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How cats have effected the homosapiens of the world.

Cats. Cats are ancient beings, or at least they used to be. In ancient times cats were worshiped by Egyptians along with other humans. They were so extremely loved and worshipped by the humans of the Earth that there were extreme penalties for someone if they hurt or injured a cat in any way. In ancient Egypt, they worshipped Bastet, who was a Cat Goddess who was supposedly half cat and half woman. The Ancient Egyptians even had a festival honoring their beloved Bastet. “The festival honoring Bastet was described as one of the largest and most enthusiastically celebrated in all of Egypt by the visiting Roman writer Herodotus.” states the Cat Museum of San Francisco on their website.

Along with Bastet, one of the very first feline Goddess is Mafdet. Mafdet was one of the very first worshipped cats of Egypt and was written to have killed a serpent with her claws. Mafdet was said to be the goddess of justice, judgement and execution. Some symbols that resemble Madfet would be the pole, the rope and the blade of execution. Madfet is also said to be the protector of the pharaoh. Madfet held different titles such as “Lady of the House of Life”, “Slayer of Serpents” and “The Great Cat”.  Madfet though, was represented as either a leopard or cheetah-like cat while Baset was one of the only cat Goddesses represented by the house, or domesticated, cat.

Cats today are usually of the domesticated ways. Felis catus is the scientific name for a domesticated cat. The name tells us that the cat is a mammal, carnivorous and falls into the phylum of Chordata which tells us the cat is bilaterally symmetric. The domesticated cat is especially valued by humans for companionship for their striking ability for hunting rodents or unwanted animals. Cats also hold over 70 different breeds which range from black cats to the multi colored calico cats. In the end. cats have been an interesting part in the history of humanity and their history only continues to grow as time ventures on.


Micro Wars

There are illegal dog fighting, boxing, illegal fighting rings and much more, so why hurt living beings for the joy of it? Bot fighting was a temporary way around this, and now, the new ‘it’ thing is Micro Wars.

Micro Wars consists of a large array of protists and other microscopic organisms battling each other to the death. Protists are microscopic eukaryotic single celled organisms that can be plant-like, animal-like and fungus-like. Protists are basically the unwanted organisms or the ones that don’t fit anywhere else. The kingdom that protists fall under is Protista. Protists are also eukaryotes; some examples would be amoebae, diatoms and so on. Certain protists, such as animal-like, go hunting for food meaning other protists. Using two protists that are both able to eat each other is how Micro Wars will work.  People will choose their protists, for example an fungus like protist versus a, animal like protist. Microscopic rinks can be set up to place the two protists in and the fight can be recorded through a microscope and placed onto a projector.

Beginning Micro Wars will bring all kinds of people in to watch the fights. People such as Microbiologists will be drawn to the arenas. Money could also be required to enter the arena and the fundings could go to microbiologists or people searching for cures to diseases. Micro Wars also don’t just have to be about the protists, diseases can be included too! One of the most asked for battles is Ebola versus E. Coli. As most know, Ebola is a deadly disease that spreads through the mucus membranes of the body. E. Coli on the other hand is an intestinal infection that can sicken warm blooded organisms and even cause death. Micro Wars will open up a whole new world for everyone and can definitely have a positive impact on humanity.

Signs Spring’s Coming

Spring is just around the corner and with it’s dazzling warm weather comes all kinds of seasonal nature such as birds, flowers and trees. In case you don’t know when it’s coming, there are many signs to tell you. One of the beautiful ones would be the birds. With the weather changing, the birds want to be back and in their warm weather, so your day will be filled with song. Birds such as the Orchard Oriole, which holds the colors black, green and orange. Along with the birds, comes the buds along the trees. Flowers such as the Yellow Dog-Tooth Violet, the Downy Phlox and False Garlic. There is also the wonderful earthy smell that comes and with that the green grass and fresh leaves. Everyone looks forward to the many beauties of spring.

What is May Day?

May Day is a holiday that is not very prominent in America. May Day is held on May 1st and it is considered an ancient northern hemisphere spring festival. May Day is also referred to as International Worker’s Holiday, or more commonly in the United States, Labor Day. This holiday consists of singing, dancing and even cake. This holiday even dates back to ancient , or pre-christian, times with the Festival of Flora, who is worshipped as the goddess of flowers. Roman catholics observe May Day as a time to worship the Virgin Mary. Europe even takes that tradition even farther, by crowning an semi-official May Queen. As you can see, different places and people celebrate this wonderful holiday in various ways.

Daniel Berehulak

Daniel Berehulak is a famous New Delhi based photographer. He is a native of Sydney, Australia and has visited over 60 countries covering events such as the Iraq war and child labor in China. Daniel first started his photography career when he began shooting sports matches after he finished University, then soon after that he became part of Getty Images and began freelancing. His stories and/or photographs have been published worldwide but mainly in The New York TImes, TIME Magazine and Der Spiegel. He has traveled to Afghanistan, Egypt, India, Japan and Pakistan.  Daniel’s fame really took off when he started to cover the Ebola epidemic in West Africa.

Sergio Dorantes

Sergio Dorantes was a Mexican photojournalist who ended up being acquitted for the murder of his wife. Sergio began his photography career as a paparazzo, which is defined as a photographer that follows famous figures and takes their pictures to later sell to newspapers and magazines. Sergio’s stories and photos have been published to places such as the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Sunday Times, Independent, and Sunday Telegraph, the Chicago Tribune, El País, Newsweek, Time, Forbes, Fortune, BusinessWeek, GEO, Elle, and Paris Match. He has traveled to many places including Mexico, the United States, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Raghu Rai

Raghu Rai is an Indian photographer and photojournalist. He actually became a photographer in 1965 to soon later join a newspaper The Statesman which was a New Delhi publication. Rai then left The Statesman in 1976 to become a freelance photographer. His photos and stories have been published to companies such as Time, Life, GEO, The New York Times, Sunday Times, Newsweek, Vogue, GQ, D magazine, Marie Claire, The Independent and the New Yorker. He’s also traveled to places such as India and Southeast Africa. Rai ended up becoming known for his extensive cover of India. Rai is also known for his books such, Reflections in Colour and Reflections in Black and White and is still alive today.

Dark Life Review

By Eve Glower

*Spoiler Alert*

Dark Life starts off with fifteen year old Ty. Ty lives in an underwater world with his younger sibling Zoe and his parents. The sea has risen, the Earth’s temperature is rising, so it was made possible to live underwater. One day, Ty decides to go and visit the sunken remains of New York City. When Ty gets attacked by some lantern sharks he seeks refuge in an abandoned submarine only to be greeted by blood spilled all over the place. Soon after hiding, he stumbles upon a topsider (someone who lives on land) named Gemma. It’s immediately obvious that they are going to be a couple, and they do, a couple that never fights. Like ever. What kind of relationship is that? I mean, she’s a runaway from an orphanage and her brother’s the leader of a group of outlaws, the Seablite Gang,  (big spoiler btw) and she doesn’t really know the first thing about the ocean, but other than that, her relationship with Ty is pristine. No one’s relationships are that good. Ty takes Gemma back to the topside, people comment on his glowing skin (due to something he eats), we find that Ty hates the topside, Gemma hates heights and then she is invited over for dinner.

When Ty returns to his home from his ‘close encounter’ with Gemma, he arrives to his younger sister with a huge oarfish. How does a nine year old catch a oarfish (after looking up pictures of oarfish hopefully because they’re huge) you ask? Well we find out in the end that she has a Dark Gift, electrifying things and Ty faked being some guy named Akai who had biosonar so his name wouldn’t get out. Gemma’s brother, Shade, also had a Dark Gift in which he can change his appearance. The gang that Gemma’s brother was in were escaped prisoners and Ty decides to help Gemma find her brother to sign her emancipation form. In the end, Shade ends up leaving his gang and doesn’t allow Gemma to go with him. Gemma nearly dies but Zoe shocks her back to life, and all ends well… for now. Read the next book, Rip Tide.

The Gardener by S.A.Bodeen – A Book Review

First, let’s talk about the cover. I know you’re not supposed to judge a book from it’s cover, but most can’t help themselves, like me. The words “this greenhouse grows humans” are printed over the words “The Gardener” which is over the skillfully hidden profanity of the human being grown. So my question is, was that statement really necessary? We kind of already get the idea of the greenhouse growing humans from the human being grown on the cover. Not to mention that with that is the title “The Gardener”. What does the author think we’ll think? Oh! That human shaped daisy is beautiful! Then there’s the first paragraph. How in the world would you only remember your father by a vicious chow mix? Later in the book it tells us that it’s because a video the main character’s mother showed him, but

The Gardener by S.A. Bodeen
The Gardener by S.A. Bodeen

you don’t think that she would have shown him eventually? Was she just waiting for the dog to attack her son? The author never explains why the dog attacked. After the mother shows her son a video of his mother reading a book to him (why that’s the only video and why she even thought of filming that is never said), the owner of the dog shoots it. Shoots the poor thing in his backyard. I’m a serious animal lover. Why would you kill the animal?! Not even looking into why the dog decided to attack the boy. About two pages later there is a bully just casually pinning two kids against some lockers. My first thought is where are the teachers?! I’m sure someone would notice in regular schools. First chapter the main character decides to fake punch a kid with brain injury. Why. Why would you feel the need to do that? Then, after that, he calls the kid ugly. Why would you do that. The book really starts when he accidentally wakes a girl up with his father’s DVD, I’ll give him some respect though, only because he played the video over again to find out how she awakened. Then the main character and his friend drive away with the chick. Something about destiny, the girl gets addicted to Yoo-Hoos, main character falls in love with girl, they figure out she’s basically a plant, and just about everything you’d predict to happen. Seriously. Boy falls in love with girl cliche, “Don’t let go Jack!” cliche,  boy finds out about the growing humans (the Greenhouse), then finally, he meets the Gardener. Who is of course his father. After a whole ton of cliches, there is actually a good ending. To find out what happened in the end, read the book! Share your opinion on it too.

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