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Addison Columbus

“The Girl Of Fire & Thorne’s” by Rae Carson Fan Review

10429092Not to long ago I read “The Girl of Fire and Thorns” series and was surprised. These books definitely should not be judged by their covers. The plot was absolutely wonderful. It was action packed with a bit of romance. It was based in a fantasy world. The best way that I can relate it to a time period in our society is the middle ages. The main character, Elisa, is sixteen. She was the sister of Alodia, who was the eldest and the heir to the throne of Orovalle, her home country. Elisa was put into an arranged marriage to the king of Joya d’Arena. She was to be announced as queen of her husband’s kingdom shortly after her marriage. Her new kingdom was on the verge of war when she entered it. Elisa is a shy girl who lacks confidence in herself. She possess a Godstone in her navel and is believed to be the “chosen one”. She is kidnapped and is taken to a group of rebels. There she organizes a small army. Also while she’s there, she finds her confidence and grows into a strong woman.

Throughout the series Elisa must sacrifice so much to protect her people and the ones she loves. Her intelligence and powers help her on her journey, as well as help from her closest friends and allies. I recommend this story to anyone that enjoys action, suspense and enormous feats of strength.


“Some boys” Fan review By: Addison Columbus

   This story is tragic, dark, and twisted. The plot is about a high school girl named Grace who is taken advantage of while in a very weak and vulnerable state. Not only did this hurt her physically, but also emotionally. After the tragic event that came upon her passed, she lost everything. Her friends, some of her family, and her confidence. She even began to have panic attacks. When it seemed that she could sink no lower into despair, she meets someone. His name is Ian. Ian was the naive and oblivious best friend of the evil that cast it’s will upon Grace. Grace began falling for Ian and he for her, but Ian didn’t believe what she told him about his friend. Over time the story unravels and the perpetrator of the evil deed acted upon Grace gets what was coming to him, and Ian and Grace become an item of sorts. IMG_1472

   I enjoyed the plot of this story because is was a in your face, un-sugar coated piece of reality. This story wasn’t a fantasy. It is not stated in the book that the plot is based on a real instance, but it is realistic fiction. It was the real world put in a fictional sequence of events. I also admired the perseverance that Grace displays later in the plot. She is put down in multiple ways, but she continued to fight. Because of this, and the help of Ian, justice is served.

“The Maze Runner” Fan Review By: Addison Columbus

Recently I read “The Maze Runner”, which is the first book in a four book series. I was captivated. This book is amazing. It was action packed and suspenseful. I never wanted to put it down. There were always new problems around every corner. The story is based around a boy named Thomas. Thomas was a small pawn in a huge experiment that the “government” had launched using a bunch of children. Thomas was sent into a maze of all boys with his memories wiped. All he knew about himself was his name and his gender. Even though Thomas is the main character, he is not my favorite. I had a hard time trying to distinguish which characters I liked and didn’t like.  Towards the end of the book I decided that I liked a character named Minho. Minho was the leader of the runners. The runners were the people who navigated the maze and searched for a way out. I liked Minho the most because of his attitude. He was grumpy sometimes, but he was fair to everyone. He was funny as well because he brought sarcasm into the weirdest and most unfortunate events. My least favorite character turned out to be Gally. Gally was a messed up dude. I don’t think that he was all there, yet I think he was at the same time. He was mean to almost everyone. Not many people liked him. I pitied him. I think that his anger and rudeness was driven by fear and the fact that he knew stuff about their situation that nobody else knew. He didn’t have anyone to talk to about it.


This book has a great plot and I am excited to read the next ones. I recommend this book to anyone seeking action, suspense, and futuristic dystopia. For the future readers of this book, I have a warning. The book is not completely faithful to the movie. Some pieces are mixed up and left out.


intropicDuring the past few days, I conducted a poll where people would vote for the place that they would want to go for spring break out of five options. The options listed were Florida, L.A., San Diego, Las Vegas, Mexico, and New York. I asked 52 people to vote, and the most popular vote was Florida. Florida received 19 votes. This surprised me a bit. I was pretty sure that Las Vegas would give Florida a run for its money. Las Vegas is where the M&M factory is, and M&Ms are amazing. Florida definitely has its charm. The beaches are warm and sunny most of the time, and there is no shortage of places to go to have a good time. One place in particular being Club La Vela in Panama City. This club is open night and day on spring break, and during the day people 14 and up can enter. At night, you have to be 18 or older to enter. There is the lovely Panama City beach.


Springtime is here, and specific fruits are coming into season.aldj One treat that I especially enjoy in spring is strawberries. My love for strawberries has been with me since I was born. When spring comes, I like to put a twist on my strawberries. I call them cheesecake strawberries. They are the finger food version of strawberry cheesecake. All you have to do is hollow out a strawberry, pipe cheesecake filling into it, and dip the cheesecake berry into a container of crushed graham crackers. This is a great snack for any occasion, and they are great for those times when you’re craving something sweet. My family and friends love them and I highly recommend them.

Eddie Adams

eddie-adamsEddie Adams was a photojournalist who was famous for his portraits of celebrities and coverage of the 13 years war. Some of his work includes a picture of Albert Einstein and conflict. His work has published in L’Optimum magazine, and “The  New York Times”. He has also had his work displayed in the Monroe gallery of Photography. Eddie Adams wasn’t very well traveled. He has visited New Kensington, Pennsylvania, Korea, and Vietnam. Eddie Adams is a great photographer, his education does not reflect this. He has his high school diploma, and after he graduated he enlisted in the US Marine Corps.

Dan Budnik

Budnik-Dan-232x300Over the past few weeks, I have been conducting research about three famous photojournalists. One of these photojournalists that I researched is Dan Budnik. Dan Budnik is famous for his portraits of artists and photos of the Civil Rights Movement and Native American life. Some of his famous photos are of Martin Luther and the military. His work has been published in multiple different medias. They include Time Magazine and the “Marching to the Freedom Dream” book cover. Dan Budnik is also a well traveled man. He has traveled to Long Island, New York, Havana, northern Arizona, Tucson, and Flagstaff Arizona. Although Dan Budnik is an expert photographer, his education was not the cause. He studied at the Art Students’ League of New York. His studies were focused on painting. Dan Budnik was an amazing artist, and his work reflects this.

Carol Guzy

Carol-Guzy-HFEmritus_4171_2Carol Guzy is a photojournalist who is a famous American news photographer for The Washington Post. She is also one of four people to have one of four people who have won the Pulitzer Prize four times. She is the only Journalist with this achievement. Her work has been published in “The Washington Post”. Some of her work has been on display at an event called The Bark. Carol Guzy is a semi well traveled woman. She has traveled to Somalia, Haiti, Washington D.C., Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and Rwanda. Most of her pictures are taken in countries full of famine. In her early years, she wasn’t on a course to becoming a photographer. Carol went to Northampton Community College, nursing school. She realized that she was not enjoying her studies so she quit and took a photography course, an internship, and then a job at the Miami Herald. I like Carol Guzy’s work quite a bit. Her pictures are very powerful and they inflict prominent emotions.

Art Photo Piece


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