It has been most commonly stated from various men all over the world, whether meeting a new women or getting comfortable with who she really, that makeup isn’t their most favored addition. A majority of men have said they prefer a women with natural beauty or with very little makeup, with the idea that it shouldn’t be a drastic transformation. Makeup = decision and attitude is a real thing. I can’t speak to how widespread it is, but I have personally met quite a few young men who were open about their dislike of cosmetics (who didn’t realize the “natural” look they preferred almost always involved the use of makeup).

We’ve all seen those memes on Instagram and Facebook, the one that displays a split screen of a woman with and without makeup. The caption usually says something to the extent of: “Take her swimming on the first date.” To be honest, sentiments like these are annoying and repetitive.

What passes as beauty in this day and age is powerful.

Women are beautiful creatures to start with. If makeup enhances their confidence and features then that’s a good thing for them. A woman’s choice to wear high contoured-level makeup usually has far less far or little nothing to do with impressing or trying to fool men. Especially if you consider that some women who wear makeup aren’t even attracted to men therefore it’s not to deceive their eyes alone or at all.

I’ve never understood why guys on this forum are so freaked out about makeup. Women want to present themselves in the best possible light, so what? Guys do the same thing with the way they dress, hairstyles, hitting the gym, etc.  I do not agree that wearing makeup is “deceiving.” Is it deceiving when a chemotherapy patient wears a wig? Is it deceiving when a woman wears Spanx to make her clothes look better? Is it deceiving when a person has vitiligo and wants to even their skin tone?

The answer is no.

We all want to look our best. Everyone has flaws and almost everyone has blemishes. Makeup is an art. Makeup has a deeper value; it adds and contrasts to the face. It’s beyond deception. For most cases it is simply a style choice. No man can tell you other wise.

“I don’t think [men] realize that their expectations of women are unrealistic and unfair, and that the idea that women only wear makeup for the benefit of men is presumptuous,”I think the majority that prefer the ‘natural’ look don’t realize that that’s what some women are trying to achieve. Then there are also plenty of women (and men) who are not excluded that wear makeup because they love trying different colors and products, perfecting techniques and experimenting with different looks for pure fun.

The goal isn’t to deny one’s “natural look” or hide from the world or deceive other people. There are no rules to makeup and all of these reasons validate that. And if people are still deceived into thinking that your lips are bit fuller and your cheeks are rosier naturally then so be it.