Kelly Drake presents PACC Clubs.

Get ready New Tech wolves! Pac is this week so either sign up for a club or rally with your fellow learners! Need more information? Wonder what goes on within these gathers? Well, let’s first  begin with the Thursday Morning Jams club, facilitated by Mr. Lew in room 228. Want to sing along to rockin’ jams? Mr. Lew and his gang of rockers sing along to hit music and is even thinking about started our very first New Tech Glee program, “We need more music in this building.” So come on down to room 228 for more information! Music is a passion and so is culture!

Mr. Resendez hosts the Spanish Ambassadors, taking culture and awesomeness to the next level! Him and his posse are reaching outside the school breaches and spreading the diversity of Hispanic culture by opening opportunities to each and every one. Need community service hours? Resendez is also providing hours so come on down to room 218 for more information. On every 2nd Tuesday morning of each month and Pac there will be a meeting. “Welcome! Everybody is accepted here!” states Mr. Resendez. Culture and outreach can be pretty big impact but so can writing.

Mrs. Bazyk facilitates the one and only Writers Block! A club where learners can unleash their inner self and explore a new way of expression. Writers block is also for learners who are interested in writing but don’t know where to start. They host meetings every Thursday morning in room 210. For any questions go to Hope Linder or Elizabeth Daniel. Neighboring Mrs. Bazyk, Mr. Burdess takes on the Geekery club, Filled with board games and fun. If you aren’t very skilled with games but want to be, this would be a great club to check out or should i say roll out. They are trying to spread the fun and excitement by throwing a family game night here at New Tech for $5. Not only that but they are thinking about hosting fundraisers to go towards New Tech’s very first Prom! For more information visit room 210 or speak with Trevor Piercy, Jacob Hertz, or Turner Brown. Meetings are held every Thursday after school until 5:00 PM.

On a more serious note, Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Weisenfels facilitate the National Honor Society. This is a very strategic club where a cumulative GPA of a 3.5 really kicks in if you want to be apart of this association. This organization consists of only Juniors and Seniors, so Sophomores apply by the end of the year and you could become one of our future officers! So for more information contact Mrs. Harris in room 601, or Mrs. Weisenfels in room 311. Cruising along we have our very own home grown Deck heads club facilitated by Mr. Woodard!

Interested in learning how to skateboard or just want to show off your cool kicks and flips? Deck heads is where you want to be! Started delicate and small, Decks Heads has collected many friends and followers over the past year and is very well known throughout our school community. They plan on reaching out to the community and hopefully contribute to volunteering. For further information contact Mr. Woodard at or make a visit to room 514. Not so much bro and dude but more peace and sovereignty, the outdoor club facilitated by Mr. Nelson provides adventure and exploration.

This skilled club reaches beyond school walls and touches the wild side of New Tech. This club opens the eyes of our learners by exposing them to the nature side of things by studying wildlife and plant life. The outdoors club is planning on providing community hours. Meetings are held every Thursday after school from 3:30 PM – 4:00 Pm or 4:30 PM in room 225. While people are exploring beyond laptops others are exploring their fantasies as someone they dream of being or becoming, reaching limits that could not be reached.

Facilitated by our one and only Mr. Morley L.A.R.P., Live Action Role Play, gives learners an escape to their lush fantasies and reluctant dreams. While hoping they can come together to create a story line and go along with it is going to take a lot of effort so stop by and enjoy an untold story. Not only that but Morley and his gang are planning a zombie run so want more information? Speak with Mr. Morley in room 602, meetings are held every tuesdays and Thursdays after school.

Creativity and imagination play a role as well in the Craft club hosted by Mrs. Akehurst. Have an interest in learning new craft skills or just working on projects? Craft club is the perfect club to join! They hunt for fresh, fun, funky projects to project into this school to express this school’s spirit. Join the Craft club, clubs are held in room 221 so either contact Mrs. Akehurst ro Lucy Kieffer.

Craft club is a great starting point for Skills U.S.A is all about  showing off your sweet skills even competing them against similar skills. This unit is thinking about hosting a game night for $1 while for $1 extra they will be providing a scavenger hunt throughout the school for prizes. Show off your special skills in room 221 or in Mrs. Lotheridges room 227.

Drama is also used as a skill down under in room 214 by Mrs. McKown. They want to come together with the Paintball Club, also hosted by Mrs. McKown, to establish community service hours.