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Why I support Bernie Sanders

 For me, Bernie Sanders is the antithesis of what it means to be a politician. I see him riding back and forth on public broadcasts on the train station to Washington, pictures of him walking to the capitol and constantly surrounded by his support system. He truly wants to be able to have the American dream. For decades, we have tried the Republican way and the Democratic way. The only thing that we have done is tilt the table in favor for ruling elite. Bernie, to me knows what we’re actually facing as Americans. Sanders wants to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Note that the federal minimum wage is rounded up to about $8 in total. Sanders has made it his appoint to raise up the pay to a “living wage.” This being a decent amount of money to pay for groceries, living expenses, such as rent, electricity, water, and so on.


Even if this goal weren’t to go through, there still would have been an effort made which is better than nothing. About 40% of Americans earn less than $15 an hour and that figure adds up to what a person who is working full time would earn. USA’s wages have gotten bad and a lot of people  are under financial stress. If this doesn’t make you want to support Sanders I don’t know what will. Sanders is a regular guy who represents regular folk. He has shown ability to work with John McCain, a Senior of the senate who was also a Republican nominee back in 2008.  He has also worked with others behind the scenes to form compromises without insulting or berating others. I support bernie because his policies would seriously re-build the middle class. He’d use diplomacy first, avoid self-defeating, pointless and expensive wars, and build a culture of respect. I will continue to support sanders because he has integrity.


He tells the truth, what you see is what you get. He’s a good man and would make a terrific president! He wants people to be able to go see the doctor without worrying about the expense, and get the medication they need. He believes in peaceful resolution vs. war. He won’t be bought. He wants all Americans who work 40 hours or more a week to not have to work multiple more  jobs to get by. He wants to raise minimum wage to $15 an hour. He treats others with respect even if they don’t see eye to eye. He wants to hold people, police, and higher authorities accountable for their actions no matter how high of a power they are. I am supportive of Bernie Sanders because he cares. He is about a real change. He is about righting wrongs and giving some power to the people where it should be. This why I support Bernie Sanders as our next president 2016.


How To Fix Damaged Hair

In life somethings are not fair for example guys have it way easier with girls. With guys hair they don’t have to put a lot of effort into it with girls that is a whole other story because they have to put a lot of effort into their hair and they have a lot more work to do if their hair is very damaged and frizzy like mine and others. My hair is very damaged because i have dyed it multiple times not just once. Something that has happened with my dyed hair is I have been getting a lot of split ends that are not flattering. I have done some techniques that have worked the most effective one that I use is before you shower put in your hair olive oil and coconut cream. Spread it in your hair and leave it there for a total of 30 minutes and just rinse your hair and shampoo and condition. These items help a lot it cause the hair to become more soft and curly and make your split ends disappear over time. You would think that the oil would make your hair greasy but on the contrary it makes your hair silky smooth the coconut cream that i use can not be found in the hair products I buy it in the cooking supplies at Wal-mart it sounds cheap but hey it works. The olive oil on the other hand i get it near the hair supplies it with all the vitamins in the pharmacy department combine these two and bam you got yourself smooth silky hair that cures your split ends. It works for me I mean every hair is different

Do men see women who wear makeup as being deceptive ?

    It has been most commonly stated from various men all over the world, whether meeting a new women or getting comfortable with who she really, that makeup isn’t their most favored addition. A majority of men have said they prefer a women with natural beauty or with very little makeup, with the idea that it shouldn’t be a drastic transformation. Makeup = decision and attitude is a real thing. I can’t speak to how widespread it is, but I have personally met quite a few young men who were open about their dislike of cosmetics (who didn’t realize the “natural” look they preferred almost always involved the use of makeup).

We’ve all seen those memes on Instagram and Facebook, the one that displays a split screen of a woman with and without makeup. The caption usually says something to the extent of: “Take her swimming on the first date.” To be honest, sentiments like these are annoying and repetitive.

What passes as beauty in this day and age is powerful.

Women are beautiful creatures to start with. If makeup enhances their confidence and features then that’s a good thing for them. A woman’s choice to wear high contoured-level makeup usually has far less far or little nothing to do with impressing or trying to fool men. Especially if you consider that some women who wear makeup aren’t even attracted to men therefore it’s not to deceive their eyes alone or at all.

I’ve never understood why guys on this forum are so freaked out about makeup. Women want to present themselves in the best possible light, so what? Guys do the same thing with the way they dress, hairstyles, hitting the gym, etc.  I do not agree that wearing makeup is “deceiving.” Is it deceiving when a chemotherapy patient wears a wig? Is it deceiving when a woman wears Spanx to make her clothes look better? Is it deceiving when a person has vitiligo and wants to even their skin tone?

The answer is no.

We all want to look our best. Everyone has flaws and almost everyone has blemishes. Makeup is an art. Makeup has a deeper value; it adds and contrasts to the face. It’s beyond deception. For most cases it is simply a style choice. No man can tell you other wise.

“I don’t think [men] realize that their expectations of women are unrealistic and unfair, and that the idea that women only wear makeup for the benefit of men is presumptuous,”I think the majority that prefer the ‘natural’ look don’t realize that that’s what some women are trying to achieve. Then there are also plenty of women (and men) who are not excluded that wear makeup because they love trying different colors and products, perfecting techniques and experimenting with different looks for pure fun.

The goal isn’t to deny one’s “natural look” or hide from the world or deceive other people. There are no rules to makeup and all of these reasons validate that. And if people are still deceived into thinking that your lips are bit fuller and your cheeks are rosier naturally then so be it.

Harry Potter Themed Article #2

     Buckle up Daily Prophet readers because the Triwizard Tournament has a winner. Surprising events took place the night of June 24th at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. As you all know the three… I mean four (Man I just can’t get past the fact that the Goblet of fire choose a fourth) contestants had successfully complete the second task without any problems. Last night was the final night for the young champions to prove their strength in a twenty foot high hedged maze that stretched on for miles. Somewhere hidden in the middle of that very maze was the Triwizard Cup. The rules were simple. First to touch the cup, WINS! However, there was something lurking behind every corner of the maze, something that would put the wizards skills to the test for ultimate survival. Creates like terrifying Boggarts and Humongous flesh eating spiders. The question was would these students be brave enough to get through it. To those who don’t know, the Triwizard maze has been a task used throughout the centuries, however its use has always been speculated due to the resulting effect it has on young wizards. Although they may lose the Triwizard tournament, they also tend to lose themselves due to the desperation to win and the frustration of the mazes countless dead ends. Nevertheless the task was very exciting with Potter and Diggory entering in the maze first, Krum third and Delacour last. Despite her strong efforts to conquer the maze, Delacour was the first to send up red sparks thus announcing her termination to the tournament. Next out came Krum who seemed to be a victim of the Maze lose, his eyes slightly dazed and arms crossed firmly. It was all down to Diggory and Potter. What were the odds of our youngest contest ever winning one of the hardest tournaments in wizarding history? Well obviously pretty good because it was Potter who successfully came out (more like appeared quite suddenly) out of the maze grasping the Tri-wizard cup. Who would have guessed? The Ministry however has not released any details beyond this point I regret to say. What really happened that night and why won’t the Ministry say anything?

The Movies To See:

Everyone loves to go to the movies! The best parts are the action, passion, and the jump scares. Not all movies have these though that does not mean they are not worth seeing. People go to movies for entertainment; it is the best thing since sliced bread! : ) The new upcoming movies that are a must see is Barber Shop: The Next Cut, Alice Through the Looking Glass, and Finding Dory. These three movies have lots of potentials to be the next block buster biggie! With their comedy, adventure, and a little silliness these movies will be ones to see. I’m going to cover the next top three movies giving a summary and a rating based on research!

The First move we are going to look at is Barber Shop: The Next Cut! This is the third movie in this series of comedic movies. Some big stars in this movie are Ice Cube, Nicki Minaj, Anthony Anderson, Deon Cole, Utkarsh Ambudkar, and many others. Some of these stars are from the first and second movies. The biggest one you should notice is Ice Cube. It will be in theaters starting April 15, 2016, in most theaters! Synopsis of the movie: The Barber shop with trying to stay afloat in the midst of harsh economic times. They merge the barbershop and the beauty salon into one business. With this big change the times of male bonding are long gone; replaced with now sassy female co-workers and high-spirited clientele. This movie got a movie rating of: 76% of people liked it.

The next movie to talk about is the adorable sequel to Finding Nemo, Finding Dory! If you loved the first movie with the voices of actors like Ellen DeGeneres, Ty Burrell, Albert Brooks, and more. It will be released out to theaters starting June 17, 2016! Synopsis of the movie: You see some original faces like Dory, Nemo, and Marlin. On a quest to find Dory’s Mother and Father. These new voices are being played by Diane Keaton and Eugene Levy. It will be a cute movie filled with action and adventure with hopefully a little whale talk from Dory! : ) This movie got a rating of: No Score yet!

The Last movie is a beloved book turned into a movie. Alice Through the Looking Glass! This movie was first written as a book Lewis Carroll in 1871 and is now being re-imagined into a movie. IT will be released into theaters on May 27, 2016. Some returning cast members will be Johnny Depp, Mia Wasikowska, Anne Hathaway, and some others. The synopsis of the movie: Alice after coming back to the real world and travels around the world returns to the magical world of wonderland. Where anything in your wildest dreams could happen! This place once filled with fun and adventure turns into a deadly place. Alice must go back in time to save the Mad Hatter before his time indefinitely runs out. This movie got a rating of: No Score yet
Movies are an iconic masterpiece that will never go away. These are just three of the newest movies coming out this year. I picked these movies out of a long list because these are the ones that popped out most to me. These movies may not be something you are interested in but these are not the only movies coming out to theaters soon.

Harry Potter Themed Article

      The Ministry is in a full out panic as there has been another Azkaban breakout. This time however at least ten death eaters have been set loose! These ten being the most dangerous and highly guarded convicts due to their crimes being legendary. As you can see the surprise caused by their escape is shaking the Ministry. This taking place only three years after the breakout of mass muggle murderer Sirius Black. The Ministry is announcing that Black must be the cause of all this commotion as he is Bellatrix Lestrange cousin, one of the recent escapees. This has all come into question the recent accusation from renown Hogwarts student Harry Potter, who just last year claimed the return of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. What caused these death eaters to escape now? Could this all really be related to the Dark Lord? We certainly hope not. The case has been taken up to The Battle of the Department of Mysteries. They were kind enough to release the names of the known escapees to the press. Antonin Dolohov, Bellatrix Lestrange, Rabastan Lestrange, Rodolphus Lestrange, Mulciber, Augustus Rookwood, and Travers. If you see or hear anything about these dark wizards please sent contact through owl post. We attended the Minister’s press conference to ask him about these recent events and this is what he had to say: “We have confirmed that ten high-security prisoners, in the early hours of yesterday evening, did escape. And of course, the Muggle Prime Minister has been alerted to the danger. We strongly suspect that the breakout was engineered by a man with personal experience in escaping from Azkaban; notorious mass murderer Sirius Black, cousin of the escapee Bellatrix Lestrange.” —Cornelius Fudge.  It has also been released that the REAL Barty Crouch Jr. has just been sentenced to death by the Dementors for torturing and pretending to be the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts. It was discovered that his staged death in Azkaban was a cover up made by the entire Crouch family resulting in Jr. escape 14 years ago. He was also convicted for the murder of his father Barty Crouch. The ministry has neither confirmed nor denied these rumors, however eye-witness accounts of many Hogwarts Students and teacher have proven them true. This has many people questioning the authority of the Ministry.

“Some boys” Fan review By: Addison Columbus

   This story is tragic, dark, and twisted. The plot is about a high school girl named Grace who is taken advantage of while in a very weak and vulnerable state. Not only did this hurt her physically, but also emotionally. After the tragic event that came upon her passed, she lost everything. Her friends, some of her family, and her confidence. She even began to have panic attacks. When it seemed that she could sink no lower into despair, she meets someone. His name is Ian. Ian was the naive and oblivious best friend of the evil that cast it’s will upon Grace. Grace began falling for Ian and he for her, but Ian didn’t believe what she told him about his friend. Over time the story unravels and the perpetrator of the evil deed acted upon Grace gets what was coming to him, and Ian and Grace become an item of sorts. IMG_1472

   I enjoyed the plot of this story because is was a in your face, un-sugar coated piece of reality. This story wasn’t a fantasy. It is not stated in the book that the plot is based on a real instance, but it is realistic fiction. It was the real world put in a fictional sequence of events. I also admired the perseverance that Grace displays later in the plot. She is put down in multiple ways, but she continued to fight. Because of this, and the help of Ian, justice is served.

“The Maze Runner” Fan Review By: Addison Columbus

Recently I read “The Maze Runner”, which is the first book in a four book series. I was captivated. This book is amazing. It was action packed and suspenseful. I never wanted to put it down. There were always new problems around every corner. The story is based around a boy named Thomas. Thomas was a small pawn in a huge experiment that the “government” had launched using a bunch of children. Thomas was sent into a maze of all boys with his memories wiped. All he knew about himself was his name and his gender. Even though Thomas is the main character, he is not my favorite. I had a hard time trying to distinguish which characters I liked and didn’t like.  Towards the end of the book I decided that I liked a character named Minho. Minho was the leader of the runners. The runners were the people who navigated the maze and searched for a way out. I liked Minho the most because of his attitude. He was grumpy sometimes, but he was fair to everyone. He was funny as well because he brought sarcasm into the weirdest and most unfortunate events. My least favorite character turned out to be Gally. Gally was a messed up dude. I don’t think that he was all there, yet I think he was at the same time. He was mean to almost everyone. Not many people liked him. I pitied him. I think that his anger and rudeness was driven by fear and the fact that he knew stuff about their situation that nobody else knew. He didn’t have anyone to talk to about it.


This book has a great plot and I am excited to read the next ones. I recommend this book to anyone seeking action, suspense, and futuristic dystopia. For the future readers of this book, I have a warning. The book is not completely faithful to the movie. Some pieces are mixed up and left out.

El Clasico (Barcelona v. Real Madrid)

April 2nd, 2016 is the big day. This is the day where the two mightiest, most historic soccer teams in the world clash, Barcelona and Real Madrid. This matchup is the most watched soccer game in the world besides the World Cup final. These two teams have so much history to them, they have been rivals since their beginning and have never stopped hating each other.


Most likely if you are a soccer fan, you know what this game is. The day it comes, many fans will compete with each other and argue as to what team is better. Some people even go to the extreme and gamble over who will be the winner in the end. I have even risked 5 dollars on my team, only to lose them. My family has a tradition of gathering up the day of this historic match to watch it. We always go to either my or my uncle’s house to see the winner. My family has many mixed opinions about the two teams. Most of them are FC Barcelona fans, including my father, grandpa, brother, and 2 cousins. There are only 4 Real Madrid fans in my entire family including me, my aunt, uncle, and cousin. I also have the bad habit of betting with one of my family members to predict the winner. The last Clasico, which was in November of 2015, I lost the bet. Barcelona ended up destroying Real madrid 4-0 and I felt ashamed.


I am not the only passionate fan of this game. There are people worldwide who support one or the other. Some statistics show that ‘El Clasico’ gets more views than the Super Bowl final, as stated in Can you believe that? A soccer game getting more views in the U.S than a Football final? Amazing!


To conclude, This matchup has grabbed the attention of all the soccer fans around the world. These two teams have battled it out for their championships many times and have received many views for it. That is why ‘El Clasico’, will always be my favorite match in the whole athletic world.

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