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New York Police Department

Back when I lived in New York, there would always be small white cars with blue lettering driving around… These cars symbolized protection of the city. I remember seeing at least 20 of these cars per day. They were seriously everywhere. Most of the time they were driving around the city, making sure all way correct and in order. That doesn’t mean, it was peaceful all the time. I recall seeing high speed cop cars with their sirens playing as loud as can be, racing their ways toward the crime. I had no doubt, the police department would make a stop to it.

The NYPD was established in 1845 and is one of the oldest and most historic police departments, establishing its roots back to the 17th century. According to, the NYPD is the biggest police department in the whole country. They have the most members in their department, more than big states like Texas, California, Florida, etc. As of 2012, the police department has over 34,000 uniformed officers patrolling the city’s streets and over 51,000 employees overall. This includes the staff, chiefs, and officers all over the several dozen departments around the city I imagine the numbers nowadays being much higher since it is 3 years later. The NYPD even has more employees than the FBI, a nation wide group, that’s crazy! As stated on the, In the year of 2013 alone, the budget of the NYPD was a total of 4.6 billion dollars, and that may sound like a huge number, but in reality it is just 15% of the entire city’s budget. Can you imagine how much the other 85% is? It takes a ton of money to run one of the biggest cities in the world.

After doing some research on my favorite law enforcement in the world, I realised that the NYPD is so big, it’s almost like an army itself. The NYPD has a broad array of specialized services, including the Emergency Service Unit, K9, harbor patrol, air support, bomb disposal, counter-terrorism, criminal intelligence, anti-gang, anti-organized crime, narcotics, public transportation and public housing. Doesn’t that sound like an army? They have all these units available to them to keep the city in peace. I believe It is amazing, New York City has the total population of 6.4 million people, and the police department should be allowed to have these sources available to them in order to keep the community together and prevent hostile attacks. Nowadays the NYPD is more secure and alert than they were now… With the population increasing dramatically, and the city having a history of being attacked and in danger. The department should definitely be prepared for whatever may occur.

Now let’s get into what equipment the NYPD uses… When I was in the Sixth grader, my teacher’s brother, a police officer came into my class to demonstrate what their duty is. He showed us what he had on his belt, and I was amazed. They had so much equipment on that belt, I was beginning to wonder how they could carry all that around all day. I remember him showing us his gun, combat stick, flashlight, and  handcuffs. I don’t remember it all since it was so long ago. After doing some research on I found out that they carry their radio, ammo, batteries, weapon of defence which can be pepper spray, taser, or gun, gloves, pens, pencil, and papers. The cars the NYPD uses also varies a lot. I remember seeing dozens of different vehicles that would have that big blue logo on them, It was amazing. The cars ranged from a 1990 chevrolet caprice all the way to a 2016 ford hybrid. The car I used to see the most was a 2008 ford crown victoria… It brings back so many memories when I see a picture of this car. The NYPD also has scooters, motorcycles, trucks, vans, boats, and even helicopters wandering around the city.

To conclude, the NYPD is my favorite law enforcement because of it’s history and how much I relate to it. I truly hope to see it grow and improve.


MLS Soccer Season Begins!

Last Sunday, one of the most exciting events for us American soccer fans began, The M.L.S season. Us soccer fans love this time of the year because we get to experience a new competition and see who will turn out champion. Last year’s victorious team was the Portland Timbers, a team from Oregon. Most people who like the sport in the nation know some of the brief history of the league. There is a lot of history to this soccer association. It was officially created on December, 17 1993. The whole creation of it began with the bidding of the 1993 World Cup. When FIFA announced that the World Cup would take place in the U.S, people thought that we should have a professional league to make the sport ‘bigger’ in the country. Although the league consists of many American teams, there are also some Canadian teams as well. There are only 3 Canadian teams, as opposed to the 18 American teams. These Canadian teams are Toronto F.C, Montreal Impact, and the Vancouver Whitecaps.  

Many People are huge fans of the league and support one specific team. I am a fan of New York City F.C, a team based in N.Y.C as stated in the name. Many people do not know this, but N.Y.C F.C is actually one of the newer clubs in the league. It was established in 2015. Once I found out about this, I was glad because I thought New York needed a new team to compete for the title. When the team was first created, it acquired some good players that played for top clubs in Europe (the hardest continent of soccer). NYC FC bought an FC Barcelona legend by the name of David Villa, a Juventus FC legend by the name of Andrea Pirlo, and a Chelsea FC legend by the name of Frank Lampard. These three players were veterans of the game, each winning multiple titles around europe. To conclude, the M.L.S may not be commonly known around the U.S, but I believe it will be a part of our lives in the future.

El Clasico (Barcelona v. Real Madrid)

April 2nd, 2016 is the big day. This is the day where the two mightiest, most historic soccer teams in the world clash, Barcelona and Real Madrid. This matchup is the most watched soccer game in the world besides the World Cup final. These two teams have so much history to them, they have been rivals since their beginning and have never stopped hating each other.


Most likely if you are a soccer fan, you know what this game is. The day it comes, many fans will compete with each other and argue as to what team is better. Some people even go to the extreme and gamble over who will be the winner in the end. I have even risked 5 dollars on my team, only to lose them. My family has a tradition of gathering up the day of this historic match to watch it. We always go to either my or my uncle’s house to see the winner. My family has many mixed opinions about the two teams. Most of them are FC Barcelona fans, including my father, grandpa, brother, and 2 cousins. There are only 4 Real Madrid fans in my entire family including me, my aunt, uncle, and cousin. I also have the bad habit of betting with one of my family members to predict the winner. The last Clasico, which was in November of 2015, I lost the bet. Barcelona ended up destroying Real madrid 4-0 and I felt ashamed.


I am not the only passionate fan of this game. There are people worldwide who support one or the other. Some statistics show that ‘El Clasico’ gets more views than the Super Bowl final, as stated in Can you believe that? A soccer game getting more views in the U.S than a Football final? Amazing!


To conclude, This matchup has grabbed the attention of all the soccer fans around the world. These two teams have battled it out for their championships many times and have received many views for it. That is why ‘El Clasico’, will always be my favorite match in the whole athletic world.

Louis Daguerre

imagesLouis Daguerre was born on November 18, 1787 in Cormeilles-en-Parisis, France. He is more commonly known in France than the U.S. He was a famous artist and photographer back in his time. He acquired his fame for his great invention of the  daguerreotype process of photography. This was  a famous process used to take and create great pictures. It was the start of our camera basically and consists of a camera like object taking ‘good’ quality photos in black and white. Because of this great invention, Louis Daguerre is considered one of the fathers of photography. This made me feel stupid because I have never heard of this photographer before in my life. He got his education at the French Academy of Sciences which is a very impressive and academic school nowadays. While Studying there, he published some work for their school newspaper with great pictures. He traveled all around the country of France to cities like Cormeilles-en-Parisis, Bry-sur-Marne, and the big, Paris. His work was unique for his time. Since he was around in the late 1700s, he did not have much advanced technology available to him. Therefore his work was still great for his time.

Paul Couvrette

PaulPaul Couvrette is a well known Canadian commercial photographer. He was born on June 22, 1951 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He was a pain to find some valuable information on, but after doing some serious research on him, I’ve noticed his work is really impressive. As stated before, he is most notably recognized for his commercials that are seen around Canada. According to, his website, he earned his bachelor’s degree in journalism from Carleton University in 1974. This shows how experienced he is in journalism and photography. He was the Photography editor for the University he attended as well. Although he is based in Canada, he traveled to Europe for some time to work at the Camera shop named Wallace Heaton in London, England. Paul has surprisingly been on the cover of some famous magazines like Time, Macleans, and Ottawa Life. Couvrette is actually a very talented photographer and I was confused that he did not have a ton of information easy to find on the (2)(1)

Lewis Hine

LewisLewis Hine was  born on September 26, 1874 in Oshkosh Wisconsin. He was an iconic photographer of his time and still remains a great. He took so many great photos the changed the nation and it’s ways. His style of taking photographs was unique and eye-catching. He caught the attention of those who were around with his heart-touching pictures. If you did not know, he was famous for helping the change in child labor laws in the U.S. Although this is a big part of the reason for his fame, this is not the only cause. He also took some great photographs of people during the Great Depression, a very historic time in our nation. In these photographs, he showed the struggle of those who were in need. I wouldn’t be surprised if you have seen his photos at least once in the past. Lewis Hine has many iconic photographs including the photo called “labor day” with the woman looking away with 3 children near her. You were probably wondering, how did he become this talented? He actually attended many universities and big ones as well. He studied sociology at the University of Chicago, Columbia University and my dream college, New York University. It may seem expensive nowadays to attend so many big colleges, but back then it actually wasn’t. He also received many Lewscholarships for his talent. His first big job as a photographer was at the Russell Sage Foundation and he traveled a lot from state to state. Some notable places he traveled to was Chicago, Tennessee, and New York.  All in all, I think it is safe to say that Lewis Hine was a great photographer of his time.

Nike presentation

Can The Warriors Beat The Bulls’ Record?

By Chris Lemus

54496dba3345c9ef71a9b3ab1b9d8aa5_crop_northIf you’re a basketball fan, you pretty much have to know who the Golden State warriors are. If you are not aware of them, they are only the best team in the NBA this season, no big deal… At the time of this article being created, the team currently has 36 wins and 3 losses. Their most recent loss coming on Tuesday January 13, 2016 to the Denver Nuggets. The final score of that matchup being 110 (Warriors) to 112 (Nuggets). The other teams that the Golden State Warriors have lost too are the Milwaukee Bucks and the Dallas Mavericks. The great team from Oakland, California are going after a record set by the Chicago Bulls, in the 1995 – 96 season. The Bulls finished the season strong back in 1996 with a whopping 72 wins and only 10 losses. This is an all time best in the NBA… ever! It would be amazing to see a new team beat that record.

If you don’t know about the background of the Chicago Bulls and their record year… The best player ever to grace the game, Michael Jordan played with the Bulls and lead them to the Championship. Golden State also has a magnificent player on their side. He is trying to prove a point by leading his team to the championship and the record. If they manage to do both, The player I am talking about by the name of Stephen Curry, can be considered one of the best, or if he continues to play like this, he could be the best! I believe they can do it,  they are playing way too well. The question is, do you believe they can do it?

Rafa Benitez Is Fired

IMG_0539 By Chris Lemus

Recently, some big news has occurred for one of the biggest and richest soccer teams in the world. Real madrid have fired their manager, Rafa Benitez because of his poor results in game and his horrible relationship with the players. He was arguably one of the worst managers to to take charge of the soccer club. I know that most or all of the club’s fans hated his tactics and wanted him gone, I have personally felt this way. Rafa Benitez became the manager of Real Madrid in the summer of 2015 and received tension from the public as soon as he got called for the job. This is because their previous manager, Carlo Ancelotti was a fan favorite. He was unexpectedly fired and once the fans found out, they went crazy and became mad at the president for firing one of the best managers they have had in a long time.

IMG_0538 Rafa Benitez was replaced and rightfully so with a man loved by the Real Madrid community, Zinedine Zidane. Zidane was the assistant manager of the club two seasons ago and he was a big part of the club getting the notorious, “Decima” or tenth champions league trophy. The fans have a soft spot in their hearts for this man. I have went out and asked two people by the names of Frankie and Bryan Serrano of their opinions on this matter and their responses were those of any passionate Real Madrid fans. They were extremely happy and said that they believe real madrid can be one of the best teams again. I really hope so and I am personally happy with the club’s decision of firing Benitez.

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