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The Light in the Dark (The Truth in Lies)

Lying may seem a deadly sin, but what is it really? Lying is imagination taking its course, Lying is delving into the depths of your brain, lying is thoughts. Furthermore, a good liar is always an intelligent individual. Being able to lie is being able to use many parts of your brain. These being; anterior cingulatory cortex, dorsolateral prefrontal cortex,parietal cortex processes sensory input, and the brain power to use these brain parts are required.But, how do people see lying?

Religious people tend to be biased on lying, even a little white lie is terrible. Robin S. Rosenberg Speculated, “Not lying Is honestly a Superpower, requires a strong will.” Let me tell you once you are at the end of the rope, you’re most vulnerable to lying, so you do. “OH you look beautiful in that puke colored shirt!” People lie all the time; scientists say at least 7 times a day. Furthermore, lying isn’t what it seems. Deep in the darkest parts of your brain–the Amygdala– is your fear and greed stimulus. Lying is mainly caused by fear or greed. It is natural instinct to be afraid, and to want. Nevertheless being ourselves is wrong correct?

Lying is the light in the dark. You’re six — around the age where lying is noticed most — you have just broke a your moms favorite necklace that she let you borrow. You have a little sibling who can’t walk talk or anything, and there is no way your parents would harm the little kid. Saying “Sally broke it” is very much the easiest, smartest decision. What would you do at the age of six? Avoid a rough beating, or Take a bruised backside? Fear, stimulates lying. Greed stimulates lying. Sadness stimulates lying. Anger stimulates lying. Lying can solve so many problems. It can get you out of the dark.

So why is it bad: ethics, Morales,God? Nope. Greed, and Fear, is why lying is “bad”. People are afraid their best friends are going to lie to them, so they shun lying. Pastures and religious leaders shun lying, because they want people to agree with them. God shuns lying because, he wants us to be perfect — It’s all wants and fear.

Lying is all on you, whether you choose to do it or not, it is your choice.Lying can help. Lying can harm. Lying is caused by fear and greed and etc. Lying is Despised because of fear,greed, and more. Lying is simply light in the dark.


End of year Syndrome

This is an Urgent message! You may have the end-of-school-grade-drop disease. Many people work really hard at the beginning of the year. Then, they coast during the middle of the school year. Nevertheless, at the end of the 3rd quarter, you take a look at your grades. From all A’s to maybe one B. Start worrying now because this is serious. This will affect you drastically.

In this day and age, if you don’t have a well-paying job, then you can’t support your kids, your family, yourself. Now is the time to make sure you get great grades and don’t allow such a flux in your grades happen. Otherwise, you will be the one on the street, not the one living the American Dream.

Now that you have been warned here’s how to fix this problem. First, you have to start working, do your work and get help if needed. Second, Get friends to keep you on track. Have people back you up. Thirdly, plan events and organize what you are going to do and when. If you feel like you can’t do it ask teachers or friends. Fix the problem and life will go smoothly!

Hey, don’t sweat it! This is easy and the end of the year is near. Just don’t forget to do what you need to do, and you can have all A’s.

Organization 101

Do you have a messy backpack, have a Messy room, can’t find what to wear in the morning? If so, you have either an organizational problem or, siblings or friends who act like siblings. Hopefully, it is just an organization problem because that can be fixed(unlike sibling).

First, instead of buying one big book to keep notes in, get multiple. Each should be a different color, that way you can easily interpret which one is your math, science, or English notebook. Having multiple of something seems like a clutter, but it will get you in the habit of only using one section to write on instead of doing math homework on the page next to your English assignment due tomorrow.

For the second part, you need a paper and pencil. Start writing “I promise I will put it back where it goes.” Something commonly formulating in the mind of  unorganized people is, “Oh I’ll put it up after I do [anything].” If you  think that I promise you 9/10 times you will not. You have to do it right away, even if it sacrifices some of your precious time talking to cute human beings.

This one may seem simple but, bear with me. Plan.Plan.Plan. That is right if you plan to do something you will 9/10 times do it. “Yeah I’m going to my friends house this weekend, I can either clean my room five minutes before I leave, or I can do it now and be “unproductive afterward”.

I hereby proclaim this message to a halt. Just make sure you follow these small easy tips, and you are guaranteed to go even farther in your organizational life.

Margeret White – The First of Many

51XNFNQ0MPL._AC_UL320_SR318,320_ Behind enemy lines, risking your life, getting the perfect shot; Margeret Bourke-White was one of those people. She was the first Foreign(She was American) to photograph the Soviet Union Industry. Also, she was one of the first American (women) War journalists. She was a very successful Photojournalist. Although she first wanted to be a herpetologist, she wanted to study amphibians, she decided in the end that she was going to be a photojournalist.50374434

Margeret father was a photographer and her family always encouraged her creativity. In 1937 her most famous photograph “Have you saw their faces”  was taken. Bourke-White’s photographs are in the Brooklyn Museum, the Cleveland Museum of Art, the New Mexico Museum of Art  and the Museum of Modern Art in New York and et cetera.


Margeret has been to many places. Due to her being the first foreign journalist to photograph Russia’s industry during the war, she obviously went to Russia. She was very famous for her photos in Pakistan and India. She traveled many other places in America such as Bronx New York.

To Be a Great Photojournalist – Zoriah Miller

zoriah (1) It doesn’t take a year to be a good photojournalist.

It simply takes hardships and terrifying things around you. Zoriah Miller was a war photojournalist. He experienced war, natural disasters, and sad faces. He photographed what was happening around the world, not the newest phone or, the next top model, but the sad things that people choose not to see. Zoriah Miller was almost a saint. He tried as much as he could to help others. On January of 2010, Zoriah won the PhotoPhilanthropy Activist Award for his work on famine in Africa.  While he was on break from photojournalism he aided in the red cross. zoriahmilleratzialowres

He was born on January 27, 1976, into a humble beginning. At the age of fifteen, he started photojournalism. The work of a freelance journalist is hard, he got published about everywhere, though. He worked hard to get jobs and, traveled to many places. He spent much of his time in Iraq photographing the war. He also went to Gaza and many more places. He has been to almost every corner of the earth. In 2006, he won photographer of the year award by More Praxis Organization for his documentary on the Gaza conflict.

Zoriah MPicture-22iller didn’t go to college, he went to war. Again, he worked as hard as he could to make the world a better place. He started at age 15, therefore, he was good at his job. He later became famous for his photographs of marines dying in military conflicts, a lot of his work is quite depressing. Nonetheless, my favorite photograph he took was a flower sprouting from the dark burned soil. He was truly an optimist.

tumblr_n0nt25CVst1tqddjlo1_500It doesn’t take much to be a photojournalist, but It takes a lot to be as good as Zoriah Miller. He was someone who went up close and saw and experienced hell to get what he needed.

Appealing and Feeling – Russel Klika

Life at war is hard, depressing, and terrifying. Taking Pictures requires precision, a good view, and hard work. Russel Klika did both of these things. He appealed to audiences and shows the world what is happening.

640px-The_Touch_by_Russell_l._KlikaRussel was an award-winning war Photojournalist. He captured the last three war theaters and has been many places around the world. He is a freelance, so most of his work get published in many places such as NYT (New York Times), the Times and other magazines, and newspapers.

Russel Klika was mainly known for his pictures in Iraq. He took photos of anything he could. His mOH5xxH6s (1)ost famous one was the Cover photo for IRAQ (Through the eyes of an American Soldier) He was known for going and getting the up close pictures.

Since he went to war he didn’t go through any specific classes or schools to do this job, he just worked hard and had practice. This was very tasking on an American soldier since he had to protect people but, he also had to take pictures of the bad side and had to watch these images go by.


Comic by PureNCF and Tony Lara

How to Start a Youtube Channel

The quickest way to get to work on production is to start a YouTube channel. YouTube is an online video browser where millions of people publish videos, gaming, music, art, or just updates on what’s up in the world or their life, etc. Everyone can do it it’s free. Most people don’t see that to actually do it is somewhat confusing.


#1 Do your research

Yay! You have started step one. Millions of people talk about how to do things. Starting a YouTube channel is somewhat confusing so doing research is necessary.


#2 Who are you?

You need a name and keywords. What does your channel represent? Are you a Speed Artist, a Poketuber, and CoD player? Everyone likes certain things, you need to know what you will be doing and what you will be called. Try to make it catchy and represent what you will be doing.


#3 Ummm… whats a video?

What are you going to be using to record? What are you going to use to edit? There are many free recording systems and editing systems, but you will probably need to invest at some point. It all depends on how serious you are. For myself I have spent say 50$ on supplies, I have earned it all back within two months. Good equipment completely changes what you can do.


#4 Organization!

Everyone loves charts, and calendars right? Well I didn’t until I started YouTube. Sooner or later you will have fans you need to look professional. A chart saying you will be doing this on that day will help drastically. YouTube can be your job and it requires days of work.


#5 Social Media

I’m not very social but, I have every kind of account you can think of. I use twitter preferably to talk to my audience. Getting a social media account really helps! Don’t spam people, but get to know people and work with them. Social media is where your audience can truly help you.

#6 Keep going

You are almost there! You have one-hundred subs, and post videos three times a week, You’re starting to get involved in social media and you are on a steady road to success. Keep working you are doing great! never miss a day, and love your audience because they are what makes you succeed.
If you don’t actually know how to sign up for YouTube and do all the paper and email work watch this video!

Tips and Tricks – Production

By Noah Fitzgerald

Entertainment… Life as we know it revolves around entertainment. What’s the most important job, Doctors? No, Entertainers, moviemakers, and people who peak your interest are the most important. Right now movies and videos are the craze! Many people are delving into an unknown cavern to get into the honey hole called production. I myself have started going into production, and I have a few tips and tricks which if you put in the work, will guarantee success in this field.

#1 – Do they like apples or bananas?

Sadly, not everyone likes what you like. This job can be a hassle if you don’t know what is “in”. Your audience is everything, if you don’t please them you don’t make money, the bigger the audience the bigger the pay. Don’t get me wrong though start off doing what you specialize in but, as you go on try to gain access to the other key areas.

“Jack of all trades, master of none,

though oftentimes better than master of one.”

This quote brings light to this field of work, you can’t dabble with one color you have to use multiple, you have to be appealing. Nevertheless people who try new things often can become trendsetters, but those trendsetters began being a follower. First rule of production is to be appealing.


123#2 – 123 not 321

Quality is more important than quantity; that is Law! Don’t be in a rush you’re not counting down you’re counting up. You are the architect of art, if you rush then you will find that their house is missing a bathroom sometimes even the roof. You forget key aspects that ultimately change the picture. Can you imagine it if  J.K. Rowling didn’t add the part where Voldemort dies!

“Quality is better than quantity.

One home run is much better than two doubles.”

Think about how you would feel if you got six small chocolates rather than one big chocolate bar. You’d have to open six wrappers!


#3 – Look in the mirror and see your pimples

You have to know your work isn’t perfect. Though, it may not be perfect you can change it to make it better. What i’m saying is take time to grow and critique yourself. You will never get better until you realize you have something to improve on. Say, “I will conquer you pimples!” Everyone in this field makes sure they spend time looking over their drafts.


#4 – Production isn’t easy so… Cry about it EMOTIONS

Production is more than just words on a sheet of paper, or pictures on a screen. It’s long nights spent with headaches. You have to be appealing, you always have to do something that makes the audience say, “wow that’s Amazing!”. Show your emotions in your work. Every piece of your work is a piece of you. You actually have to pour your whole heart into your work. Remember, millions of people are going into this line of work, yours has to be better. How else will you get noticed.


#5 – Walk the Catwalk

There is no way you will be seen if you don’t put yourself out there. Social media is the easiest way. There is a very little chance you will ever get big without telling other people what you do. Followers will come once you are big, but you are starting small. Starting small is hard work. You have to get a group, you have to find someone who can help you get big. Lucky for you their are various organizations which can help you get to that point. Depending on what type of production you are planning their are various groups. Do your research and let them help you walk the Catwalk.
As you can see, Production isn’t easy. There is a lot of work involved. You have to put your whole self into your work, get yourself out there, get criticized, and be appealing. If you do the work and truly love doing this line of work. You will succeed!

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