have that all of my life. So, Mom, I love you so much, to the ends of the Earth and until the day I’m no longer walking on it.

Next comes me telling you, thank you. Two words that means so little when comparing them to every little thing it is that you do for me. Thank you for the countless hugs. Thank you for that time you let me cry on your shoulder. Thank you for working ungodly hours just to buy me and my brothers and sister things to make us happy. Thank you for the laughter, the smiles, the lessons, and reminding me that I’ll always have somebody who loves me for who I am, flaws and all. You have shown me that it is okay to make mistakes, it’s okay to cry, and it’s okay to be who I am.Lastly mom, I want to tell you how I am sorry. I’m sorry for all of the times I fought with you, for the times I’ve let you down, and for the times I chose friends and other things over you. Sometimes I tend to lose sight of the things that are most important to me. I never meant to fight with you when you told me I couldn’t go out with friends or my boyfriend  because you just wanted to sit and watch a movie together. You truly mean so much to me and I don’t express it enough, and I certainly don’t prove it when I leave you doing the dishes to go out to some party. A lot of the time, especially lately, you deserve someone who pays more attention to the things that you do. I hope that by the time I’m older you can someday forgive me for this.

All in all, I love you to death mom. You are my entire world, whether you know that or not. Thank you for being everything to me, always.


Job Shadowing

So many of us as 8th grade did this thing called job shadowing and the point was to job shadow someone you didn’t know and learn and experience a job.

Well I am writing about what they have to do and what have been the best ones that students get to do. I will be also talking about my own experience on job shadowing.

First thing is they get this package of paper and things they need to fill out. The way they do this is their teacher talks about how and what they need to do. After a few day they soon start looking at jobs they could go and see if they could job shadowing. One of the thing they have to do is they need to contact that person and see if they could have them there and if they are okay with being asked about their job. Then they tell them what day it is and if they are available  that day. Well i remember then I had to do this last year. I really wanted to interview a cop because that’s what I wanted to be as I grew up but they said that i couldn’t so I looked for more options and then I thought about this lady that works on the radio and her name was Maga and I asked her if I could job shadow her and she said yes but as it got closer to the day she called me and told me she couldn’t so she gave me a few people i could interview instead and I ended up with Mr. Amargo at Rogers High School. The cool thing is that I learned a lot from him and I also got to talk to the police officer there at the school and he told me that if i wanted to be a cop he would highly recommend that I finish school and get your bachelors in business because he was going back to school for that and so that  when you get tired of working as a cop you could just open a business and I really liked that. Point was that I learned that not always do you have to job shadow something you really want other jobs could surprise you. That’s what I learned from job shadowing. I also got to get on their broadcast and they interviewed me and asked me questions about job shadowing. My sister is doing this right now and she wants to job shadow someone who does hair but she might have to choose something else. The reason is because she is very shy and scared to ask things but I am always there for her but this time its going to just be her and she might be job shadowing someone else but we cant always have what we want.


Workouts for this Summer

Is your body ready for this summer and that time to sit in the sun and tan. Well if not keep reading. Here are some easy way you could be ready for summer these are quick workouts to do each day and some healthy food you could eat to help.

Each of these workout moves only take 20  mins that’s not much so you can do this.

Well let’s start


  1. 50 jumping jacks
  2. 5 Push ups
  3. 20 Crunches
  4. 30 Squats
  5. 25 sec Planks
  6. 20 Lungs

Here is the link to more workouts if you wanna change it up


Here is another one for those ladies or girls working on the booty🍑

Here is the link to lots and i couldn’t just choose one so here is the link


Movies Coming In this Month

  1. The Divergent Series: Allegiant

        After the earth-shattering revelations of INSURGENT, Tris must escape with Four and go beyond the wall enclosing Chicago. For the first time ever, they will leave the only city and family they have ever known in order to find a peaceful solution for their embroiled city. Once outside, old discoveries are quickly rendered meaningless with the revelation of shocking new truths. Tris and Four must quickly decide who they can trust as a ruthless battle ignites beyond the walls of Chicago which threatens all of humanity. In order to survive, Tris will be forced to make impossible choices about courage, allegiance, sacrifice and love.

  1. 10 Cloverfield Lane

A woman (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) discovers the horrifying truth about the outside world while living in an underground shelter with two men (John Goodman, John Gallagher Jr.).

  1. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Mankind faces a new threat as Batman (Ben Affleck) embarks on a personal vendetta against Superman (Henry Cavill).

  1.  Eye in the Sky

   EYE IN THE SKY stars Helen Mirren as Colonel Katherine Powell, a UK-based military officer in command of a top secret drone operation to capture terrorists in Kenya. Through remote surveillance and on-the-ground intel, Powell discovers the targets are planning a suicide bombing and the mission escalates from “capture” to “kill.”  But as American pilot Steve Watts (Aaron Paul) is about to engage, a nine-year old girl enters the kill zone triggering an international dispute, reaching the highest levels of US and British government, over the moral, political, and personal implications of modern warfare.

  1. Midnight Special

“In the sci-fi thriller “Midnight Special,” writer/director Jeff Nichols proves again that he is one of the most compelling storytellers of our time, as a father (Michael Shannon), goes on the run to protect his young son, Alton (Jaeden Lieberher), and uncover the truth behind the boy’s special powers.  


What starts as a race from religious extremists and local law enforcement quickly escalates to a nationwide manhunt involving the highest levels of the Federal Government. Ultimately his father risks everything to protect Alton and help fulfill a destiny that could change the world forever, in this genre–defying film as supernatural as it is intimately human.

  1.  Miracles From Heaven

MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN is based on the incredible true story of the Beam family.  When Christy (Jennifer Garner) discovers her 10-year-old daughter Anna (Kylie Rogers) has a rare, incurable disease, she becomes a ferocious advocate for her daughter’s healing as she searches for a solution.


After Anna has a freak accident, an extraordinary miracle unfolds in the wake of her dramatic rescue that leaves medical specialists mystified, her family restored and their community inspired.

7.Captain America: Civil War

Political pressure mounts to install a system of accountability when the actions of the Avengers lead to collateral damage. The new status quo deeply divides members of the team. Captain America (Chris Evans) believes the heroes should remain free to defend humanity without government interference. Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) sharply disagrees and supports oversight. As the debate escalates into an all-out feud, Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) must pick a side.

PhotoJournalist Candice Bergen

Born May 9, 1946-

A photo of American actress, fashion model and photographer Candice Bergen, c. 1975.

A beauty who proved herself a master of light comedy during her 10-season run of the hit sitcom “Murphy Brown,” Bergen won five Emmy Awards and two Golden Globes for the series, and also received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress for the comedy, “Starting Over,” in which she got to sing – very badly.

PhotoJournalist Paul Fusco

He was famous for In 1968 Magnum Photographer Paul Fusco was on the train that transported Robert Kennedy’s body from New York to Arlington cemetery. For over seven hours, he made thousands of photographs of the Americans that flocked to pay their respects as the train went slowly by.

Most of his work was published

His work has appeared in publications such as LIFE, Time, Newsweek, The Sunday Times and Paris Match.  He has exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; and the Corcoran Gallery, Washington, D.C..  Most recently, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York acquired six of the RFK Funeral Train photographs.

Locations he had traveled to were

  • South East Asia
  • Mexico
  • India
  • Europe
  • Russia.
  • New York City
  • Washington D.C.

What kind of education he received:

  • Ohio University – B.F.A

PhotoJournalist Hubert Van Es

Born July 6, 1941,-  May 15, 2009

He was most famous for his 1975 image of evacuees lining up on a Saigon rooftop to board a helicopter at the frenzied close of the Vietnam War.

Where is was published

What he would do is he would take the photo using a long lens and sent it out over the U.P.I. wire service. The building in the picture housed C.I.A. officials and families, but in re printings it has often been described incorrectly as the American Embassy in Saigon. Thousands of people were evacuated by helicopter during the fall of South Vietnam.

Places he traveled too were..

  • South Vietnam
  • Hong Kong
  • Ho Chi Minh City ( Saigon)

Why he choose being a photojournalist:

Mr. Van Es decided to become a photographer after seeing an exhibition of the work of the renowned war photographer Robert Capa.



Emotions of Love 💋😍

Criminal Report:


by: Taylor Voight, Ariel Gonzalez, Chris Lemus, Sammy Miranda.

On the morning of December 3rd, 2015 a crime took place in the beloved classroom of Mr. Daniels. Four bodies were found dead and are being released to the families today. When briefed by the state of police we were told that the victims were allegedly killed by a head forced trauma, however each body was found carrying packets of soy sauce and other products from local restaurant Panda Express. How peculiar! The suspect, Gracie Fuston, was questioned at the scene early on that day and we,the reporters, talked with the main investigators on the case. After asking the reason Gracie was questioned nearly immediately at the scene Detective Voight, the lead on the case replied with,

“When we walked into the crime scene I almost immediately noticed her strange behavior, So naturally we went to interview her.” Fair enough Detective, however we wondered just when they realized she was in possession of the murder weapon?

“Well at first it wasn’t noticed, the school provides laptops for all their students, so it wasn’t until our autopsy members examined the body and determined the cause of death was a head forced trauma, that was when we realized the dented laptop, she clutched tightly, was potential evidence… and with the confirmation of DNA recognition we found that it was in fact the murder weapon used!” This is all compelling evidence but who could this murderer possibly be? According to the detective:

“When confronted about the murder weapon and other evidence Gracie did what I wish ALL suspects would do, she confessed!” An actual confession… but it couldn’t have possibly been that easy? Perhaps not everyone can take the heat of our school police force, but what about the Panda Express packets… what did those have to do with anything? We asked Investigator Lemus for enlightening information:

“The day of Crime was a day all members with trust cards were given the chance of go off campus to each lunch, the four victims happened to go to Panda Express that day.” Okay that clears us up a bit, but just why would Gracie murder all these innocent students?

“Well with evidence and further questioning we came to the conclusion that her motive was out of jealousy, the victims did not invite her to go to Panda Express with them, so when they returned, Gracie took her anger out and murdered them using a laptop.” So there you have it, the tragic crime that left 4 innocent students dead and one not-so-innocent student behind bars. Gracie trial was scheduled for tomorrow afternoon but after close analysis it was moved to yesterday after school. She was quickly charged with Voluntary manslaughter and theft. She can face up to 11 years in prison, 6 with good behavior and community service. Is Rogers New Technology High School REALLY safe? Rumor has it this isn’t the only crime of the week. A record breaking 9 criminal acts were committed that week alone. The Journalism kids are always up for the job! However all this has come into questioning… Are we really safe? What’s this sudden burst of bad behavior? How can we stop this? And most of all is the cafeteria lunch meat…. really meat? Thanks for reading this week’s daily update featuring anything and everything here at New Tech!

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