IMG_2747 4 By Kelly Drake

Those icky gooey feelings you feel deep inside could lift you to the clouds where Cupid lies or it could drag you down where every piece of your shattered heart fell upon.Everybody has a different opinion about Valentine’s day, some are excited about giving chocolates to ones they love but some it is a day where morn is revealed. “February 14, a day when it is traditional to send a card, often anonymously, to a person one is romantically involved with or attracted to.” most people don’t have someone to be romantic with but if you do then appreciate your loved one(s). Then again to those who don’t have that special someone don’t curl up with a box of chocolates, tissues, and chick flicks! Get out there and show how fierce you can be.

Things you can do is get up and dress to impress! Wear some red flashy heels and for you gentlemen out there, hold down a red rose and give to a girl who really deserves it. Not all into that mush? Try DIYs such as jolly rancher roses, origami hearts with little notes inside of them, a heart shaped reif, and heart shaped sugar cookies. Do sometIMG_2745hing fun with your sisters, brothers, children, or family in general. Speaking of others, ladies let’s be forreal, girls are easy to shop for, but guys are complicated. When it comes to valentine’s day all girls can think about getting their man are chocolates or a silly video game but some guys don’t want anything. Here are some cute ideas you can get your man; sandwiches, a hoodie, bake him some delicious cookies, or the generic teddy bear. Could Valentines day get any crazier? Good luck lovers!