Lying may seem a deadly sin, but what is it really? Lying is imagination taking its course, Lying is delving into the depths of your brain, lying is thoughts. Furthermore, a good liar is always an intelligent individual. Being able to lie is being able to use many parts of your brain. These being; anterior cingulatory cortex, dorsolateral prefrontal cortex,parietal cortex processes sensory input, and the brain power to use these brain parts are required.But, how do people see lying?

Religious people tend to be biased on lying, even a little white lie is terrible. Robin S. Rosenberg Speculated, “Not lying Is honestly a Superpower, requires a strong will.” Let me tell you once you are at the end of the rope, you’re most vulnerable to lying, so you do. “OH you look beautiful in that puke colored shirt!” People lie all the time; scientists say at least 7 times a day. Furthermore, lying isn’t what it seems. Deep in the darkest parts of your brain–the Amygdala– is your fear and greed stimulus. Lying is mainly caused by fear or greed. It is natural instinct to be afraid, and to want. Nevertheless being ourselves is wrong correct?

Lying is the light in the dark. You’re six — around the age where lying is noticed most — you have just broke a your moms favorite necklace that she let you borrow. You have a little sibling who can’t walk talk or anything, and there is no way your parents would harm the little kid. Saying “Sally broke it” is very much the easiest, smartest decision. What would you do at the age of six? Avoid a rough beating, or Take a bruised backside? Fear, stimulates lying. Greed stimulates lying. Sadness stimulates lying. Anger stimulates lying. Lying can solve so many problems. It can get you out of the dark.

So why is it bad: ethics, Morales,God? Nope. Greed, and Fear, is why lying is “bad”. People are afraid their best friends are going to lie to them, so they shun lying. Pastures and religious leaders shun lying, because they want people to agree with them. God shuns lying because, he wants us to be perfect — It’s all wants and fear.

Lying is all on you, whether you choose to do it or not, it is your choice.Lying can help. Lying can harm. Lying is caused by fear and greed and etc. Lying is Despised because of fear,greed, and more. Lying is simply light in the dark.