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Bittersweet Process – Giselle N.

Have you ever wondered how the coffee in your Starbucks drink is made? It is actually a very long process and requires a lot of attention in order to provide consumers with the best quality of coffee.

A coffee bean, firstly, is a seed, and specifically, a fruit. These coffee beans are planted in large beds and given lots of water and moisture, so they’re usually planted during the wet season. They mostly stay in the shade.

It takes about three to four years for a coffee tree to start bearing fruit. They’re called coffee cherries and turn a bright deep red when they’re ripe. There are two ways that these cherries can be harvested. One method is strip picking which when all the cherries are stripped off of their branch. Another method is selectively picking which is the ripest cherries will be handpicked. This is the most most expensive and requires more hard labor and is used in finer Arabica beans.

After the cherries are picked, they have to be processed. There are two methods that can be done to do this. The first method is the dry method. This is an age-old method that is mostly used in water deprived areas. The beans are laid out to be sun dried and protected from any exposure from moisture. They are raked and turned throughout the day, so that they don’t spoil. The moisture level has to drop down to 11%.  The wet method is where the cherries go through a machine where their pulp and skin are removed from the bean. They are separated by weight and put into fermentation tanks where a layer of mucilage is dissolved. The beans that went through this method then have to go through the same drying process as the other method.

From here, They have to be graded and sorted. They are reviewed by size, weight, and color. Now that the milled beans, or green coffee, have been checked, they are put into containers, ready to be shipped. Brazil holds the title for the largest coffee exporting nation.

They are tested for the best quality and taste called cupping. The taster, cupper, first checks the visual quality. Then the coffee is roasted and brewed, so that the cupper can best experience the aroma. To taste the coffee, the person inhales a spoonful and the purpose for this is so that it evenly spreads across the tastebuds, and then spits it out. This testing is important because it also analyzes what kind of blends of coffee go together and what is the proper roasting.

When you roast coffee, it turns from a green bean to a brown one. In a roasting machine, the temperature has to approximately be 550 degrees fahrenheit and the beans have to be constantly turned so that they don’t burn up. Once they have an internal temperature of about 400 degrees, they begin to turn brown and an oil called caffeol is released which is what gives coffee its aroma and flavor. This process is called pyrolysis. The beans can be cooled by air or water.

The coffee can now be grinded into different textures. How fine or how course depends on the kind of method that is used. Now, you can start to brew your coffee and add flavoring to your liking.

As can be seen, it’s an extensive process that a coffee bean goes through in order to help you get through your day. It’s an international drink that people all over the world share.


Mosquito Mania – Giselle N.

Recently, there’s been a disease breakout and this time, it’s not Ebola, it’s the Zika virus. The WHO has declared zika as a worldwide medical emergency.

The outbreak started to alarm people about a year ago in Brazil, now spread in about 20 countries. It was given a lot of attention when medical officials suspected a link between the virus and a birth defect, known as microcephaly. Microcephaly is a condition where a baby is born with an abnormally small head. It affects brain development and depending on how severe it is, the baby might not survive for a long time. The ones that do survive, will have many intellectual disabilities throughout their life.

Some countries, including Brazil, have advised and cautioned for women to not get pregnant because in fear that the woman carrying a child has been infected by the virus and then pass it on to her newborn. It’s still not certain if there is any link, but they still informed women that is is best to hold off from getting pregnant until more is known about the virus.

The Zika virus was first identified in monkeys in Uganda back in 1947. There have been a few cases here and there, but not until last year, did Brazil begin to report multiple cases. It has been spreading rapidly into many countries, and even a few cases in the U.S.

Currently, the zika virus is being transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes which are found on the Americas. If a person already has the virus and a mosquito takes the blood of the infected person, it can then go bite another person, thus spreading the virus from person to person. That’s why a way to prevent from getting bitten is, of course, taking the precautions that you normally would to prevent getting mosquito bites. That would be wear clothing covers most of your body and using bug spray. You should also completely close your windows so they don’t have an access to enter your home. Mosquitos like to lay their eggs in water, so it would be best to cut them off to any water.

This virus is, although, a bit scary because the symptoms are barely visible. Some of the symptoms include: fever, a rash, joint pain, and red eyes. Sometimes there aren’t even any symptoms indicating that you are infected. As of right now, there is no vaccine or cure for this disease, but there is a lot of money and funding being put for the development of some treatment. Some scientists believe that they are close to coming close and will begin vaccine trials in September or as late as early 2017. In the best case scenario, there could possibly be a vaccine in 2018.

What is most worth learning? – Giselle N.

A lot of information accumulates over time in school, but how much of it is actually necessary and valuable? I believe that, of course, the basic mathematical and English skills should be a top priority to learn, but besides that, there are many other things that should be included into our studies that prepare us for the real world.

Have you ever just watched your parents in amazement as they make mortgage payments and file for taxes. You’re just there in confusion about what the heck is going on. Entering high school, we start to officially prepare ourselves to become responsible young adults to, hopefully, be successful in the real world, but how many times have teachers actually guided us on how to apply for a job or how to even write a check. Many times my mother has asked me to fill out a check, which by her inferencing, expects me to know how to fill one out for her to since I go to school. There shouldn’t be separate classes about how to do each individual thing, but there should be an established time to discuss similar matters. By doing this, it will prepare students to be a lot more responsible and ready for the real world. They could actually put these skills to use right away after high school and entering college.

Most high school graduates will go out and apply for a job. Teamwork should also be an active skill that should be practiced by a good majority of students. Teamwork is used in almost every career and it is a necessary job skill. It’ll help you comprehend what it is like to work with others while at the same time getting to know your strengths and weaknesses. I am lucky enough to have presented the opportunity to live in an education environment where you use teamwork everyday. It has helped me build my skills by transforming me into a better leader for when it comes to any situation. I am able to experience different types of roles when it come to group work, so there is a lot of beneficial outcomes for me. Now for when I graduate, I will be able to take those teamwork skills into the real world which will put me in favor when landing a job.

After having a discussion about why reading is a big prioritization in school, I’ve come to realize that it actually is a big part of our learning journey. There are many reasons as to why it is such an important skill to master. Recently, little kids have been given the push to start reading as early as pre-k to get their reading skills rolling. By doing this, it’s going to expand so much knowledge into their brains including the ability to create a picture in their minds using a story. With reading also comes an expansion into their vocabulary which opens new worlds for them. It gives them a greater understanding of the world and using different ways to express themselves. I don’t know them right off the bat, but I know that there are some studies showing that if students excel in reading, it helps with math. Reading is also linked to helping other school subjects, as well.

The upcoming generations of young adolescents are going to be a lot smarter about the world, so we should properly teach them in school the necessary skill for them to be even more successful. If schools focus on teaching kids the importance of reading and guiding them on how to be independent young adults.

Treat Yo Self! – Giselle N.

Spring Break is here and you’re wondering to yourself “What the heck am I going to do for a whole week?” Of course most will respond with ‘sleep’ or ‘eating’, but there are lots of other things that you can spend your time doing throughout your break.

One thing most of us will probably be doing is binge watching your favorite show on Netflix. I know we all want to finish most of the seasons of Grey’s Anatomy or watch all of the Cupcake Wars episodes, but there are many more activities to do. If you’re not going on vacation and just staying at home, you can: treat yo self!

Yes, treat yourself and do things that are beneficial to you. You can have yourself a spa day and maybe even invite some friends over. Prep your skin for spring and make yourself a DIY face or scrub mask. There are tons of good tutorials for every skin type that can be found on Youtube or Pinterest. They’re really easy and fun to make and your skin will thank you. Masks aren’t only for your face, but you can also make a hair mask. Depending on your hair type, there a

Have your nails been look a little dry and brittle too? Well use some of that leftover scrub and gently rub it on your nails. Even with just a little olive or coconut oil on your nails, will leave them moisturized and looking a lot healthier. If they’ve formed into a funky shape, use nail clippers and a filer to give yourself a mini mani. See, with just the little items that you have in your house, you can save yourself money to the trip to the nail salon.

I’m sure many are going to try to avoid doing any exercise at all during the week. It may be very hard to actually get up from bed, but there’s a way that you can incorporate actual body movement in your day. Something that I enjoy doing is just dancing. When you’re being forced to do your daily house chores, put on some music and just dance to the beat. Add a dance move for when you’re cleaning the kitchen or your room. Another fun alternative is looking up the choreography or making up your own to your favorite song. This will get you doing cardio, without having to actually going out to take a run. This can simply be done in your own room. It’s more about having fun, so you won’t think of it as exercise.

Put down that laptop and phone, and get up and do something. It’s important to be active and do some different activities in your break, so when people ask you what you did over your break, you can proudly say that you had fun, whether or not you were alone and stayed at home. You’ll look back and be proud that you actually did something for yourself, rather than lying in bed, finishing a whole bag of chips.

Spring Cleaning – Giselle N.

993293_--5VIYkOXElELAD4wH03XI52TkLi7qo_2VwuhKZwoaxe3cbEusIADKBX7Aj2QgSTF9dZv9zusFK86ry9yBmmLw..Away with winter and start welcoming spring into your home. During the winter season did you put off some of the house work that you should’ve done? Did you really clean that oven thoroughly? Well with spring here, your home can finally look its best with spring cleaning. Use the sudden energy cleaning boots that spring brings the get into every nook and cranny of your home.

With the arrival of spring, comes allergy season too. It’s good to get rid of all of the dust that you don’t normally clean in your home. A good place to start in every room is your ceiling fans. If you don’t clean them after a while, then they collect all of the dust the air carries and when you turn on your fan, someone’s going to start sneezing. With just using a pillowcase, you can wipe off all of the nastiness of the Also the window blinds tend to have a lot of dust and are very dirty and can easily be cleaned with just a damp cloth.

Now that winter is saying its last goodbyes, you finally start organizing and storing away all of your winter related things. Begin with your closet and pack all your winter coats and sweaters into tubs and save them for the end of the year. That’s when you can bring back in your spring/warmer clothes. If you want to invite spring more into your home, you can trade your current thick curtains and instead use lighter ones. They’ll make your home look more inviting and let in more of the spring sun. It wouldn’t hurt also to buy a nice fragrance to make the room smell a lot nicer.

How many times have you cleaned your mattress in the past year? They can carry so much bacteria and other bad things, so it’s good to give them a cleaning every once in awhile. You can start by removing all of the bedding and leave just the mattress. Using a concoction of baking soda and few drops of essential oil (lavender is a nice, gentle scent), sprinkle it on top and let it sit for about an hour. Then using the hose on your vacuum, thoroughly vacuum the mattress. The baking soda will draw out the moisture and leave behind a deep clean and the oil will leave a small hint of scent. spring-cleaning-jpg

By just working on the places that you don’t normally clean along with the normal daily cleaning, your house will sparkle from how clean it is. Not only will your house look good, but you’ll feel good inside from getting rid of all the dirt and grime. Happy spring cleaning!

Don McCullin – by Giselle N.


Many wonder how people have the chance to capture such captivating and moving pictures from war. The truth is, it takes a lot of courage and will and Don McCullin knows that.

Don McCullin is a photojournalist that has a majority of his life taking pictures through the world’s crisis and many problems. He was born in Finsbury Park in London in 1935. He didn’t complete high school as a teenager and left at the age of 15. Later, he signed up for the National Service in the RAF and became a photographic assistant. He was first contracted to work with The Observer and covered the war in Cyprus war between the conflicts of the Greek and Turkish Cypriots.

He worked with The Sunday Times and during his employment there, he a covered a numerous amount of conflicts all around the world. He his most famous for documenting the Vietnam war and the Lebanese war along with also Biafra, El Salvador, the Middle East, Cambodia, etc. He liked to focus a lot of the victims of the wars of the warn-torn countries. He went through many lengths and risks to get his photographs.

After The Sunday Times, he became more of a free lance photographer and spent a majority amount of time in Africa. There, he covered the AIDS crisis and made a book about the ‘Lost Tribes’. He is an author of dozens of books including his autobiography. He was even the first photojournalists to be given the position of Commander of the British Empire

McCullin received many awards for dedicating his life to photojournalism including: World Press Photo of the Year, the Cornell Capa Award, and many of his works were also displayed in many museums and exhibitions. McCullin served to well document all of war’s hardest battles and gave the world a different perspective.

Life of Pablo – Giselle N.


Pablo Bartholomew is an Indian-based, self-taught photographer. His father served as an influence to him since he too was a photographer. He began to work with pictures a very young age and even was awarded his first World Press Photo just at the age of 20 on morphine addicts in India. He worked as a stills photographer at the film studios of Bombay and Calcutta. Most of his images, reflected the many conflicts that society would go through and a majority of his photos were shot in black and white.

A lot of his work was published internationally and featured in many magazines and newspapers like: New York Times, National Geographic, and Newsweek. One of most known pictures shows a dead baby half buried underground because of the poisonous gas leaks that happened in Bhopal which he was recognized for his and won the World Press Photo along with many others.

Antonin Kratochvil – Giselle N.

You could definitely say that Antonin Kratochvil’s photographic style is based off of his past experiences. He was originally born in Czechoslovakia but fled to Europe and lived as an illegal immigrant, but then left for America and started his career as a journalist.

Kratochvil has traveled all around the world to document some pretty horrendous and dramatic events. One of his first books was about the conflicted countries of Ukraine and Romania along with Russian invasion of Afghanistan, Rwandan genocide, etc. Most of his shots are in black and white and conveys sad emotions. A lot of his pictures start controversy since he doesn’t take them traditionally, but they’re out of focus or even taken through a piece of fabric or glass. Although many don’t understand his work, it overall contributes to the style and the type of emotion that will make the observer feel. He has many awards many of which include: two World Press Photos and Dorothy Lange Prize from Duke.

Kratochivil was a very unique photographer that manage to capture many tragedies in way that was special to him and connected to his past. His pictures definitely proved to speak and get across to the topic.

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