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What is most worth learning about?

There is a wide variety of answers when students think about what is most worth learning. Many will design their “way of learning” to be fun, for example: no homework, listening to music all day, etc. Some people, like me, will actually think this through and think about what really is important to a student and what education is needed to succeed in life. I think loving yourself, building confidence, and learning about taxes, just basic life skills, are what is most worth learning about.

Loving yourself is something big that students need to learn about in their life. Many students who doubt themselves all the time and say, “I can’t do it,” don’t believe in themselves. Loving yourself is a big way to improve your confidence. Many students need this. As I’ve been told before, many students HATE that they do these things to themselves, they WANT to have confidence in themselves, but it’s just extremely difficult. There’s so many students here with anxiety, depression, are anti-social, and frankly scared to speak in class.  I think if we had a class where everyone is confident and love themselves, more students would have much more faith in themselves. They won’t be nervous to present in front of others, they won’t be scared to answer a question in front of class. Basically, school is all about having confidence and loving yourself. If you have those priorities, then you’ll be able to get through life.

Another class or another thing that is worth learning about is all responsibilities we have as adults. For example, my mother, has things like bills, taxes, and job interviews. She is always complaining that she doesn’t know how to do them; she is constantly struggling. My mother always needs someone to help her but since I have not learned those skills I am unable to help. If we are able to have a class about this, Seniors and future seniors wouldn’t have to go into the “real world,” and not know what to do. They would of already learned about these responsibilities and or “skills.” And, they would be able to get through life and thank themselves for taking the class. So, if we had a class about this, we would not be seeking help as our parents needed and we would able to help them and us in the future.

I know the future is about knowledge, but it is also about having confidence and knowing the responsibilities. So, if we learned about this, I guarantee that the future students will be prepared for whatever gets thrown at them in life. These, are just a couple of ideas to what answers the question, what is most learning about?


Dallas Trip

Well if many of you don’t know Heritage High School  take its band on a trip close to the end of the year and plan on going somewhere. I been a part of the band for a year one this year. I play clarinet and I am a freshman. This year we are taking a trip to Dallas, TX. The plan is to leave Friday Morning on April 22nd and well will be on the road and we will be getting to a hotel and then we will be getting a dinner at Medieval Times. Check back in the hotel sleep. Saturday Morning we will eat then go to a Zoo. After that we are going to a floor museum downtown. And then we will be going to the mall . Sleep then go back to the hotel and go to the pool and relax and talk with friends. The on Sunday morning we will eat breakfast then head to Six Flags and play a 10 min performers then we get the rest of the time to go and get on rides. Around 6 we will be heading back to Arkansas. The reason we take this trip is for us to enjoy and have some fun. We also are getting rewarded for all of our hard work and doing really good in our concerts and shows.

Social Media

Social media is all around us: Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, Snapchat, Ifunny, Vine, etc.. Some of us used it everyday for entertainment,education,and etc. This world of social media is full of astonishing things. We occasionally see the beauty of it or sometimes the cruel and the dark. What would the world be like without having it? Does it cause bad influence?Well we find out these answers.

It’s amazing how social media can work in different ways. Sometimes it connect people closer together.There are some people who talk to their love ones who live in a different state or country. Although most people use social media for entertainment because nowadays the internet is full of excitement. Like watching cat videos on YouTube which causes a tremendous cause of  laughter. Then seeing the amazing face swap on Snapchat and always trying to get the face just perfect for you and the person you share it with. Some young teenager girls feel that it connect you well. For example when a anyone is going through rough time social really helps them connect with others who are going through the same thing. Together they can get through it and solve the problems that causing them suffering. It really does help them and everybody that is with them on the way.Although social media is amazing there are some flaws.

Many female teenagers who post a selfies always get comments saying “You’re beautiful” or “You’re so pretty”. This causes teenagers to feel happy and better about themselves which is sometimes a good thing. Although many parents are considered that their children who are still young have a account on social media which they think is dangerous. With social media at the tip of our fingers it wouldn’t be hard for a child or for anyone to reach and sometimes be convinced the wrong things. Many teens nowadays are so worried about their looks because they don’t a certain way that society has taught us. Although this is mostly affecting young ones and teenagers this could lead to depression at a young age. Though we all learn from our past and sometimes that could lead to a better future.

Surprisingly the world before social media was alright. Yeah, there was a lot of differences between now and then but they could still manage the world without it. The earliest method of communicating across great distance was sending letter. While others people spoke face-to-face in order to talk to each other and interact with another.Instead of looking for new trends on Twitter or on others social media.Throughout time they would use radio,to hear the news to know what was going on in the world. They would listen and sit around the radio listening to the stories,news, and music. Before taking pictures on your phone then posting it to the internet. Back then they would take pictures on cameras to capture the moment of a good memory with a friend or a family member really anybody you wanted to be with. Right now we would say that living without social media is hard, but to the people who were born without social media with them it was a reality that was their life.

Some think that although they are of dangerous this really never seemed to bother them “Yup. I’m pretty reserved though, even in social media, so I’ve never been worried.”said a student at New Tech. Many feel like although it is sometimes dangerous it’s an something that brings the people more together, and sure there are some flaws but nothing is really perfect it’s just the way we see it that changes our perspective of it.

Why I support Bernie Sanders

 For me, Bernie Sanders is the antithesis of what it means to be a politician. I see him riding back and forth on public broadcasts on the train station to Washington, pictures of him walking to the capitol and constantly surrounded by his support system. He truly wants to be able to have the American dream. For decades, we have tried the Republican way and the Democratic way. The only thing that we have done is tilt the table in favor for ruling elite. Bernie, to me knows what we’re actually facing as Americans. Sanders wants to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Note that the federal minimum wage is rounded up to about $8 in total. Sanders has made it his appoint to raise up the pay to a “living wage.” This being a decent amount of money to pay for groceries, living expenses, such as rent, electricity, water, and so on.


Even if this goal weren’t to go through, there still would have been an effort made which is better than nothing. About 40% of Americans earn less than $15 an hour and that figure adds up to what a person who is working full time would earn. USA’s wages have gotten bad and a lot of people  are under financial stress. If this doesn’t make you want to support Sanders I don’t know what will. Sanders is a regular guy who represents regular folk. He has shown ability to work with John McCain, a Senior of the senate who was also a Republican nominee back in 2008.  He has also worked with others behind the scenes to form compromises without insulting or berating others. I support bernie because his policies would seriously re-build the middle class. He’d use diplomacy first, avoid self-defeating, pointless and expensive wars, and build a culture of respect. I will continue to support sanders because he has integrity.


He tells the truth, what you see is what you get. He’s a good man and would make a terrific president! He wants people to be able to go see the doctor without worrying about the expense, and get the medication they need. He believes in peaceful resolution vs. war. He won’t be bought. He wants all Americans who work 40 hours or more a week to not have to work multiple more  jobs to get by. He wants to raise minimum wage to $15 an hour. He treats others with respect even if they don’t see eye to eye. He wants to hold people, police, and higher authorities accountable for their actions no matter how high of a power they are. I am supportive of Bernie Sanders because he cares. He is about a real change. He is about righting wrongs and giving some power to the people where it should be. This why I support Bernie Sanders as our next president 2016.

Berkleys New Club for the upcoming Youth

Fishing or Angling has been a means of sport and food since the beginning of time, for example there are paintings and scenes of ancient  Egyptians fishing with  line and nets which date back to 2000 B.C.E. Just like back then fishing is still a big means of food and sport. Example of this are the many fishing tournaments which are held around the country. Ones such as the Yamaha Contender: Miami Bill fish Tournament in Florida, or the Lake Havana City Striper Derby in Arizona, and the Pompano Beach Fishing Rodeo in Florida. But these few are just some of many examples of the many tournaments held all around the world. But are tournaments aren’t the only example fishing is still being embraced today. There’s many organizations which have built themselves  like H.O.F.N.O.D (Hooked On Fishing Not On Drugs), the I.G F.A (International Game and Fish Association), and the F.L.W (Fishing League Worldwide). But among all these clubs only a few organizations are pointed towards the upcoming and fishers. But then Berkley Fishing created the Berkley High School Fishing Club. This Club is towards the young men and women of America who are between the ages of 13 and 19. Berkley says “The program encourages students to learn new fishing and techniques while raising awareness of environmental stewardship and conservation” meaning that this program is to teach the upcoming generation that this planet and the environment is special and that they should help care and conserve it, all through teaching the youth how to fish. This fundamentally Eco-friendly club is a great way for teenagers and young adults to get involved in the community by Berkley challenging kids to teach others how to fish or cast and also by challenging them to volunteer at local fishing challenges. But these aren’t the only challenges that Berkley offers. Every day you can go to their website ( and do challenges such as watching a small video and answering a question, reading a blog and answering questions, posting photos of the fish you caught, uploading photos of your favorite Berkley Hard Bait, and just simple questions like did you go fishing today. But what else does this club offer? Well how about a little friendly competition, Berkley says “high school students compete individually against other students to become the best angler in the nation” meaning that this club isn’t just a personal website, but also a competition website. But students aren’t only competing by themselves, Berkley states “high school teams compete against other teams to become the winners of The Challenge”. Teams go head to head to see which team is the best at fishing. This challenge as Berkley puts it is a “chance to win $4000 in Berkley and Abu Garcia products”. Abu Garcia is a high class fishing company which specializes in rods and reels. And Berkley (being the main sponsor of the club) Specializes in line, rods, reels, and baits. So the best of the teams will be getting authentic gear for their fishing careers. But what if you don’t really go fishing and don’t know how? Again Berkley’s goal is to teach kids how to enjoy and conserve nature so don’t worry about it. Some of the video challenges Berkley offers teaches kids who don’t know how to fish to fish. Whether it be tying knots, or talking about lures Berkley really does this to help the upcoming youth with fishing and helps teach them to conserve nature. So next time your line don’t forget to visit the Berkley High School Fishing School.

Do men see women who wear makeup as being deceptive ?

    It has been most commonly stated from various men all over the world, whether meeting a new women or getting comfortable with who she really, that makeup isn’t their most favored addition. A majority of men have said they prefer a women with natural beauty or with very little makeup, with the idea that it shouldn’t be a drastic transformation. Makeup = decision and attitude is a real thing. I can’t speak to how widespread it is, but I have personally met quite a few young men who were open about their dislike of cosmetics (who didn’t realize the “natural” look they preferred almost always involved the use of makeup).

We’ve all seen those memes on Instagram and Facebook, the one that displays a split screen of a woman with and without makeup. The caption usually says something to the extent of: “Take her swimming on the first date.” To be honest, sentiments like these are annoying and repetitive.

What passes as beauty in this day and age is powerful.

Women are beautiful creatures to start with. If makeup enhances their confidence and features then that’s a good thing for them. A woman’s choice to wear high contoured-level makeup usually has far less far or little nothing to do with impressing or trying to fool men. Especially if you consider that some women who wear makeup aren’t even attracted to men therefore it’s not to deceive their eyes alone or at all.

I’ve never understood why guys on this forum are so freaked out about makeup. Women want to present themselves in the best possible light, so what? Guys do the same thing with the way they dress, hairstyles, hitting the gym, etc.  I do not agree that wearing makeup is “deceiving.” Is it deceiving when a chemotherapy patient wears a wig? Is it deceiving when a woman wears Spanx to make her clothes look better? Is it deceiving when a person has vitiligo and wants to even their skin tone?

The answer is no.

We all want to look our best. Everyone has flaws and almost everyone has blemishes. Makeup is an art. Makeup has a deeper value; it adds and contrasts to the face. It’s beyond deception. For most cases it is simply a style choice. No man can tell you other wise.

“I don’t think [men] realize that their expectations of women are unrealistic and unfair, and that the idea that women only wear makeup for the benefit of men is presumptuous,”I think the majority that prefer the ‘natural’ look don’t realize that that’s what some women are trying to achieve. Then there are also plenty of women (and men) who are not excluded that wear makeup because they love trying different colors and products, perfecting techniques and experimenting with different looks for pure fun.

The goal isn’t to deny one’s “natural look” or hide from the world or deceive other people. There are no rules to makeup and all of these reasons validate that. And if people are still deceived into thinking that your lips are bit fuller and your cheeks are rosier naturally then so be it.

Harry Potter Themed Article #2

     Buckle up Daily Prophet readers because the Triwizard Tournament has a winner. Surprising events took place the night of June 24th at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. As you all know the three… I mean four (Man I just can’t get past the fact that the Goblet of fire choose a fourth) contestants had successfully complete the second task without any problems. Last night was the final night for the young champions to prove their strength in a twenty foot high hedged maze that stretched on for miles. Somewhere hidden in the middle of that very maze was the Triwizard Cup. The rules were simple. First to touch the cup, WINS! However, there was something lurking behind every corner of the maze, something that would put the wizards skills to the test for ultimate survival. Creates like terrifying Boggarts and Humongous flesh eating spiders. The question was would these students be brave enough to get through it. To those who don’t know, the Triwizard maze has been a task used throughout the centuries, however its use has always been speculated due to the resulting effect it has on young wizards. Although they may lose the Triwizard tournament, they also tend to lose themselves due to the desperation to win and the frustration of the mazes countless dead ends. Nevertheless the task was very exciting with Potter and Diggory entering in the maze first, Krum third and Delacour last. Despite her strong efforts to conquer the maze, Delacour was the first to send up red sparks thus announcing her termination to the tournament. Next out came Krum who seemed to be a victim of the Maze lose, his eyes slightly dazed and arms crossed firmly. It was all down to Diggory and Potter. What were the odds of our youngest contest ever winning one of the hardest tournaments in wizarding history? Well obviously pretty good because it was Potter who successfully came out (more like appeared quite suddenly) out of the maze grasping the Tri-wizard cup. Who would have guessed? The Ministry however has not released any details beyond this point I regret to say. What really happened that night and why won’t the Ministry say anything?

Human Rights Violated

When the word jail or prison is brought up, you logically think criminals and people who have done bad things, but sometimes innocent people are taken in place of the people who are really guilty. These people’s human rights are violated, and recently these human rights practically don’t exist in countries like Russia, Azerbaijan, and other countries.

Going on since 2006, Russian authorities had claimed a specific religious group, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, to have had extremist religious worship. In June 2016, it was found that the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), found that Russia had violated Articles 5 and 9. According to ECHR Convention Guide to Article 5, it is the right to liberty and security. This article is 44 pages long and explains the article, why it was made, and the guarantees a person has if they are deprived of their liberty and security. In the ECHR Convention Guide to Article 9, it explains the freedom to religion. These articles were found to be violated when the police went in on an illegal raid in a religious service on the night April 12, 2006. Russian officials have even made a list of books they considered extremist, some of the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ literature is on the list. There have been times where it was believed the Russian Authorities have tried to fabricate evidence, or plant evidence, in their place of worship so they could be charged with extremism. The official page of Jehovah’s Witnesses has a video explaining this situation. You can go to JW.ORG, and search for Russian Authorities Fabricate Evidence to Charge Witnesses With Extremist, it should be the first video. If you want more information about what is happening in Russia, you could hover over the bold RUSSIA under the date. Most of these Jehovah’s Witnesses have been sent to court and tried for the extremist actions they have been accused of. The Russian authorities have also tried to make the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures, the bible, go onto the list of extremist books. Without their books, they will not be able to go to their place of worship to study the bible. With the issue of the bible, we can see that recently, January 14, 2016, Russian authorities have seized the shipments of bibles and the books that help them understand the bible. In 2015, they stopped a shipment of 2,013 Russian-language copies of the bible. This again was violating their human rights by not letting them have their freedom of religion.

Azerbaijan has also been violating the human rights of many people in their country. This started in 2014, on Sunday morning the police had broken into the Jehovah’s Witnesses place of worship, the official page of Jehovah’s Witnesses mentions, “The police not only interrupted the religious service of Jehovah’s Witnesses but also beat several of the men, searched the premises without a warrant, verbally abused those in attendance, and confiscated money, computers, and the congregation’s Bible literature.” The officers had no right to do this, according to Crime and Society: A Comparative Criminology Tour of the World, “The Constitution allows searches of residences only with a court order or in cases provided by law; however, the authorities often conducted searches without warrants.” There was also the case of two women who were being held, Irina Zakharchenko and Valida Jabrayilova, for 11 months. These women were finally released on January 28, 2016, but it came with a price. It cost them 7,000 manat or 4474.62 American dollars. This price was only because these ladies had been distributing one religious brochure. Government officials later decided that the fines would be dropped seeing as the women had been in the jail since February 17, 2015. There was at one point a UN ruling that directed Azerbaijan to compensate the ladies for the unjust imprisonment thaScreen Shot 2016-04-19 at 12.37.07 PMt they were put into, but the officials completely disregarded that order. As mentioned before the ladies were let go, and are now in a healthy state. You can also find more information going to JW.ORG, and looking up Irina Zakharchenko and Valida Jabrayilova.


Cleaning/Organization Tips

Is your room a huge mess and you have no idea what to do with it? I’ve got the solution. I will show you some quick and easy ways to clean your room striped-painted-baskets-with-tags31and get rid of that mess.

Tip #1: Have organization bins with labels on them. Using bins are a really simple way to organize your stuff and make it look nice. Adding labels to the bins make it easier to know what is in the bin without having to to look in it. This tip is great for your bedroom, your college dorm, your closet, or anything that you need to organize.

Tip # 2: Make a game when you are putting your clothes away. Instead of being bored every time you put your dirty clothes away, make aimg-thing game out of it. You can play basketball, soccer, or whatever you find fun. You can make rules and play with your siblings or just play by yourself. Just have fun with it.

Tip # 3: Keep bins under your bed. Keeping bins under your bed will clear up a lot of space in your room and make it more organized. You can also put labels on these so you can know what is in the box. You can put clothes, toys, books, anything you want to. It is a great way to store your stuff and keep it out of sight.

Tip # 4: The laimages (1)st tip is to dance while you clean. You can jam out to your favorite songs while you clean to make it go by faster and make it more fun. You can make up dance routines and tidy your room at the same time.  Just have fun with it and before you know it, you will be done cleaning.

Hope this helped you clean your room and have fun at the same time.


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