When coming into the United States, the first thing you would realize is how amazing the place is or how everyone can basically do whatever they want to do, of course it has to be legal. Having the ability to do what you like and go freely is an amazing feeling. Many people, whom I love so much, had to leave just like the snow does when winter is over. Even though most people get deported, we still need to be proud of where we came from and who we are because it’s makes us the people that we are today. So I’d like to thank my parents for the sacrifices they made for a better for me.

There are many others who work hard just for their family or their own education. Over time many immigrants search for a better future for their family and themselves. In 2014, President Barack Obama signed executive orders directing various agencies in the departments of State, Justice and Homeland Security to refrain from deporting some 4 million adult immigrants illegally. If the immigrants are parents of a child that are born here or legally present here and they hold a job, and attend high school diploma, pay taxes, and stay out of prison.

My mom was 12 years old when she first took step into the United States, she never planned for it or thought it would ever happen. She told me stories of how the world was scary for a young child to go through, and that it was the most extreme risky thing that has ever happened to her.  She also told how crossing El Rio Grande (The Grand River) was the most terrifying experience ever. She would have to swim and make sure her sibling didn’t drown because back then, my mom was the 3rd oldest, so she had to take care of her little sibling. My mom would say don’t forget your culture, your family who brought you here, and I came here for a better future for my family and that’s what I want. She would keep telling me that,”Education is important and you need a good job because I could never do what you can.” Of course I would use this for motivation and I know I’m not the only one going through the same thing.