10429092Not to long ago I read “The Girl of Fire and Thorns” series and was surprised. These books definitely should not be judged by their covers. The plot was absolutely wonderful. It was action packed with a bit of romance. It was based in a fantasy world. The best way that I can relate it to a time period in our society is the middle ages. The main character, Elisa, is sixteen. She was the sister of Alodia, who was the eldest and the heir to the throne of Orovalle, her home country. Elisa was put into an arranged marriage to the king of Joya d’Arena. She was to be announced as queen of her husband’s kingdom shortly after her marriage. Her new kingdom was on the verge of war when she entered it. Elisa is a shy girl who lacks confidence in herself. She possess a Godstone in her navel and is believed to be the “chosen one”. She is kidnapped and is taken to a group of rebels. There she organizes a small army. Also while she’s there, she finds her confidence and grows into a strong woman.

Throughout the series Elisa must sacrifice so much to protect her people and the ones she loves. Her intelligence and powers help her on her journey, as well as help from her closest friends and allies. I recommend this story to anyone that enjoys action, suspense and enormous feats of strength.