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Creating Bonds with Family

It’s going to be summer soon, meaning you’re going to be stuck with you family! Before groaning or cursing for this not so good perks of summer, think about the good it would do to spend the summer with your family. You have the chance to change the way your summer go, it all depends on what you’re willing to do and your mind set on making it positive or negative. If you spend your summer with only sitting down on the couch while thinking ‘this is so boring, why must nothing be happening in my life?’ then your memories and stories of your summer won’t be as good as you recall them with others.
Now let’s say you literally have no plans and sitting down on the couch, what can you do with to make good memories in summer then? Summer is the time when you can step up, brain storm, and suggest what to do with the family. Not sure what you can do? Well, there’s always the ‘trying something new’ that your family might enjoy. Try and create your own type of ice cream milkshake, try out recipes you found online, do some crafting, or you can even do small competitions. Want to do some type of outing with the family? Talk to your parents and explain your plans and thoughts.There are few known types of parents who would say no to their kids going out and enjoying stuff around them after all.
Now, are you the older sibling? Time to step up and have the little ones have fun! Offer taking them to the park, for a walk, or play hide-and-seek with them. Hungry and want to spend time? Make dinner with help of the little ones, or blend smoothies/create milkshakes. Either way, it would a great time to bond over summer.
What about the younger siblings? You too have a purpose, making sure your older sibling don’t laze around and forcing them to be active. Make them fall victims of those puppy eyes and have fun! But remember, be considered on picking what to do so it would be fun for all of you.
Make sure you aren’t that one type of sibling that forces their older brother to have tea parties while wearing a pink fluffy scarf-though that’s is funny-and make them enjoying the time they’re spending with you.
Summer is coming and it’s better to start planning on what you should do, especially with your family and create stronger bonds with them. Summer doesn’t have to be boring, you have the power to make it enjoyable and make it better. Just have a positive mindset and don’t hesitate to use force.



S-U-M-M-E-R. One word, six letters. People may say that words shouldn’t affect others, but what about the word ‘summer’? It excite others, make them nervous, or feeling as if time went by too fast. Some wish it would come slower, others want it be here right now! It isn’t hard to feel the same in both sides, another summer indicates a new school year to start and taking a break from this jail place called school. Summer is both the ending and beginning, how could we possibly feel one way towards summer?
First of all, there’s the not meeting with all friends or staying home bored. I’m not sure about all of you, but I rather go to school than staying home, doing chores, and expected to clean the entire time. Plus the fact of a reminder that another school year has past by and the day of entering the real world is approaching quietly. For the seniors who are reading this, they know that once the countdown hits zero, they are now considered as responsible adults officially. Summer is filled with uncertainty on what to do and how you’re going to meet up with your friends, you can’t help but wish for school last longer or for summer to end soon. School is filled with the people we know and get along with, it’s natural to want to stay (even despite the hatred towards the homework part). There’s the fact that things won’t be the same as they left. It’s not unusual for teachers to leave a school or people transferring to another school, so there’s the chance you won’t see some of the people you got along with. Now that we covered most of the reasons we don’t like the word summer or wish it would come later, let’s discuss what makes us want it to come sooner.
Who likes summer? If you asked that to classful of students, it doesn’t matter what age or grade, most hands are likely to be raised if not all. Admit it, summer is somthing you at least thrive for about twice or many more. There were the plans with families, those trips you were looking forwards and those promises you were going to force your parents to keep. You traveled and experience new things. Even if you stay home, you get the two chances of being productive or do nothing and laze around. You have the chance to catch up to the latest new episode to you wanted to watch, the choice to make a new creation of food when you’re home alone or with siblings, or dance around silly with your socks on with the music loud! Why worry about studying and the test on Monday when you can stay up and watch that one horror movie that was released on DVD? It’s not that difficult to find the reason why people enjoy summer.
To conclude, summer is both something we all love yet hate it at the same time. It save us from the drama in school, yet proves that we’re growing up and that things are slowly changing. In my opinion, I think we should enjoy the present as much as we can before the school year is concluded. After the school year is over, focus on having the time of your lives in summer! Make it worth while before it’s too late.

Thinking About Our Future

High school, a place to study and prepare for your future within four years. The question is, when is it too early or too late to worry about your future and discuss what you’ll be spending your life as? It’s absurd to start planning your life when you barely enter high school, but planning your future choices and what you’re going to do isn’t something you should just barely be thinking about when graduation is coming near.

It’s alright when you have a couple ideas of what you might enjoy doing when entering high school, just planning things out for one path is over the top. Your feelings for that job also can change over time, you can find something better along the way. That’s why it’s best to think about it but don’t start shaping your future right away, it’s best to have alternates. Now, does that mean to wait last minute and start thinking about your future? No, it is still important to think about your future. Just not over the top to the point you already thought of all the classes you’re going to take in your future.

In my opinion, I think you should start off all the necessary classes to take to graduate. Only with that, you can start thinking what classes you want to attend to without worrying. After that, you should be at least in either your second or third year of high school, that way you already have a sense of who you are and what do you want to do when you grow up. With that in mind, you should then go to all the classes you want to attend. Doing it this way, you aren’t rushing yourself and understand what you want to do with your life.

This is my opinion in thinking about the future. You don’t have to worry and rush about your future when you just enter high school, just find out all the opportunities that are offered to you. When you feel like it’s the best time and that you’ve accomplished with finding out what you want to become, then take hold on the opportunities and accept them.

Andreas Gursky

images-8 Andreas Gursky is man known for his large format architecture and landscape colour photographs. His photos are well known due to them being presented in several exhibitions in international exhibitions and museums. They include the Venice Biennale exhibition of 1990 and at the White Cube in London.

He focus on the photography area when he enter Kunstakademie Dusseldorf, a college in Germany. He soon started his photo taking in Germany and travel to Japan, Thailand, North Korea, China, ext.. His photos are sold off due how beautiful and unique the photos are. Some say it’s a scandal and are criticizing his works, but that doesn’t stop Andreas from taking more photos. My favorite pho21341008.cms-2to that he took was the one with the workers at a cane furniture factory in Nha Trang, Vietnam.

The reason why it’s my favorite is because of the high view of people working. To others it can show people working in complete chaos, but to me it shows that those workers have their own type of system of how things work. Call me crazy but that’s how I think about it. It’s amazing how this German man travels to different countires and chase after for the perfect shot, even if there are people out their who give negative comments about them.

Altaf Qadri

altafsmallAltaf Qadri is a well known man in the word that other photojournalists and journalist may or may not know of. He’s a Kashmiri-Indian photojournalist who took photos at India and traveled to places like Libya, Morocco, and etc. Due to him to basically taking places at Indian and not traveling other than that, this cause others not to be well known of him. But it won’t surprise others if he was well known. The reason for this is because his photographs and stories are published within newspapers and news-magazines, such that includes with the National Geographic, The New York Times, and etc.images-4

Everything started when he went to University of Kashmir. When he start attending to university, he studied the field of science and worked as a computer engineer. Only later did he did he join a local newspaper as a staff photographer. His photos has such high effect on others as he catches conditions of different places in India such as Nepal, Afghanistan, Cambodia, and etc.

Now time for your fellow journalist’s opinion. His photos holds truth and darkness of the way the world is. I truly can’t pick a favorite, but I do have my own favorite series of collections. His collections of school for less fortunate touches my heart as I see how the children are being taught in such a poor environment. Some won’t be able to get the education they need and work instead. Altaf is really a respectable and amazing man when it comes to taking photos to make the world see that there are people who have it worse then us.

Martin Parr

images-8 Who is Martin Parr, you may ask. Martin Parr isn’t just some random man, that’s something for sure. Martin Parr is an well known as a British documentary  photographer and taking photos of human’s but instead of a taking a photo that can indicate ‘beauty’, it catches such intimate and mocking-like pictures. When I say mocking-like pictures, I meant as in pictures that shows how messy people can be public. Martin’s photos are described as playful and sometimes beautiful, though there are times his photos could be cheeky and rude at times.images-5

So far his photos has been shown over 80 exhibitions around the world. He started his photo taking journey in the country he was borned and currently lived at the time, England. Soon he started taking off to other places that included Greece, Italy, India, USA, Japan, France, Spain, and etc.  Martin’s story of about his interested in photography started when he was a young teenager. He was guided by his grandfather, an amateur photographer who taught him the basics of photography. Around the early 1970s, he attended Manchester Polytechnic and studied photography there.

Now for the word from your fellow journalist before we wrap this article up. His photos are unique, I admit that. Out of all the photos he took, however, only one got my attention. This one photo is name is The Last Resort #30. The reason this one got my attention is because it’s rather amusing and something I can help but laugh when I imagine myself or any other person with ice cream dripping down my face and make a huge mess. I got to admit, the photos he take can be taken as offense but there are some that truly show the indication of playfullness.

The World of Reading

fdCDZZEycp8SH2mcjK8yrkkoDZwHO9Jvj8u8-JZTDHKjqiBlQ6KHRo3OvsDCxw-LqHZonw=s2048(1)Reading everyday is a drag, is what most people will think. With all type of electronics devices, anyone can whip out a book and read. Yet it seems people either don’t understand that concept or just plain out don’t like reading.

Reading is a great thing to do during your free time, but many don’t see it like that. Many see reading something ‘smart’ people do, which is NOT true. Trust us, people don’t read for knowledge only but for enjoyment. The thrill of watching something happening in another universe or a story of people saving the world while dealing with problems that involve with romance, friendship, and family. Don’t like way of description in writing in a certain book? There are variety of authors that have different writing skills. Hate books with romance? Well, there’s books that don’t involve with romance and varies in genre.

When people usually read they want to find a book that is good for them or what they find interesting. “I read fiction and sometimes like romance but usually it’s young adults, but really like action. I really like sci-fi action.”, said Mrs. Thiele . Action book are very popular nowadays since most of the most that has a sequence usually make a movie like hunger games,Divergent, and etc. There is also some negative people who dislike book “ I don’t feel cause I don’t do it.”,said a freshman which is okay everyone has different opinion about reading a book.

When reading an amazing novel we find the interest into reading more of the story, which makes us likely to be a ‘bookworm’. Being a bookworm is nothing wrong. There’s the emotional breakdown like when your favorite character just died by the evil villain  or when in a romance novel the man falls for the wrong woman. Those are the worst but you can get through it. Reading is something that you think is fascinating and something you feel amazed by.

Reading also shown as an important thing as well, reading can improve your writing skills in a way. Reading also can teach the individual lessons without you even going through the trajic events or go into an adventure. The character does it for you! Plus reading is an amazing hobby and interest. Why? Well if it’s one of the things you enjoy and your parents decided to ground you for something, will they seriously make you give up on reading for a punishment? Not a sane one, at the least, would do that! So pick up a book (or you electronice and get a book online) and read, explore into the world call reading!

Every Vote Counts

By Carolyn & Noemi

In New Technology High School, there are is going to come a time when we need to make an important decision and this decision is coming fast, as voting for class presidents, class Vice President, and Student Council is coming up soon after the first part of the second quarter.

Mrs. Ford, teaching leadership in this year along other subjects, is one of the facilitator that knows best about the information about the student council. “..excellent organization for kids to voice of the learner and involve with decision making and activities…. I think it’s a positive thing,” voiced out Mrs. Ford, sharing her thoughts about the student council. She also explained how to qualified to run for student council, “As it stands right now, the only thing you need to do to be in student council, is to sign up for it and it to fit your schedule. We are working on a way to make it a little more more compete to come in.”.  

Right at the moment, the actual date of voting and how it will happen isn’t clear. Despite so, you should find out who are running for class President & Vice President and student council before the time of voting. Do you even know at least one person running for the either of these positions? Many don’t even know a single person who’s even running, that’s why this editorial is going to tell who are running for what position.

Let’s start with the student council. For  President is Zachary Roberts and Noah Madryga. Austing Dill seems to be the only one that’s running up for VP. Ian Pusey is running for Secretary, while Ricardo Lopez is running for Treasurer. This is the portion people who are going after and is running for them.

Now, let’s talk about the Seniors and Junior class presidents and Vice Presidents. Seniors are the only one to vote for their class, while Juniors are to vote theirs. For Senior class President, we have Luke Dunn and Hannah Katt. No one is running for Vice President, sadly. In Junior President is Elena Ramirez. For Junior Class Vice President is Ismar Ortiz.

All learners are expected to vote. In other words, everyone has the power to increase the one who will be in our student council. Every vote counts. Not only does each vote matters, but each vote is for sure to make sure who you think is going make sure who will hear your voice in campus.

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