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Dallas Trip

Well if many of you don’t know Heritage High School  take its band on a trip close to the end of the year and plan on going somewhere. I been a part of the band for a year one this year. I play clarinet and I am a freshman. This year we are taking a trip to Dallas, TX. The plan is to leave Friday Morning on April 22nd and well will be on the road and we will be getting to a hotel and then we will be getting a dinner at Medieval Times. Check back in the hotel sleep. Saturday Morning we will eat then go to a Zoo. After that we are going to a floor museum downtown. And then we will be going to the mall . Sleep then go back to the hotel and go to the pool and relax and talk with friends. The on Sunday morning we will eat breakfast then head to Six Flags and play a 10 min performers then we get the rest of the time to go and get on rides. Around 6 we will be heading back to Arkansas. The reason we take this trip is for us to enjoy and have some fun. We also are getting rewarded for all of our hard work and doing really good in our concerts and shows.


What is most worth learning? – Giselle N.

A lot of information accumulates over time in school, but how much of it is actually necessary and valuable? I believe that, of course, the basic mathematical and English skills should be a top priority to learn, but besides that, there are many other things that should be included into our studies that prepare us for the real world.

Have you ever just watched your parents in amazement as they make mortgage payments and file for taxes. You’re just there in confusion about what the heck is going on. Entering high school, we start to officially prepare ourselves to become responsible young adults to, hopefully, be successful in the real world, but how many times have teachers actually guided us on how to apply for a job or how to even write a check. Many times my mother has asked me to fill out a check, which by her inferencing, expects me to know how to fill one out for her to since I go to school. There shouldn’t be separate classes about how to do each individual thing, but there should be an established time to discuss similar matters. By doing this, it will prepare students to be a lot more responsible and ready for the real world. They could actually put these skills to use right away after high school and entering college.

Most high school graduates will go out and apply for a job. Teamwork should also be an active skill that should be practiced by a good majority of students. Teamwork is used in almost every career and it is a necessary job skill. It’ll help you comprehend what it is like to work with others while at the same time getting to know your strengths and weaknesses. I am lucky enough to have presented the opportunity to live in an education environment where you use teamwork everyday. It has helped me build my skills by transforming me into a better leader for when it comes to any situation. I am able to experience different types of roles when it come to group work, so there is a lot of beneficial outcomes for me. Now for when I graduate, I will be able to take those teamwork skills into the real world which will put me in favor when landing a job.

After having a discussion about why reading is a big prioritization in school, I’ve come to realize that it actually is a big part of our learning journey. There are many reasons as to why it is such an important skill to master. Recently, little kids have been given the push to start reading as early as pre-k to get their reading skills rolling. By doing this, it’s going to expand so much knowledge into their brains including the ability to create a picture in their minds using a story. With reading also comes an expansion into their vocabulary which opens new worlds for them. It gives them a greater understanding of the world and using different ways to express themselves. I don’t know them right off the bat, but I know that there are some studies showing that if students excel in reading, it helps with math. Reading is also linked to helping other school subjects, as well.

The upcoming generations of young adolescents are going to be a lot smarter about the world, so we should properly teach them in school the necessary skill for them to be even more successful. If schools focus on teaching kids the importance of reading and guiding them on how to be independent young adults.

Job Shadowing

So many of us as 8th grade did this thing called job shadowing and the point was to job shadow someone you didn’t know and learn and experience a job.

Well I am writing about what they have to do and what have been the best ones that students get to do. I will be also talking about my own experience on job shadowing.

First thing is they get this package of paper and things they need to fill out. The way they do this is their teacher talks about how and what they need to do. After a few day they soon start looking at jobs they could go and see if they could job shadowing. One of the thing they have to do is they need to contact that person and see if they could have them there and if they are okay with being asked about their job. Then they tell them what day it is and if they are available  that day. Well i remember then I had to do this last year. I really wanted to interview a cop because that’s what I wanted to be as I grew up but they said that i couldn’t so I looked for more options and then I thought about this lady that works on the radio and her name was Maga and I asked her if I could job shadow her and she said yes but as it got closer to the day she called me and told me she couldn’t so she gave me a few people i could interview instead and I ended up with Mr. Amargo at Rogers High School. The cool thing is that I learned a lot from him and I also got to talk to the police officer there at the school and he told me that if i wanted to be a cop he would highly recommend that I finish school and get your bachelors in business because he was going back to school for that and so that  when you get tired of working as a cop you could just open a business and I really liked that. Point was that I learned that not always do you have to job shadow something you really want other jobs could surprise you. That’s what I learned from job shadowing. I also got to get on their broadcast and they interviewed me and asked me questions about job shadowing. My sister is doing this right now and she wants to job shadow someone who does hair but she might have to choose something else. The reason is because she is very shy and scared to ask things but I am always there for her but this time its going to just be her and she might be job shadowing someone else but we cant always have what we want.


Road To State

With the season coming to an end soon, Rogers Heritage High School is looking forward to competing in the State Playoffs, where the best high schools battle against each other for a championship. Although the Varsity team are the only ones who can attend this tournament, the whole of Heritage High School (HHS) are working very hard. Varsity sits at second place at conference while Junior Varsity (JV) has a record of 5-3-1, which is better than last year’s results. The five teams that JV defeated were Danville, Green Forest, Prairie Grove, Van Buren, and Subiaco Academy. The three teams that JV lost to were Bishop Kelley, Rogers, and Bentonville. The only team that JV tied against was Southside. Throughout all of these games, there have been multiple goals scored. All together, JV has scored 16 goals and have conceded 13 goals. The number one spot for JV top-scorer is a tie between Matt Many and Daniel Fuentes, who have both scored 3 goals. They have only five games remaining in their season, which are against Springdale, Westville, Northside, Fayetteville, and Har-Ber. The team is hoping to get the best results out of the last games, and wish they could end this season with a positive record.

On the other hand, the team that is actually trying to qualify for the State Playoffs is Varsity. They have a 10-4-1 overall record, and a 5-2 conference record. In Arkansas, they are ranked the twelfth best team, and nationally they are ranked 140th. They have defeated Northside, Rogers, Fayetteville, and other teams that are out of the state. They have 7 games remaining in the season against Springdale, Rogers, Northside, Southside, Fayetteville, Bentonville, and Har-Ber. They look like they are going to qualify for State Playoffs, and they’re going to try their best to bring home the championship.

Unlike the two previous teams, the HHS Freshman or 9-10 team is not having the best season they could have imagined. They have not won a game, have lost four, and tied one. Their top-scorer was Gabriel Frias but he has recently moved up to JV and will finish the season playing for them. One reason that could explain why the 9-10 team is not performing so well is that the majority of the teams they face are Varsity teams from other schools. They only face these teams because most high schools do not have a freshman team. 9-10 has been defeated by Gentry, Subiaco, Commerce, and Siloam Springs. They tied against Decatur. There is only one game remaining for them which is a rematch against Siloam Springs. They are hoping to get their first win, but it won’t be easy considering that they lost 5-1 to them.

Not only is HHS performing well on the pitch, they are also doing great off the pitch. For the first time in HHS history, the whole team was able to have a 3.5 GPA in the first nine weeks of the second semester. Every individual student has been carrying their own weight, and have been able to produce amazing grades compared to previous teams in HHS history. The coaches hope that all the players can maintain this high GPA until the end of the year. This means that every player are working extremely hard to keep their grades up, but also be focused on winning games and performing well on the pitch.

Overall, this season has been incredible, and Rogers Heritage High School will be hoping to finish strong this year. The players are undergoing very difficult training, and the coaches are trying to get the best results out of every game. This season looks like it will go down in history considering HHS’ success with their games, but also with their unbelievable academic improvements.

End of year Syndrome

This is an Urgent message! You may have the end-of-school-grade-drop disease. Many people work really hard at the beginning of the year. Then, they coast during the middle of the school year. Nevertheless, at the end of the 3rd quarter, you take a look at your grades. From all A’s to maybe one B. Start worrying now because this is serious. This will affect you drastically.

In this day and age, if you don’t have a well-paying job, then you can’t support your kids, your family, yourself. Now is the time to make sure you get great grades and don’t allow such a flux in your grades happen. Otherwise, you will be the one on the street, not the one living the American Dream.

Now that you have been warned here’s how to fix this problem. First, you have to start working, do your work and get help if needed. Second, Get friends to keep you on track. Have people back you up. Thirdly, plan events and organize what you are going to do and when. If you feel like you can’t do it ask teachers or friends. Fix the problem and life will go smoothly!

Hey, don’t sweat it! This is easy and the end of the year is near. Just don’t forget to do what you need to do, and you can have all A’s.


When coming to New Technology High School you are given these opportunities that can never be offered at a regular high school. You will get to use laptop during class and have the trust that you receive from your Faculty members. In New Tech we have this trust we have to gain. Well some of us don’t get that trust. Why is that? Is it because the teachers are harsh and cruel on us or is because we simply don’t know what that cause is? Well in this school we get our trust by wear this card that is called a “Trustcard”.  Well I spoke to some students who did not get a trustcard that feel that they deserve that trust that they want to gain. “Well I feel like I do because I am responsible and I have good grades…..”, said a 9th grader student from New Tech. Many students felt this way because they were getting good grade and doing good deeds yet they did not receive the trust they were getting.

How would teachers feel in this situation? “I would want to know what I had to do to get them. What do I have to do to improve? I would want to know which teachers wanted me to do..”,said Mr.Morley a teacher in New Tech. “I would be sad, because if I worked hard and didn’t get one then my hard work wasn’t recognized. But if I’m lazy and didn’t get one, I would be like, “oh well”..”said Mrs.Thiele a teacher in New Tech. Of course we all feel upset not receiving a trustcard but you should not be upset instead you can look in the bright side by improving yourself in a better way.

When having such trust is this sometimes taking advantage of? Well according to people with trustcards say they don’t. For example,” Well other than using the restroom without asking for permission is the best. It just sometime get annoying when having to ask the teacher over and over again but that’s the only thing I really use it for.” said 9 grade student. Well what would happen if a person without a trustcard receive one? “Yes I would but then again I know it would be the wrong thing to do because I being held this responsible for me not to screw up.” ,said a 9th grader student. We all are given opportunities that sometimes we need help with which why I asked people with trustcards and teachers who gave tips for you and I.  

Doing your work and getting it done is something to proud of. We all are willing to work yet some of us chose not too. Which is why some of your peers and teachers gave you (the reader) some tips for those of you who don’t have a trust card.“Working your butt off in class!”,said a 9th grader student at New tech. “Don’t slack off!”,said 10 grader student at New Tech. “Do your work!”,said 9th grader. “Put your phone away! Be where you say you are going to be.” said Mr. Morley a teacher at New Tech.  Coming into this school is a blast,but having the trust of others is even better.



IMG_3436RNTHS has been around for about four years, a reason why we  we don’t have many things we call our own. We don’t have our own teams in sports, we shared dances with other schools, we also have to sent our students to other schools to attend choir, band, or orchestra. When attending RNTHS, you don’t have all the opportunities that you can get from regular high school. For those who haven’t noticed the posters hanged up on the hallways or the topic that most people are discussing, we’re proudly to inform you that RNTHS is going to have their first prom! Even though we were informed that only juniors and seniors would be able to attend to the prom, everyone in every grade are talking about it. Which isn’t hard to understand since everyone knows that the first is always important. First date, first kiss, first time sleeping over, to even the first time trying to drive. The first prom in RNTHS is definitely something to be excited about!

We spoke to Mrs. Bazyk, who’s in charge and guiding the prom, and she replied that she has been planning it for months by now and will be now working on decorations. All types of fundrasing had taken place earlier the year for the prom. The prom will take place at  the Four Points Sheraton in Bentonville, which you sure can expect to follow the same rules as a normal prom would have. The prom will take place at Four Points Sheriton in Bentonville at 8pm to 11 pm. Now knowing that the prom only needs the decorations to work on, Mrs. Bazyk voiced out that she needs students to start buying tickets soon so decorations can be taken care of, “I know that it is in the nature of a teenager to wait until the last minute, but doing that makes it difficult for us to purchase what we need for the decorations.” As she told us that, she also informed us that the tickets were actually lower than most school prices for prom.

Some of the people who are freshman and sophomores respect the thought that they can’t be able to go. “I mean it’s part of the high school experience you’re not supposed to go.”,said freshman at New Tech. Many others said an answer similar to this one. Which if they could go how would the others feels. “Well I mean it’s fine but since there is more freshmen and sophomores in this school. I feel like prom will be crowded and the freshman will just play around and make a mess.”,said a junior at New Tech. Prom was a tradition thing only meant for juniors and seniors. Which many respect the idea of this because soon they will be able to go with the ones they want or you can ride solo either way you will enjoy it. You will be looking back at your life and remember the great memories you had not only in prom but in high school as well.

Learners of RNTHS, quickly help to make this prom a success by buying your prom tickets now! Best to do it before spring break when the cost for them is less then after spring break! The ‘Black Tie Affair’, name of the prom, was to describe the first prom as elegant and sophisticated. A great way to describe the way to send the seniors off, style is, after all, what needed to make a dramatic exit from high school. Remember fellow learners, next time you see you Mrs. Bazyk, high five her for her work. The prom was not only hard to be able to lead but it takes guts to plan something this huge for everyone to enjoy and have some fun.


Organization 101

Do you have a messy backpack, have a Messy room, can’t find what to wear in the morning? If so, you have either an organizational problem or, siblings or friends who act like siblings. Hopefully, it is just an organization problem because that can be fixed(unlike sibling).

First, instead of buying one big book to keep notes in, get multiple. Each should be a different color, that way you can easily interpret which one is your math, science, or English notebook. Having multiple of something seems like a clutter, but it will get you in the habit of only using one section to write on instead of doing math homework on the page next to your English assignment due tomorrow.

For the second part, you need a paper and pencil. Start writing “I promise I will put it back where it goes.” Something commonly formulating in the mind of  unorganized people is, “Oh I’ll put it up after I do [anything].” If you  think that I promise you 9/10 times you will not. You have to do it right away, even if it sacrifices some of your precious time talking to cute human beings.

This one may seem simple but, bear with me. Plan.Plan.Plan. That is right if you plan to do something you will 9/10 times do it. “Yeah I’m going to my friends house this weekend, I can either clean my room five minutes before I leave, or I can do it now and be “unproductive afterward”.

I hereby proclaim this message to a halt. Just make sure you follow these small easy tips, and you are guaranteed to go even farther in your organizational life.

Woodie’s Wagon Food Truck

IMG_20160219_095923Flaps Down, a local restaurant in Springdale, is owned by the Adam’s family. They are branching out to the popular mobile food market, and needed some help for the design of their food truck. The new truck, Woodie’s Wagon: Small Place, Big Taste, will be in featured in several locations in the coming weeks, but first for the make-over.

Since the real world task created a problem that was right in line with the project based learning offered at Rogers’ New Tech, Mrs. Maria Akehurst’s Intermediate Graphic Design class came to the rescue. A group of student took the challenge seriously and created this eye catching design.


IMG_20160219_095829 IMG_20160219_100053 IMG_20160219_095936 IMG_20160219_095916 IMG_20160219_095811 The winning team, and class, got to see their hard work up close and personal when Woodie’s Wagon pulled into the school parking lot to share some of the hot food and cool drinks.

Angeles A., Emily L., and Alejandra T. took a week to complete the design. The competition was class-wide with approximately 25 students competing in groups. The girls didn’t even know they won until the big reveal during class today. What an exciting day at Rogers New Tech! IMG_20160219_100203IMG_20160219_095813


Watch for Woodie’s Wagon all around Northwest Arkansas!

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