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What is most worth learning about?

There is a wide variety of answers when students think about what is most worth learning. Many will design their “way of learning” to be fun, for example: no homework, listening to music all day, etc. Some people, like me, will actually think this through and think about what really is important to a student and what education is needed to succeed in life. I think loving yourself, building confidence, and learning about taxes, just basic life skills, are what is most worth learning about.

Loving yourself is something big that students need to learn about in their life. Many students who doubt themselves all the time and say, “I can’t do it,” don’t believe in themselves. Loving yourself is a big way to improve your confidence. Many students need this. As I’ve been told before, many students HATE that they do these things to themselves, they WANT to have confidence in themselves, but it’s just extremely difficult. There’s so many students here with anxiety, depression, are anti-social, and frankly scared to speak in class.  I think if we had a class where everyone is confident and love themselves, more students would have much more faith in themselves. They won’t be nervous to present in front of others, they won’t be scared to answer a question in front of class. Basically, school is all about having confidence and loving yourself. If you have those priorities, then you’ll be able to get through life.

Another class or another thing that is worth learning about is all responsibilities we have as adults. For example, my mother, has things like bills, taxes, and job interviews. She is always complaining that she doesn’t know how to do them; she is constantly struggling. My mother always needs someone to help her but since I have not learned those skills I am unable to help. If we are able to have a class about this, Seniors and future seniors wouldn’t have to go into the “real world,” and not know what to do. They would of already learned about these responsibilities and or “skills.” And, they would be able to get through life and thank themselves for taking the class. So, if we had a class about this, we would not be seeking help as our parents needed and we would able to help them and us in the future.

I know the future is about knowledge, but it is also about having confidence and knowing the responsibilities. So, if we learned about this, I guarantee that the future students will be prepared for whatever gets thrown at them in life. These, are just a couple of ideas to what answers the question, what is most learning about?


Elizabeth Lee Miller

Elizabeth Lee Miller is a was an American Photographer. Unfortunately, she still is not alive anymore, she died back in July 21, 1977, she died due to cancer at the age of 70. She was cremated and her ashes were spread through her herb garden. But before she died, at a young age, her and her brother was introduced to photography. She was his father’s modeled. But she usually modeled nude, which she was embarrassed after getting gonorrhea after being raped by a family friend. But, that didn’t stop her from being a very famous fashion model and photographer.  At age 19 she nearly stepped in front of a car on a Manhattan street but was prevented by Condé Nast, the publisher of Vogue. This incident helped launch her modeling career; she appeared in an illustration by George Lepape on the cover of the Vogue edition of March 15, 1927. After that, she become one of the most successful models in New York City, in the 1920’s. But after that, she moved to paris, where she became a fashion and fine art photographer. She wasn’t really noticed from her work, it was after she died she became noticed. She mostly photographed pictures from World War II. But, she was famous for her picture in Hitler’s bathtub.  Apparently, it had a lot more meaning than just the fact that she was in Hitler’s bathtub.

She was published in many places like, Vogue, Glim Glory, etc. It didn’t say, or I didn’t find, what type of education that she had.  She’s been to many places like, New York, Paris, Manhattan, London, and Munich. But, I hope more people don’t just know her as “The Girl in Hitler’s Bathtub,” but as a women who’d like to take risks for her career. A women, who went through a lot and was able to face her obstacles. This was Elizabeth Lee Miller.

Has Technology Taken Over Our Lives?

image2Did technology really improve our lives? Or was it invented for the worse? Every new invention has it’s pros and cons, but the one that is most talked about is technology. Many people have diverse opinions or thoughts of how technology has affected us. We’ve decided to ask some peers and adults about their opinions of technology.

First, we decided to ask some of our peers at the New Technology High School. The first person that we asked was Madison Brooks. Madison had said, “Technology has affected us in both ways, for the better and for the worse. I think it is very helpful in many ways but it is a huge distraction to some people and causes a lot of problems.” Because of the distraction of cellphones of class, many teachers and school have permanently taken away phone use in schools. Many schools think if they took away cell phone privileges, the students will have a better learning environment and be able to pay attention and have better grades in classes and tests. The teachers won’t have to worry about students using their phones when they are not supposed to unlike schools who do allow cell phones. Another student that we asked was Aileen Juarez, she said; “I think it affected us for the better in a way. We learned to be independent and have the taste of being trusted by the teachers and being responsible for ourselves.” The reasons

that teachers and schools let us our phones is because in the real world, we need the ability to know when to use or not to use. So, they are giving us the trust to use our phones like in the real world, hoping we would understand that they trust us and would use it for important uses.

Second, we decided to ask some parents to see how their diverse their opinions and perspective are.  I first decided to ask Judith, a mother of one, said; “Is 50/50:  It’s much easier to find information quickly now, we all have the internet at our fingertips. With things like sat nav, it makes driving easier, plus as technology improves things become safer. It makes the world smaller so speaking with people far away is easier and cheaper. Now, how we utilize and perceive technology, that is up to us. If anything bad comes out of all this technology, it’s because of our attitude. If we want to avoid many of the bad things about technology, we have to be smarter. We have to change our mentality — we have to discipline ourselves to not obsess over things like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. — we have to use things in moderation, go outside, get fresh air, exercise — we have to learn to manage our time on such utilities, because otherwise, yes, things become worse.”  In this answer given, we are see technology in an adult’s persevered. When technology is a good thing due it bringing people together from all around the world and helping us by giving us the power to search things within our fingertips. Though it provides us many advantages, there are some stuff that could cause a down hill. The downhill is how we don’t know when to limit ourselves and let technology rule over our life.

Technology been proven as an amazing tool and invention for personal use and for work, though the saying of  “every good invention have it’s flaw” applies to it. Peers of new tech and adults seem to understand that concept though, which is a wonderful thing. But why do we still have problems of obsessiveness and slacking with technology? How do we stop it? The answer to that is that only the person who is in control can stop it. So make your choice, show that technology isn’t as bad as it seem by stopping with all the unnecessary media.

Change in Freshman

By: Noemi Martinez, Carolyn Miranda-Cruz, Samantha Miranda                             

        Many freshman came to this school for a better future, to know technology, for better opportunities, for college credit, new experiences, or to improve their public speaking skills. Either way they can here to New tech. Many students said they chose this school to improve their personalities and for a better future.  We interviewed several of the freshman here in New tech and asked how it is different transitioning to the 9th grade.

Our first two questions that we asked was Why did the students decide to come to this school and how is it different? These are the responses that we got: “It a lot more different and more work,” answered Gerson Garcia. Other students answered similar responses to this one: “It’s a pretty cool experience considering that we get to have our own laptop for own privileges in unique ways,”answered Tessa Chambers.  Many students said they came to this school because they wanted to try something new or take this opportunity they had of coming here.  New Tech is really a different school. New Tech have given us the responsibility that they don’t give us at other high schools, like having Macs. What other high school in Rogers does that?

We also asked, Do you think you made the right choice going to NTHS? How do you feel about this school? “I feel as it more different it’s like a lot more friendly than schools because everyone knows each other you’re like one big little family,” answered Stephanie Garcia. ”Um that it easy to find friends and once you find them I don’t think they leave you,” said Gabby Roe. Several of the students didn’t expect to have a new friend in their first week, but when they did get a friend, they loved how friendly the students of New Tech were. I can relate to this, coming to a new school was kinda hard for me. I didn’t expect so many friendly people here.  

The last two questions that we asked was how has this school change you and what do you expect from this school? Many of the freshman had answers but many didn’t know yet since it has only been a month since they came.  We went on a hunt to seek an answer. “This school has changed me and has made me more better at presentation,” answered Gabe Brown. “I expect to get a higher education ,because I believe they’re the best,” said Angie Carranza. Students expect to better opportunities in the future. We want to everyone to know that New Tech is an elite school and everyone should join and respect this school.




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