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Social Media

Social media is all around us: Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, Snapchat, Ifunny, Vine, etc.. Some of us used it everyday for entertainment,education,and etc. This world of social media is full of astonishing things. We occasionally see the beauty of it or sometimes the cruel and the dark. What would the world be like without having it? Does it cause bad influence?Well we find out these answers.

It’s amazing how social media can work in different ways. Sometimes it connect people closer together.There are some people who talk to their love ones who live in a different state or country. Although most people use social media for entertainment because nowadays the internet is full of excitement. Like watching cat videos on YouTube which causes a tremendous cause of  laughter. Then seeing the amazing face swap on Snapchat and always trying to get the face just perfect for you and the person you share it with. Some young teenager girls feel that it connect you well. For example when a anyone is going through rough time social really helps them connect with others who are going through the same thing. Together they can get through it and solve the problems that causing them suffering. It really does help them and everybody that is with them on the way.Although social media is amazing there are some flaws.

Many female teenagers who post a selfies always get comments saying “You’re beautiful” or “You’re so pretty”. This causes teenagers to feel happy and better about themselves which is sometimes a good thing. Although many parents are considered that their children who are still young have a account on social media which they think is dangerous. With social media at the tip of our fingers it wouldn’t be hard for a child or for anyone to reach and sometimes be convinced the wrong things. Many teens nowadays are so worried about their looks because they don’t a certain way that society has taught us. Although this is mostly affecting young ones and teenagers this could lead to depression at a young age. Though we all learn from our past and sometimes that could lead to a better future.

Surprisingly the world before social media was alright. Yeah, there was a lot of differences between now and then but they could still manage the world without it. The earliest method of communicating across great distance was sending letter. While others people spoke face-to-face in order to talk to each other and interact with another.Instead of looking for new trends on Twitter or on others social media.Throughout time they would use radio,to hear the news to know what was going on in the world. They would listen and sit around the radio listening to the stories,news, and music. Before taking pictures on your phone then posting it to the internet. Back then they would take pictures on cameras to capture the moment of a good memory with a friend or a family member really anybody you wanted to be with. Right now we would say that living without social media is hard, but to the people who were born without social media with them it was a reality that was their life.

Some think that although they are of dangerous this really never seemed to bother them “Yup. I’m pretty reserved though, even in social media, so I’ve never been worried.”said a student at New Tech. Many feel like although it is sometimes dangerous it’s an something that brings the people more together, and sure there are some flaws but nothing is really perfect it’s just the way we see it that changes our perspective of it.


David C. Turnley

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 8.20.08 PMDavid C. Turnley is a photographers, and is known to be one of the best Documentary Photographers working today. He is most famous for documenting the human condition in more than 75 countries. Some of the 75 countries he’s traveled to have been Iraq and Afghanistan, Eastern Europe, China, Rwanda, Somalia, Soviet Union, New York City. He first studied French Literature at the Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 8.14.09 PMUniversity of Michigan, there he got his Bachelor’s Degree in 1977. He then went to study at the Sorbonne and at Harvard University. Apart from this he didn’t seem to have had any other education that could’ve helped prepare him for his job in photography. His twin brother, Peter Turnley, is also a photographer, guess it runs in the family. In 1990 David C. Turnley won the Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography.

We can see to the side one of his most famous photos. Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 8.15.41 PMThis photo is titled A Soldier in Despair. We can also see the sadness in most of his pictures. The black and white only make it that more impactful. There is no color just as in the situation, just as there seems to be no hope for the people in the images. Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 8.17.17 PM

Mario Testino

marioT Photojournalism is something you may see every time you glance at a newspaper or magazine, but you don’t really think about what it really is. Mario Testino might be a name you don’t recognize, but his pictures are widely recognized. He is most known for his portrait photography. Mario Testino has photos that can be seen in Vogue, Vanity Fair, and V magazine. His photos are in a way more appealing to teenagers.
Some background information might be important to know what kind of photographer he is. As mentioned before he is a portrait photographer, but to achieve this job he had to get education. He got his education in photography at La Universidad del Pacífico, Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru, University of San Diego, Apprenticeship John Vickers Studio (London), and Apprenticeship Paul Nugent Studio (London). To get this education, you can see he went from one country to another. His traveling has consisted of mostly The United States, Peru, and the United Kingdom. One of his most known photos is one of Kate Moss, a famous model. He also has pictures of Angelina Jolie, and other famous models.



Cara by Mario-0

Jeff Widener

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 12.36.14 PMA photojournalist is a way of journalism that uses images in order to tell a news story. Jeff Widener is one of said photojournalist. He is most famous for having covered assignments in over 100 countries involving civil unrest to wars to social issues. Most of his photos can be seen on the Associated Press Picture Editor for Southeast Asia. To get these pictures for the Press he had to travel, he traveled to many places, but to just mention a few Belgium, East Timor, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Burma, Syria, Jordan, India, Laos, Vietnam, Pakistan. These places are where we can see the civil unrest, social issues, and wars. Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 12.35.56 PM


To get his education, Jeff went to the Los Angeles Pierce College and Moorpark College where he majored in photojournalism. There he learned what things were useful to get good pictures. These pictures have made him very famous, but the first picture that made him known to the world was his Tank Man photo. This photo is of a man man confronting a column of tanks in Tiananmen Square during the 1989 Beijing riots.

Beijing 1989 - Jeff Widener
Beijing 1989 – Jeff Widener


Daniel Berehulak

Daniel Berehulak is a famous New Delhi based photographer. He is a native of Sydney, Australia and has visited over 60 countries covering events such as the Iraq war and child labor in China. Daniel first started his photography career when he began shooting sports matches after he finished University, then soon after that he became part of Getty Images and began freelancing. His stories and/or photographs have been published worldwide but mainly in The New York TImes, TIME Magazine and Der Spiegel. He has traveled to Afghanistan, Egypt, India, Japan and Pakistan.  Daniel’s fame really took off when he started to cover the Ebola epidemic in West Africa.

Sergio Dorantes

Sergio Dorantes was a Mexican photojournalist who ended up being acquitted for the murder of his wife. Sergio began his photography career as a paparazzo, which is defined as a photographer that follows famous figures and takes their pictures to later sell to newspapers and magazines. Sergio’s stories and photos have been published to places such as the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Sunday Times, Independent, and Sunday Telegraph, the Chicago Tribune, El País, Newsweek, Time, Forbes, Fortune, BusinessWeek, GEO, Elle, and Paris Match. He has traveled to many places including Mexico, the United States, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Robert Frank

Robert frank was a famous photojournalist who was best known for his collection the americans. He was a swiss photographer and film maker who grew up under the threat of the world war two threat of nazism. He later went to the united states and pursued photography. His work was first published in his books but then was later put on the internet. Robert was born in zurich but later traveled to new york and worked as a newspaper photographer. Later he applied for a internship for a photographer before leaving and starting his collection of photos. His book of photos was first published in paris but now is very famous all around the world.

Damon Winter

Damon winter is a famous photojournalist who was in new york and studied as a photographer. He was born in germany he was famous for his works in the military and his album the americans. He was famous during his time and was published in books and on the internet later in his life. He studied photography all throughout his life and was a very famous photographer.

Yousuf Karsh

Yousuf Karsh was a famous photojournalist. Yousuf Karsh was known for his self photography. He studied in an apprenticeship for a photographer, and also worked for ford in the 1950’s. He traveled lots of places and was famous for many of his photos. He mostly traveled to boston and places around there.Yousuf karsh was a very famous man and was helped by his boss and was once a photographer for the newspaper before leaving and traveling to go take pictures.

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