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Spring break Alternatives

Forget Cancun. Forget Vail. And forget your childhood bedroom, replete with stuffed animals and a stack of comic books from 1997, there are better ways to spend your spring break.

  • Volunteer around the world.

Instead of going out just partying or even staying home and doing nothing, you can actually travel and volunteer. Just visit:

  • Volunteer nearby.

You don’t have to travel to extravagant places just to do some good in the world. Go to your local children’s home, animal shelter, and/or soup kitchen. If there are other volunteering locations you can go to, do it! Every small detail counts.

  • Organize!

It’s spring! Get your spring cleaning out of the way. Organize your closet, kitchen, bathroom, anything. Rearrange, do anything related to cleaning. It sounds like a lot of work, and boring, but get some friends to help, open up the house, dorm, or apartment, and play some music.

  • Get active.

Take a hike, go for a walk, go to the gym. No, I’m not calling you lazy, but it’s a good way to stay fit, and it passes the time. It doesn’t even have to be going to the gym, you can do anything that gets your heart racing.

  • Shadowing

What I mean by this is say you’re considering your options for a career, go ahead and get the first hand experience by job shadowing someone . It can be a week long shadow, or just a day or two.

  •  Become a Big Sister, or Big Brother.

No don’t get your mom pregnant. That’s ridiculous. Instead go to: Big Brothers Big Sisters of America is a foundation that assigns you to a younger child, and lets you meet and do many activities with them. The point is to help children develop strong supportive relationships with positive role models.

There are so many other things you can do to impact the world, or just your life. It doesn’t have to be a big thing. Besides, the smallest things make the biggest differences.


Homai Vyarawalla

20050826000206501Homai Vyarawalla was born on December 9th, 1914 and died January 15th, 2012. She lived to be 98 years old. February 2006, a book documenting Vyarawalla’s works “India in Focus – Camera Chronicles of Homai Vyarawalla” By Sabeena Gadihoke was also published. Many of her photographs were published as photo-stories in the Illustrated Weekly of India, Time, Life, The Black Star, Paul Popper and numerous other international publications. She started her career in 1930s and thereafter received notice at the national level when she moved to Mumbai in 1942 with her family, before moving to Delhi, where in the next thirty years she photographed many political and national leaders, including Gandhi, Nehru, Jinnah, Indira Gandhi and the Nehru-Gandhi family while working as a press photographer.


James Nachtwey

static1.squarespaceJames Nachtwey is a contract photographer for TIME magazine, he has been published in britannica, and he has 3 books ( Deeds of war, Pietas, and inferno.) In 2001, he became one of the founding members of the photo agency VII. He has had solo exhibitions in New York, Paris, Rome, and around the world.

He has traveled El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Lebanon, the West Bank and Gaza, Israel, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, the Philippines, South Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Rwanda, South Africa, Russia, Bosnia, Chechnya, Kosovo, Romania, Brazil, and the United States, and many other places.

He grew up in Massachusetts and graduated from Dartmouth College, where he studied art history and political science. Images from the Vietnam War and the American civil rights movement had a powerful effect on him and were instrumental in his decision to become a photographer. 


Nigel barker

Polish+American+Foundation+Front+Row+Spring+NztfGVRCXu-lNigel barker is a multi-talented man. He is most commonly known as a reality T.V. show personality, being a noted fashion photographer, an author, a spokesperson, a filmmaker, and a former model.

He has been published in vogue, and many many other Fashion Magazines. He has written his own book ( Called Models of influence), been a judge on America’s Next top model and even hosts his own show, face off.

Barker has traveled to all corners of the world to capture amazing photos of the world’s “Most beautiful models”. His favorite places to visit are Morocco, Milan, Louisiana, Alabama, New York and Tasmania

He didn’t have any professional training, but he did attend the Bryanston boarding school in England where he was taking advanced courses in Chemistry, Biology, and physics. He was going to continue his studies in Medicine. But his mother entered him in a televised model search, The clothes show. Barker wound up being a finalist on the show, which started his modeling career. He modeled for about 10 years, and then turned to the photography industry.

Deadpool Review

images(1)DEADPOOL debuted this weekend in theaters all over America. Its profitability skyrocketed to over 150 MILLION dollars.

If your not familiar with Deadpool, Deadpool tells the origin story of former Special Forces operative turned mercenary Wade Wilson, played by Ryan Reynolds, who, after being subjected to a rogue experiment that leaves him with accelerated healing powers, adopts the alter ego Deadpool. Deadpool hunts down the man who nearly destroyed his life.

Reynolds makes numerous comments about his character [Deadpool] in numerous interviews. In an interview with Seth myers, he states: “… Yeah he’s profane, violent and extremely funny…” and “…He breaks the forth wall, he’s very mad at the movie, he knows he’s in a comic book…”

Now that we all know how big of a hit Deadpool was, how is this going to affect future Marvel and maybe even D.C. movies? Rumors have already been tossed around. A mere two days after Deadpool’s shocking box office success,  the studio announced that it wants the third solo Wolverine movie to also be rated “R.”

What does this mean for future superhero films?  Some think this is going to benefit the superheroes. I don’t know about you, but I would be glad to see wolverines claws actually cut through someone and actually draw blood. What do you think? Could Marvel and/or D.C. comics benefit from the “R” Rating?



Should learners be tracked at school?

By Erin Declue

The big question nowadays is should school officials put track devices in student I.D.’s? I went around the school, and asked l learners and facilitators what they thought. I asked the same question to everyone I interviewed, here’s what they had to say:

Int: Should there be tracking device’s in student I.D.’s?

Learner: Yes, because if one of us gets kidnapped or hurt, then the school can track us and our location. 

Learner: No, what if aIMG_2749 hacker, or anyone for that matter, uses it to find where a student lives, their schedule, and kidnaps  them. It’s dangerous, the possibilities are endless. Anything can happen, and the school wouldn’t want that on their shoulders.

Facilitator: It depends. I would think if the school board had a meeting where we could look at the advantages and disadvantages, then depending on the feeling of the parents and guardians of the learners, then we would probably move forward with the idea. 

Now that you’ve read what others who had to say, what were the statistics of the survey? Well, including facilitators and learners, 38 said they would be up for tracking devices, 67 say they despise even the idea of it, and 41 say maybe.

What do you think, what would you do if the idea was introduced to your school? Here? Well the topic is still up in the air about it.







The death of Alan Rickman

imagesBy Erin Declue

Harry Potter fans (including me), are in tears today as we mourn the death of beloved actor Alan Rickman. If you’re no familiar with Rickman, he played many roles, such as Professor Snape in “Harry Potter”, Absolem the caterpillar in “Alice in Wonderland”, and Judge Turpin in “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street”.

Rickman’s death was confirmed today after a short battle with cancer. Family and loved ones say it was ‘Unexpected and sudden’. Rickman’s family is grateful that Rickman was surrounded by people he loved when he died. Rickman was 69 when he died.

Not only are fans and family mourning, but cast and crew of Rickman’s previous movies are also mourning. Daniel Radcliffe wrote that Rickman was “one of the greatest actors I will ever work with” as well as “one of the loyalest and most supportive people I’ve ever met in the film industry”.

JK Rowling, who wrote the Harry Potter books, said: “There are no words to express how shocked and devastated I am to hear of Alan Rickman’s death. He was a magnificent actor & a wonderful man”, while Michael Gambon, who played Dumbledore, said: “Everybody loved Alan. He was always happy and fun and creative and very, very funny.”

We will all miss Rickman very much, but he has left his mark on the world, that will always be his legacy. May he live on in our hearts forever and always.

         R.I.P. ALAN RICKMAN



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