379bcc151012cfca06ee4e146ae11f1c(1)Have you ever woken up on May 8th and thought that you were forgetting something? Well you were. It’s Mother’s Day! To show your mom that you really care, here are four mothers day gift you can do for Mother’s Day. Number One: If your mom loves flowers, here is the perfect gift. A daisy painted mason jar. All you need is a mason jar, your mom’s favorite color of paint, white and yellow paint for the flowers  (you can pick different colors to match your mom’s style), and some flower( fake or real.) First you need a mason jar. Paint your jar with your first paint color a.k.a. Your mom’s favorite color. Make sure the entire jar is covered and that the paint is opaque. Let that dry overnight to prepare for the next step. Next use a small piece of sandpaper to scratch off some of the paint. Only scratch off the paint on the logo on the jar. Leave the other paint there. Next, paint on your flowers. You can paint other flowers if you know how, but daisies and the easiest to paint. Once it is all dry, place your flowers in and present it to your mom.

The next gift you can make for your mom is a flower initial. You will need cardboard, aMothers day(1) sharpie, scissors, a hot glue gun, and fake flowers. First you need to draw/ trace the letter on the cardboard. Make sure it is nice and neat. Then cut it out. The last step is to glue on the flowers. You can choose any flower you want as long and they are small enough to fit on the letter. And there you have it. A flower initial that will light up your mom’s day.

DIY number three is on the easier side. This project is perfect for younger kids but can work for older kids as well. Make this “I love you This Much” ha185f3045ecca1a6e75be61a58a2be92(1)and card and show how much you love your mom. You will need paper, scissors, and a marker. Start off by have the child or you trace their/ your hand. Trace it on some colorful paper to make it pop. Trace both hands to make the card.  Also cut out a 1” by 6” rectangle to connect the hands together. Fold the rectangle up into an accordion and glue or tape the ends to each hand. Write “I love you” on the front of the card and “This Much” on the rectangle on the inside. This is a perfect gift for any mom to let her know you love her.

ff002b2a58078a546946a72bd3631a3d(1)The last Mother’s DIY I have is the Baby Flower. You will need construction paper, glue stick, a popsicle stick, and a picture of you/ mother’s child. Make a flower shape out of bright colored construction paper and cut out the center. Cut out the picture and glue it to the back of the flower making sure the face is in the center of the cut out. Color the popsicle stick green to look like a stem. Cut out a leaf from green construction paper and write a message to you mom on it. Glue the leaf and flower the to popsicle stick and you are done.

Doing any of these DIY’s will make you mom feel special and love and show her how much you love and care for her.