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Berkleys New Club for the upcoming Youth

Fishing or Angling has been a means of sport and food since the beginning of time, for example there are paintings and scenes of ancient  Egyptians fishing with  line and nets which date back to 2000 B.C.E. Just like back then fishing is still a big means of food and sport. Example of this are the many fishing tournaments which are held around the country. Ones such as the Yamaha Contender: Miami Bill fish Tournament in Florida, or the Lake Havana City Striper Derby in Arizona, and the Pompano Beach Fishing Rodeo in Florida. But these few are just some of many examples of the many tournaments held all around the world. But are tournaments aren’t the only example fishing is still being embraced today. There’s many organizations which have built themselves  like H.O.F.N.O.D (Hooked On Fishing Not On Drugs), the I.G F.A (International Game and Fish Association), and the F.L.W (Fishing League Worldwide). But among all these clubs only a few organizations are pointed towards the upcoming and fishers. But then Berkley Fishing created the Berkley High School Fishing Club. This Club is towards the young men and women of America who are between the ages of 13 and 19. Berkley says “The program encourages students to learn new fishing and techniques while raising awareness of environmental stewardship and conservation” meaning that this program is to teach the upcoming generation that this planet and the environment is special and that they should help care and conserve it, all through teaching the youth how to fish. This fundamentally Eco-friendly club is a great way for teenagers and young adults to get involved in the community by Berkley challenging kids to teach others how to fish or cast and also by challenging them to volunteer at local fishing challenges. But these aren’t the only challenges that Berkley offers. Every day you can go to their website ( and do challenges such as watching a small video and answering a question, reading a blog and answering questions, posting photos of the fish you caught, uploading photos of your favorite Berkley Hard Bait, and just simple questions like did you go fishing today. But what else does this club offer? Well how about a little friendly competition, Berkley says “high school students compete individually against other students to become the best angler in the nation” meaning that this club isn’t just a personal website, but also a competition website. But students aren’t only competing by themselves, Berkley states “high school teams compete against other teams to become the winners of The Challenge”. Teams go head to head to see which team is the best at fishing. This challenge as Berkley puts it is a “chance to win $4000 in Berkley and Abu Garcia products”. Abu Garcia is a high class fishing company which specializes in rods and reels. And Berkley (being the main sponsor of the club) Specializes in line, rods, reels, and baits. So the best of the teams will be getting authentic gear for their fishing careers. But what if you don’t really go fishing and don’t know how? Again Berkley’s goal is to teach kids how to enjoy and conserve nature so don’t worry about it. Some of the video challenges Berkley offers teaches kids who don’t know how to fish to fish. Whether it be tying knots, or talking about lures Berkley really does this to help the upcoming youth with fishing and helps teach them to conserve nature. So next time your line don’t forget to visit the Berkley High School Fishing School.


Robert Mapplethorpe: a lived that was lived

Photojournalism is a type of journalism in which you share your news, viewpoints, or important ideals through photos and pictures. This type of profession was rampant in the 19th and 20th century (1800’s- 1999) Among this many great artist and journalist popped up. Many of which had the important Robert Mapplethorpe. While he didn’t consider himself a photojournalist many people do. But who is he, and what is he known for?

Robert mapplethorpe was an american photographer who was known for his exploration in gender, race, and sexuality. Born in Queens, New York he claims to have a rough life over his father wanting him to be like his brother. Taking an interest in art he studied in drawing, painting, and sculpting at Pratt University in Brooklyn, New York. After he graduated he found his love for photography. He became a freelance journalist (even though he claimed to be nothing more than an artist) and started to get his work published a lot in the Getty Iris and the Boom Magazine.

Through his preference of visualising sexual deeds in his photography the the U.S congress got worried. He work was branching out world wide. So the U.S senate made a censorship of his work. He had various images of him performing sexual acts. With this the Congress got some help and removed most of his work from the museum’s inventory. This is what they called the great controversy in his life.

Although after this incident Mapplethorpe did not give up his photography career, and kept up the good work. Through his lifetime he believed he lived a good life and was a good person. He is quoted saying “I don’t believe in dogmas and theologies. I just believe in being a good person.”  Meaning that throughout his life, while he had made mistakes, he always believed in being a good person. Lastly I want to say that even though he was questioned in his career he never gave it up, and in the end turned out to be a man of fame.

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