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The History of School Lunches

We all tasted school lunch, some of us like it  while others not so much. Either way, it something that was part of our childhood. The question is, how did school lunches start? In 1946, President Harry Truman signed a National School Lunch Act. This act established free meal for students who attends public and nonprofit private schools. In the period of 1894 the New England ran as a ‘private enterprise’ thanks to Ellen Richards and Edward Atkinson. Ellen Richard was chemist that did industrial and environmental. Today you will read the history throughout our school lunches. If it was fair or Is it appealing?

During the time of 1894, some of the lunches started to appeared in Philadelphia and Boston. They were one of the first majors cities to attempt a school lunch program in the public schools in the United States. Ellen Richard and Edward Atkinson were the reason of the development of this program, thus making them the reason for cities starting the programs. The New England ran a program as a ‘private enterprise’ that paid itself many times.Which allowed student to pay for their own meals. Although many of the lunches really never were providing as a helping tool for Nutrition the founders had envisaged. By the time we hit the twentieth century they were being praised for providing great meals and low prices that could normally not be offered to them. Even though it wasn’t free, many of the school lunches still provided you to pay only a small amount of money to give for you can receive a lunch. It would usually have cost you a penny at one school. Then soon it later spread to other schools by giving a penny for each of your meal servings. In boston, the woman’s Educational and Industrial Union began serving hot meals to high schools and primary located kitchen was used to prepare the meals which were later transported to the participating schools.

By the time we hit the 19 century meals were carefully authorize by nutrition Scientist. Menus were developed to ensure each student ate the same amount of calories calculated to maximize his or her learning potential. In 1912 there was over 40 cities that had the lunch program in their elementary school. In 1913 in New York the N.Y.A.I.C.P. (New York Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor). They were serving 600,000 meals for a year but it was only one penny per student a meal. Later private agencies could not afford the programs on the scale they thought was necessary especially in the face of rising food prices. Many of the children who was attending school were left to search for their own foods. Since most of the women found work outside of their homes and leaving the child to find their own food.

Speaking of food, one of the main dish is soup. Which was either split pea with bread  with butter, costing 5 cents. Also another dish is hot dish, which is basically veal stew with vegetable and bread with butter, costing 10 cents. Oh don’t forget you vegetables with lima beans only 3 cents. Each meal and beverage were ranging between 1 to 10 cents. Some I suppose are good food. Now a days, people complain how food is terrible and need more flavor.  “Some of it is nasty but some of it is fine. Sometimes they overcooked or just make it taste really weird.”,said a New Tech student. The food is shown to be unpleasant for some people but others seem to enjoy it. “Yeah I mean it’s not the best but it something that you should be grateful for because it’s food that should be enjoyed to every last bite.” So whether if it is good or not. If history showed us any different and how we learned how it was created it still something we carry on as a great memory of our time in school.



The Life of an Immigrant’s Child

When coming into the United States, the first thing you would realize is how amazing the place is or how everyone can basically do whatever they want to do, of course it has to be legal. Having the ability to do what you like and go freely is an amazing feeling. Many people, whom I love so much, had to leave just like the snow does when winter is over. Even though most people get deported, we still need to be proud of where we came from and who we are because it’s makes us the people that we are today. So I’d like to thank my parents for the sacrifices they made for a better for me.

There are many others who work hard just for their family or their own education. Over time many immigrants search for a better future for their family and themselves. In 2014, President Barack Obama signed executive orders directing various agencies in the departments of State, Justice and Homeland Security to refrain from deporting some 4 million adult immigrants illegally. If the immigrants are parents of a child that are born here or legally present here and they hold a job, and attend high school diploma, pay taxes, and stay out of prison.

My mom was 12 years old when she first took step into the United States, she never planned for it or thought it would ever happen. She told me stories of how the world was scary for a young child to go through, and that it was the most extreme risky thing that has ever happened to her.  She also told how crossing El Rio Grande (The Grand River) was the most terrifying experience ever. She would have to swim and make sure her sibling didn’t drown because back then, my mom was the 3rd oldest, so she had to take care of her little sibling. My mom would say don’t forget your culture, your family who brought you here, and I came here for a better future for my family and that’s what I want. She would keep telling me that,”Education is important and you need a good job because I could never do what you can.” Of course I would use this for motivation and I know I’m not the only one going through the same thing.


Social Media

Social media is all around us: Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, Snapchat, Ifunny, Vine, etc.. Some of us used it everyday for entertainment,education,and etc. This world of social media is full of astonishing things. We occasionally see the beauty of it or sometimes the cruel and the dark. What would the world be like without having it? Does it cause bad influence?Well we find out these answers.

It’s amazing how social media can work in different ways. Sometimes it connect people closer together.There are some people who talk to their love ones who live in a different state or country. Although most people use social media for entertainment because nowadays the internet is full of excitement. Like watching cat videos on YouTube which causes a tremendous cause of  laughter. Then seeing the amazing face swap on Snapchat and always trying to get the face just perfect for you and the person you share it with. Some young teenager girls feel that it connect you well. For example when a anyone is going through rough time social really helps them connect with others who are going through the same thing. Together they can get through it and solve the problems that causing them suffering. It really does help them and everybody that is with them on the way.Although social media is amazing there are some flaws.

Many female teenagers who post a selfies always get comments saying “You’re beautiful” or “You’re so pretty”. This causes teenagers to feel happy and better about themselves which is sometimes a good thing. Although many parents are considered that their children who are still young have a account on social media which they think is dangerous. With social media at the tip of our fingers it wouldn’t be hard for a child or for anyone to reach and sometimes be convinced the wrong things. Many teens nowadays are so worried about their looks because they don’t a certain way that society has taught us. Although this is mostly affecting young ones and teenagers this could lead to depression at a young age. Though we all learn from our past and sometimes that could lead to a better future.

Surprisingly the world before social media was alright. Yeah, there was a lot of differences between now and then but they could still manage the world without it. The earliest method of communicating across great distance was sending letter. While others people spoke face-to-face in order to talk to each other and interact with another.Instead of looking for new trends on Twitter or on others social media.Throughout time they would use radio,to hear the news to know what was going on in the world. They would listen and sit around the radio listening to the stories,news, and music. Before taking pictures on your phone then posting it to the internet. Back then they would take pictures on cameras to capture the moment of a good memory with a friend or a family member really anybody you wanted to be with. Right now we would say that living without social media is hard, but to the people who were born without social media with them it was a reality that was their life.

Some think that although they are of dangerous this really never seemed to bother them “Yup. I’m pretty reserved though, even in social media, so I’ve never been worried.”said a student at New Tech. Many feel like although it is sometimes dangerous it’s an something that brings the people more together, and sure there are some flaws but nothing is really perfect it’s just the way we see it that changes our perspective of it.


When coming to New Technology High School you are given these opportunities that can never be offered at a regular high school. You will get to use laptop during class and have the trust that you receive from your Faculty members. In New Tech we have this trust we have to gain. Well some of us don’t get that trust. Why is that? Is it because the teachers are harsh and cruel on us or is because we simply don’t know what that cause is? Well in this school we get our trust by wear this card that is called a “Trustcard”.  Well I spoke to some students who did not get a trustcard that feel that they deserve that trust that they want to gain. “Well I feel like I do because I am responsible and I have good grades…..”, said a 9th grader student from New Tech. Many students felt this way because they were getting good grade and doing good deeds yet they did not receive the trust they were getting.

How would teachers feel in this situation? “I would want to know what I had to do to get them. What do I have to do to improve? I would want to know which teachers wanted me to do..”,said Mr.Morley a teacher in New Tech. “I would be sad, because if I worked hard and didn’t get one then my hard work wasn’t recognized. But if I’m lazy and didn’t get one, I would be like, “oh well”..”said Mrs.Thiele a teacher in New Tech. Of course we all feel upset not receiving a trustcard but you should not be upset instead you can look in the bright side by improving yourself in a better way.

When having such trust is this sometimes taking advantage of? Well according to people with trustcards say they don’t. For example,” Well other than using the restroom without asking for permission is the best. It just sometime get annoying when having to ask the teacher over and over again but that’s the only thing I really use it for.” said 9 grade student. Well what would happen if a person without a trustcard receive one? “Yes I would but then again I know it would be the wrong thing to do because I being held this responsible for me not to screw up.” ,said a 9th grader student. We all are given opportunities that sometimes we need help with which why I asked people with trustcards and teachers who gave tips for you and I.  

Doing your work and getting it done is something to proud of. We all are willing to work yet some of us chose not too. Which is why some of your peers and teachers gave you (the reader) some tips for those of you who don’t have a trust card.“Working your butt off in class!”,said a 9th grader student at New tech. “Don’t slack off!”,said 10 grader student at New Tech. “Do your work!”,said 9th grader. “Put your phone away! Be where you say you are going to be.” said Mr. Morley a teacher at New Tech.  Coming into this school is a blast,but having the trust of others is even better.



IMG_3436RNTHS has been around for about four years, a reason why we  we don’t have many things we call our own. We don’t have our own teams in sports, we shared dances with other schools, we also have to sent our students to other schools to attend choir, band, or orchestra. When attending RNTHS, you don’t have all the opportunities that you can get from regular high school. For those who haven’t noticed the posters hanged up on the hallways or the topic that most people are discussing, we’re proudly to inform you that RNTHS is going to have their first prom! Even though we were informed that only juniors and seniors would be able to attend to the prom, everyone in every grade are talking about it. Which isn’t hard to understand since everyone knows that the first is always important. First date, first kiss, first time sleeping over, to even the first time trying to drive. The first prom in RNTHS is definitely something to be excited about!

We spoke to Mrs. Bazyk, who’s in charge and guiding the prom, and she replied that she has been planning it for months by now and will be now working on decorations. All types of fundrasing had taken place earlier the year for the prom. The prom will take place at  the Four Points Sheraton in Bentonville, which you sure can expect to follow the same rules as a normal prom would have. The prom will take place at Four Points Sheriton in Bentonville at 8pm to 11 pm. Now knowing that the prom only needs the decorations to work on, Mrs. Bazyk voiced out that she needs students to start buying tickets soon so decorations can be taken care of, “I know that it is in the nature of a teenager to wait until the last minute, but doing that makes it difficult for us to purchase what we need for the decorations.” As she told us that, she also informed us that the tickets were actually lower than most school prices for prom.

Some of the people who are freshman and sophomores respect the thought that they can’t be able to go. “I mean it’s part of the high school experience you’re not supposed to go.”,said freshman at New Tech. Many others said an answer similar to this one. Which if they could go how would the others feels. “Well I mean it’s fine but since there is more freshmen and sophomores in this school. I feel like prom will be crowded and the freshman will just play around and make a mess.”,said a junior at New Tech. Prom was a tradition thing only meant for juniors and seniors. Which many respect the idea of this because soon they will be able to go with the ones they want or you can ride solo either way you will enjoy it. You will be looking back at your life and remember the great memories you had not only in prom but in high school as well.

Learners of RNTHS, quickly help to make this prom a success by buying your prom tickets now! Best to do it before spring break when the cost for them is less then after spring break! The ‘Black Tie Affair’, name of the prom, was to describe the first prom as elegant and sophisticated. A great way to describe the way to send the seniors off, style is, after all, what needed to make a dramatic exit from high school. Remember fellow learners, next time you see you Mrs. Bazyk, high five her for her work. The prom was not only hard to be able to lead but it takes guts to plan something this huge for everyone to enjoy and have some fun.


Ann Curry

FightersAnn Curry is an American Television personality, news journalist, and photo journalists. Her education that she had study is University of Oregon, and also University of Oregon Journalism and Communication. She is famous for being known on T.V news like NBC news. Which most of her stories are found in news broadcast. She went to places like Iran, Sudan Nuba, and etc. The United Nations estimates that in the Nuba Mountains, and in the neighboring states that have also been attacked in the wake of South Sudan’s independence, 585,000 people have been displaced. The name of of this of this photo is unknown, but research had shown that this is the people fight just to live. This is one of my favorites from Ann Curry because not only does it show the bravery from the people but the confidence they have to fight what they think is right.

Diane Arbus

Diane Arbus is was an American photographer. She was mostly known for taking photos of dwarfs, giants, transgender people, nudists, and circus performers. She really didn’t travel anywhere expect capturing memories in her home New York City.  The school that she went to was The New School, and Ethical Culture Fieldston School. She and Allan became quite a successful team, with photographs appearing in such magazines as Vogue. Allan Arbus was married to Diane. Until soon they started to seperate the next year she went through depression then later she did suicide. One of her famous photos are two identical twins which shows one frowning while the other in the right seems to be happy.They both seem to know something the viewer does not, which is likely why the disconcerting image was later reproduced in movies like “The Shining.” This artwork is one of my favorite because show both emotion sadness and happiness.

Joshua Benoliel

Joshua Benoliel Joshua Benoliel a man born in January 13,1873 in Lisbon, Portugal, and later died at the age of 59. He was photojournalist that captured He was a British photojournalist who became the official photographer of King Carlos I of Portugal.  He first started his career as a sports magazine journalist. Most of his work was published in a newspaper called ABC and L’Illustration. One of his famous photos were called “Civil Shooting” which was basically his first photo ever to be published. “Civil Shooting” magazine in 1899, with which he also Joshuacollaborates as an amateur, since it is thought that by then would still customs broker.  A photographic heritage of the cities is the work of various contingencies, determining the fate of each person and each property. This is one of my favorite photos because it shows the soldiers and the citizens all being it in together. He mostly traveled around his home area which was Lisbon, Portugal.



  One of our fellow journalist spend their winter vacation somewhere out of the country, Mexico. This caught our attention and decided to write about this certain country, which is why this article is about the beloved and well-known country. Before we go into the topic of how other’s view Mexico, let’s go over what we may say about it. Some describe it as a place with good and respectful ethics, a place where there’s no shortcuts in life and the people having to work hard with the things they have. Others say it’s a dangerous place that many people, others say it’s like a paradise where you really get freedom.

IMG_0032Many thought that the world in Mexico really showed their culture out there. By providing product that they sell in the street food one student said,”The street food is delicious.” Many others had the same response of the street food, that or they didn’t try it yet. Some of the people who had not been to Mexico shared that sometimes United States copies the food one student named Chris said,”Yeah because there is food like Taco Bell and other restaurants.” Although some who had not gone to this country said that, even though they had not tried their food directly in the country, they think it’s amazing. The girls shown took part of the interview and said that they think the food is good and amazing! When asked what is the most popular  food at Mexico, they responded with tacos and paleteros which most people we’ve interviewed agreed with the taco statement.

IMG_0031We later on talked to people about how is it like in Mexico and the difference between United States and Mexico. Many thought that it was a friendly and culture living,” the way living,” replied by student Amy. Structure is a main thing that most can identify as a difference at a first glance, they say that Mexico’s structure is also considered beautiful. The housing is wonderful yet not as modern in here.

Although there is beauty in Mexico that this the way of show their culture. From eating elotes(corn) to helping other in the street. Which most kindness is spread their,” Yeah most of the people are kind if you ask for direction you mostly get it.”, said by Amy. Sometimes when a person goes to Mexico they struggle speaking the language or some don’t even know anything in spanish.”Yeah I struggle speaking spanish sometimes I have to ask my mom how to say some words.” Others had a the the same response one in particular that we had interview went to Mexico but didn’t speak it,” Yeah I don’t know any spanish. I go to Mexico every year, just don’t know the language.”, said by Randall. Some say it’s difficult due to use to the english language here, others because people in Mexico are in a more advance level.

The one’s who went to Mexico, they concluded it as a wonderful experience. Other’s who didn’t go say that they wished to experience the Mexican culture. Mexico, in our opinion, seems like a wonderful place for something new and relax at.IMG_2835


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