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jaapan 3 Japan is a place full of wonders and colors during spring. Sakura is cherry blossom in Japan and they hold viewing parties for them in the beginning of march and april that only lasts a short while. This is when the sakura trees are in full bloom. Cherry blossoms are important to Japan because it signified new beginnings. This visual jpaaan 2reminder how valued life should be. Many thought that the sakura trees contained spirits and made offerings. Hanami is the term for the festivities of viewing the cherry blossom trees. They celebrate this in parks, temples and shrines. Most celebrations take place during the day but others prefer dusk for the lanterns and with the pink glow that the trees give off. During hanami season japanese people tend to go a little “ overboard “ with the whole cherry blossom time. Markets tend to even have limited edition sakura japaanflavored items. Some ideal places that hold these celebrations include Mount Fuji , Shinjuku Gyoen, Tokyo , Kyoto, Matsuyama.


Arnold Newman

Arnold Newman was known for his portraits of famous artists and politicians. or environmental portraiture.  His work was mostly published in magazines. He was not only known for his photographs but for his many books. His work was featured in photographic books. At first Newman studied painting but after moving to Miami his interests turned to photography.He didn’t like being known as “ father of environmental portraiture “. He says that his work has much more meaning than just having artists strike and pose. Photography, as we all know, is not real at all. It is an illusion of reality with which we create our own private world states Newman.
I find this my favorite from his work because of the angle and how Bill Clinton’s office was in the view too.

Edward Weston

Edward Weston was known for pictorialists style photography, but soon evolved and changed the his ways. Weston’s style had a lot symbolism and detail. His photographs range from nature to focusing on the human figure.His best work comes from his family portraits . His work also includes landscapes, natural forms and nudes. He was born in Highland Park Illinois . After the fire and earthquake in san francisco , Weston traveled to California then later returned to Chicago for Illinois college of photography. Once again he returned to Cali and married, had children and continued to produce fascinating work.
I enjoy this photo from his work because the focus of the photo makes it really beautiful.

Harold Edgerton

Harold Edgerton also known as the man who froze time was electrical engineer and a photographer.Edgerton received a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the university of Nebraska ( 1925 ) then later received a masters and a doctoral degree in the same field, but this time from Massachusetts Institute of Technology He would play around with flash tubes and then produced a tube using xenon gas.His flash was able to photograph actions of things. His work showcased in many books and exhibited in places and as he grew more known lots of people started approaching him like scientists and businessmen.

This is my favorite piece from him because you can see the action the eggs breaking.


Dia de Los Muertos

By Yoana Rosales , Yasmine Vega, Melina Cano

colorful-3d-sugar-skull-by-thaneeya Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) or otherwise known as day of the dead is a holiday celebrated in mostly Hispanic countries, but originated in Mexico on November 2nd. It is all souls day. El Dia de los Inocentes is November 1st. Both of these days are all about remembering the lives of their loved ones who passed away. They celebrate their lives and reminisce on all the memories that they made and the great emotion that they left behind. People from America or other countries often mistake this day thinking that they celebrate the fact that they died. Again, the intention of this holiday is to remember those whom once lived to create great happiness and memories in our lives. Also to celebrate their achievements and the opportunities that they had to do great things. People go to visit the graves of their loved ones. They throw huge parties in the streets and dress up as several things such as skeletons and everything. It is really beautiful to celebrate the lives of those who they love.


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