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Cleaning/Organization Tips

Is your room a huge mess and you have no idea what to do with it? I’ve got the solution. I will show you some quick and easy ways to clean your room striped-painted-baskets-with-tags31and get rid of that mess.

Tip #1: Have organization bins with labels on them. Using bins are a really simple way to organize your stuff and make it look nice. Adding labels to the bins make it easier to know what is in the bin without having to to look in it. This tip is great for your bedroom, your college dorm, your closet, or anything that you need to organize.

Tip # 2: Make a game when you are putting your clothes away. Instead of being bored every time you put your dirty clothes away, make aimg-thing game out of it. You can play basketball, soccer, or whatever you find fun. You can make rules and play with your siblings or just play by yourself. Just have fun with it.

Tip # 3: Keep bins under your bed. Keeping bins under your bed will clear up a lot of space in your room and make it more organized. You can also put labels on these so you can know what is in the box. You can put clothes, toys, books, anything you want to. It is a great way to store your stuff and keep it out of sight.

Tip # 4: The laimages (1)st tip is to dance while you clean. You can jam out to your favorite songs while you clean to make it go by faster and make it more fun. You can make up dance routines and tidy your room at the same time.  Just have fun with it and before you know it, you will be done cleaning.

Hope this helped you clean your room and have fun at the same time.



Spring DIY’s

d8b3b21dd7cd644839579a57f7e8c59f Spring is the time for flowers, sunshine, and being bored out of your mind. I have five fun Spring DIY’s that you can do to have a fantastic spring. I will be showing you cute animal mason jars, pillow balloon animals, popsicle party invitations, a cute donut hat, and a gummy bear popsicle that will knock your socks off.

The first DIY I have for you is animal mason jars. This is the perfect room decoration/ storage for any spring day. What you will need is paint, jars, 617f636c09aeb5c72af9490090bebf26glue, and plastic animals. You can use any animal you want for this project. First, you are going to paint you animal and the lid of you jar the same color. If you want to can do two different colors to make it more colorful. After you left both the lid and the animal dry completely, you put some glue on the bottom of the animal and stick it to the center of the lid. Wait for that to dry and you now have a cute and colorful jar that will make your spring time happy.

  a1deee2198433345d37ac6a2ee7ac496The second DIY I have is a balloon animal pillow. Your will need 1/4 yard of knit fabric (37′ L by 6′ W), hand needle & thread, scissors, wood dowel or any long stick, pillow stuffing that is good quality. Start off with your 37’ by 6’ fabric and fold it over and pin up the long side. Sew up the side leaving about ½ inch for seam allowance. Then you are going to turn the fabric inside out so that you have a tube of fabric. Sew & close the top part of the fabric. Stuff about 3 inches of stuffing in the top to create the head. Sew just below the stuffing and use the wooden stick to push the stuffing lower. Make sure to sew it very tightly. Then repeat this two more times but make it 2 inches instead of three inches. Be sure to sew in between the parts. Bring the two ears to the end of the head and sew them tightly together. Then, you are going to stuff three more sections that are 3 ½ inches and sew the bottom of each of them closed. The first section is the neck so leave that alone. The next two are the front legs so the need to be brought together at the end of the neck and sewn.  And lastly you are going to stuff four sections three inches tall and sew the end of each of them. The first is the body so leave that alone. The next two are the back legs so repeat what you did for the front legs, and the last section is the tail. Make sure that the tail is pointing up and that the end is sewn tightly. Now you have an adorable balloon dog pillow that will light up your day.

This next DIY is really easy and is perfect for those spring parties. They are popsicle party invitations. You will need a wide paint sample, glue, scissors, popsicle stick, and paper or cardstock. First you are going to cut out a popsicle shape from your paint sample big enough for the party information. Then you are going to trace thac28da213a2dce4083be749a879386601t shape onto some paper or cardstock and cut that out. You then write your information on the paper, glue the stick to the back of the paint sample, and then glue the paper with the information to the stick. And now you have a bright and colorful party invitation that will really make your party pop.

This next DIY is one of my personal favorites. It is super cute and perfect for the spring time. It is a donut floppy hat. You will need and tan floppy hat, paint brush, and seven different colors of paint. You can pick whatever colors you want. Start off by painting the rim of the hat with one of you colors. Paint two coats of that so it is opaque. Then take your remaining six colors to paint on sprinkles. Just paint straight lines in a random pattern to make it look real. Now you have an adorable hat that will keep you stylish all spring.  

My last DIY that I have for you is a cool snack that will have you loving spring. It is a gummy bear popsicle. You will n82df06cba6a83e2b70e59f85418e3fefeed a popsicle maker, gummy bears, and sprite. First get your popsicle maker and open it. Then fill it with gummy bears about ¾ the way. Fill it with sprite, put in the popsicle stick, and put it in the freezer overnight. When it is frozen you will have a wonderfully tasty treat for your whole family.   

What To Make Your Mom For Mother’s Day

379bcc151012cfca06ee4e146ae11f1c(1)Have you ever woken up on May 8th and thought that you were forgetting something? Well you were. It’s Mother’s Day! To show your mom that you really care, here are four mothers day gift you can do for Mother’s Day. Number One: If your mom loves flowers, here is the perfect gift. A daisy painted mason jar. All you need is a mason jar, your mom’s favorite color of paint, white and yellow paint for the flowers  (you can pick different colors to match your mom’s style), and some flower( fake or real.) First you need a mason jar. Paint your jar with your first paint color a.k.a. Your mom’s favorite color. Make sure the entire jar is covered and that the paint is opaque. Let that dry overnight to prepare for the next step. Next use a small piece of sandpaper to scratch off some of the paint. Only scratch off the paint on the logo on the jar. Leave the other paint there. Next, paint on your flowers. You can paint other flowers if you know how, but daisies and the easiest to paint. Once it is all dry, place your flowers in and present it to your mom.

The next gift you can make for your mom is a flower initial. You will need cardboard, aMothers day(1) sharpie, scissors, a hot glue gun, and fake flowers. First you need to draw/ trace the letter on the cardboard. Make sure it is nice and neat. Then cut it out. The last step is to glue on the flowers. You can choose any flower you want as long and they are small enough to fit on the letter. And there you have it. A flower initial that will light up your mom’s day.

DIY number three is on the easier side. This project is perfect for younger kids but can work for older kids as well. Make this “I love you This Much” ha185f3045ecca1a6e75be61a58a2be92(1)and card and show how much you love your mom. You will need paper, scissors, and a marker. Start off by have the child or you trace their/ your hand. Trace it on some colorful paper to make it pop. Trace both hands to make the card.  Also cut out a 1” by 6” rectangle to connect the hands together. Fold the rectangle up into an accordion and glue or tape the ends to each hand. Write “I love you” on the front of the card and “This Much” on the rectangle on the inside. This is a perfect gift for any mom to let her know you love her.

ff002b2a58078a546946a72bd3631a3d(1)The last Mother’s DIY I have is the Baby Flower. You will need construction paper, glue stick, a popsicle stick, and a picture of you/ mother’s child. Make a flower shape out of bright colored construction paper and cut out the center. Cut out the picture and glue it to the back of the flower making sure the face is in the center of the cut out. Color the popsicle stick green to look like a stem. Cut out a leaf from green construction paper and write a message to you mom on it. Glue the leaf and flower the to popsicle stick and you are done.

Doing any of these DIY’s will make you mom feel special and love and show her how much you love and care for her.

Spring Flowers

Spring Gardens

Have you ever dreamed of having that perfect garden with bright, vibrant flowers that look like something out of a magazine? Well even if you haven’t, I will teach you What type of flowers to plant to make your yard look beautiful.

First thing you should know. In order to grow healthy plants you have to have healthy soil. You need to have three to four inches of organic matter to help keep your plants fertilized. Then you need to put mulch or leaves around your plant to retain water. Doing these steps will ensure that your plant have a healthy base to grow and trive.

download (2)(2)What plants should I plant? One of the flowers you should consider planting is the Coneflower are brightly colored perennials. They are easy to care for and are going for cut flowers. They need full sun and come in many different colors including pink, purple, red, and white. And a bonus that comes with these flowers is butterflies. They are attracted to this flowers and they will brighten your day. download (3)(1)

Another beautiful flower you can plant is an Azalea. An Azalea is a flowering bush that has ten or more stems with bell shaped flowers. They need acidic, well-drained, enriched soil to grow beautifully. In the spring, they need mulch and fertilizer. Most types of  Azalea need partial sun. There are many different species and colors of  Azaleas to choses from. This flower brings a bright and lively feel to your garden. 2__Dahlia_2126282b

The last flower that should be planted in your garden this spring is the Dahlias. This flower come in many colors and size so be sure to pick the one that best suits your garden shape.  Dahlias can handle pretty much any weather, but they need full sun and soil with organic matter in it. If you do chose this flower, be sure to plant them in rows for easy access to them. And remember, for any flower you plant, when winter frost comes, make sure to protect your plants by covering them. Now you have a beautiful garden that anyone would love to have.

Spring Nail Art

images (1) Spring Nail Art

  1.  Blue with Pink Polka Dots

What you will need: A bobby pin, Blue, Dark Pink, and Light Pink nail polish.

Start off by painting all of your nails with a blue nail polish. Let that dry for 10 minutes so the dots won’t mix with the blue. Then after it has dried, dip the tip of the bobby pin in the light pink nail polish and start putting dots on your nails. Make sure to leave enough space for the light pink spots. Repeat the same steps for the dots but use light pink nail polish instead. The end result is a colorful look perfect for any day in the spring.   


Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 12.25.24 PM

  1. Purple with Green Heart

What you will need: Light purple nail polish, white nail polish, green nail polish, and a bobby pin or dotting tool.

First you will need to paint all your nails except your ring finger with light purple nail polish. Use the white nail polish to paint your ring finger. Let that dry for 10 minutes. Then dip the bobby pin or dotting download(1)tool in green nail polish and make a heart by make two dots and dragging them down to connect them. Now you have a cute heart manicure that will fill you with love.

  1.  Bunny Nail Artdownload (1)(1)

What you will need: Pink nail polish, white nail polish, black nail polish, and nail art brushes or toothpicks.

First you are going to paint all of your nail except your ring finger pink. Paint your ring finger with white nail polish. Let it dry for ten minutes. To make a bunny face on your nail you start off with the nose. Use pink nail polish and a nail brush or toothpick to make a pink dot for the nose. After that make two eyes right above the nose with black nail polish. Still using the black polish, make three whiskers on each side on the nose by make small horizontal lines. Then above the eyes, make two ovals for the ears. And finally fill in the ears with pink nail polish. Now you have a cute bunny manicure perfect for Easter Day.

  1.  Coloimages (2)(1)r Block Nails

What you will need: Pink nail polish and Cream Nail polish

Start off by painting a horizontal line across all your nails with cream nail polish. Fill in the top half with the cream and fill in the bottom half with the pink. You can even mix and match colors to whatever you want.  It is really simple yet beautiful.



  1.   Cloud Nail Art

What you will need: Blue nail polish, white nail polish, bobby pin or dotting tool.

Start off by painting all of your nails blue. Using a dotting tool or a bobby pin dipped in nail polish, make dots in the shape of a cloud. Start with the dot at the top of the cloud and continue around until you get to the bottom. Then make a straight line connecting the two side dots. Then just fill in the cloud and enjoy your new cute nail art perfect for any spring day.

  1. Glitter Nails images (4)

What you will need: Glitter Nail Polish or nail polish and glitter

All you have to do is paint your nail with a glitter nail polish and you are done.

Another way to do glitter nails is to paint your nails any color you want and put glitter on them. make sure the glitter is the same color or a color that complements the color of your nails. That is how you do the perfect manicure for any day in spring. images (3)(1)

David Guttenfelder

download (2)David Guttenfelder

David was born in 1969 in Iowa. He is famous for pictures of Japan, Afghanistan, and Korea. His work has been in National Geographic and has won numerous awards from WordPress and even has a Shorty award for Photography. He is actually working for National Geographic Photography.  He has spent eighteen years being a photojournalist. At first he was a freelance photography, but then move up and did more professional jobs. David has traveled to many places for his work including Afghanistan, North Korea, Japan, Iraq, and Africa.I not sure if he went to a special photography school but, his education includes going to the University of Dar es Salaam.

images (2)My favorite photo of his is the one of the women doing synchronized swimming. I like this picture because David does a lot of war photos and this one is so different from his normal photos and it is colorful and happy. It is very bright and cheerful and interesting to look at because you can see the girls expressions and how they felt in that exact moment. David Guttenfelder is an AP(Associated Press) Photography now and takes pictures for that convey messages to everyone about the world we live in.

Tim Hetherington: Photojournalist

downloadTim Hetherington

Tim Hetherington was born on December 5th, 1970 and died on April 20, 2011. His mission was to create a better understanding of the world around him. He focused on capturing war life and sleeping soldiers. He has had many films produces including Sleeping Soldiers in 2009, Diary in 2010, Restrepo in 2010, and The Devil Came on Horseback in 2007. He has more but these are his most famous. When you are a photojournalidownload (1)st, you have to travel for your work. Tim has mostly traveled to places experiencing war. He lived in Africa for a long time. One of his trips was to Libya where he was tragically shot while a fight was going on.

Tim has had a lot of education. He went to Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford, Cardiff University, and Stonyhurst College.  After graduating, he began a deep exploration of visual media to use for a tool to go into depth about the issues that fascinate him. At first he worked for UK press then went into international coverage. He made magazines, documentaries, artwork, and multimedia exhibitions. My favorite photo of his is the one of the soldier golfing. I like this because it shows that even while war is going on and they are fighting in it, soldiers still have hobbies they like to do and enjoy doing normal things and getting away from the war. Tim_Hefferington_Soldier_golfing

Manoocher Deghati: Photojournalist

Manoocher Deghati

download (3)Manoocher was born in 1954. He is famous for taking pictures of war life in Iran. He has also won two WordPress awards for general news and daily life. He has taken wonderful pictures and has even taken a picture that was used for the cover of the book The Iran War. Because He takes pictures of war life, he has traveled to many places.  He has been to France, Iran, Syria, and India. I am not sure if he had any special education but he did Worked at Middle East Regional Photo Editor for AP for 4 years. images (3)

My favorite photo of his is the one of the little boy in the rain. I like this one because it shows that even when bad things are happening around, kids still want to have fun and play in the rain. I also like it because it is sidownload (4)mple and eye-catching. It also shows that even when everything is going wrong and nothing is going right, that you can find something  or someone to make you happy and to help you.    



Most likely to become internet famous- Malaysone Phetchareun

Most likely to survive zombie apocalypse- Brian Lopez and second runner up was Mr. Morley

Most likely to become president- Denise Granados

Best Dressed Girl- Isamar Ortiz

Most likely to become a millionaire- Garrett Glenn

Best Couple- Lucy and CaylandIMG_8974

Best Eyes- Katie Roethle

Best Smile-  Julian Kim

Best Makeup- Evelin Fierro

Best Hair- Emily McDougald

Become a crazy cat lady- Carmina Halbert

Rob a Bank- Summer Smith

Most Creative- AnastasIia Franklin

Most likely to become a Hippie- Tayy Spearman

Most likely to become a mad scientist- Jacob Hertz

Most likely to own you $500- Trevor Percy

Best Dressed Boy- Jesus Velasco

Loudest person- Joan James

Best Smile- Janet Sanchez

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