d8b3b21dd7cd644839579a57f7e8c59f Spring is the time for flowers, sunshine, and being bored out of your mind. I have five fun Spring DIY’s that you can do to have a fantastic spring. I will be showing you cute animal mason jars, pillow balloon animals, popsicle party invitations, a cute donut hat, and a gummy bear popsicle that will knock your socks off.

The first DIY I have for you is animal mason jars. This is the perfect room decoration/ storage for any spring day. What you will need is paint, jars, 617f636c09aeb5c72af9490090bebf26glue, and plastic animals. You can use any animal you want for this project. First, you are going to paint you animal and the lid of you jar the same color. If you want to can do two different colors to make it more colorful. After you left both the lid and the animal dry completely, you put some glue on the bottom of the animal and stick it to the center of the lid. Wait for that to dry and you now have a cute and colorful jar that will make your spring time happy.

  a1deee2198433345d37ac6a2ee7ac496The second DIY I have is a balloon animal pillow. Your will need 1/4 yard of knit fabric (37′ L by 6′ W), hand needle & thread, scissors, wood dowel or any long stick, pillow stuffing that is good quality. Start off with your 37’ by 6’ fabric and fold it over and pin up the long side. Sew up the side leaving about ½ inch for seam allowance. Then you are going to turn the fabric inside out so that you have a tube of fabric. Sew & close the top part of the fabric. Stuff about 3 inches of stuffing in the top to create the head. Sew just below the stuffing and use the wooden stick to push the stuffing lower. Make sure to sew it very tightly. Then repeat this two more times but make it 2 inches instead of three inches. Be sure to sew in between the parts. Bring the two ears to the end of the head and sew them tightly together. Then, you are going to stuff three more sections that are 3 ½ inches and sew the bottom of each of them closed. The first section is the neck so leave that alone. The next two are the front legs so the need to be brought together at the end of the neck and sewn.  And lastly you are going to stuff four sections three inches tall and sew the end of each of them. The first is the body so leave that alone. The next two are the back legs so repeat what you did for the front legs, and the last section is the tail. Make sure that the tail is pointing up and that the end is sewn tightly. Now you have an adorable balloon dog pillow that will light up your day.

This next DIY is really easy and is perfect for those spring parties. They are popsicle party invitations. You will need a wide paint sample, glue, scissors, popsicle stick, and paper or cardstock. First you are going to cut out a popsicle shape from your paint sample big enough for the party information. Then you are going to trace thac28da213a2dce4083be749a879386601t shape onto some paper or cardstock and cut that out. You then write your information on the paper, glue the stick to the back of the paint sample, and then glue the paper with the information to the stick. And now you have a bright and colorful party invitation that will really make your party pop.

This next DIY is one of my personal favorites. It is super cute and perfect for the spring time. It is a donut floppy hat. You will need and tan floppy hat, paint brush, and seven different colors of paint. You can pick whatever colors you want. Start off by painting the rim of the hat with one of you colors. Paint two coats of that so it is opaque. Then take your remaining six colors to paint on sprinkles. Just paint straight lines in a random pattern to make it look real. Now you have an adorable hat that will keep you stylish all spring.  

My last DIY that I have for you is a cool snack that will have you loving spring. It is a gummy bear popsicle. You will n82df06cba6a83e2b70e59f85418e3fefeed a popsicle maker, gummy bears, and sprite. First get your popsicle maker and open it. Then fill it with gummy bears about ¾ the way. Fill it with sprite, put in the popsicle stick, and put it in the freezer overnight. When it is frozen you will have a wonderfully tasty treat for your whole family.