With the season coming to an end soon, Rogers Heritage High School is looking forward to competing in the State Playoffs, where the best high schools battle against each other for a championship. Although the Varsity team are the only ones who can attend this tournament, the whole of Heritage High School (HHS) are working very hard. Varsity sits at second place at conference while Junior Varsity (JV) has a record of 5-3-1, which is better than last year’s results. The five teams that JV defeated were Danville, Green Forest, Prairie Grove, Van Buren, and Subiaco Academy. The three teams that JV lost to were Bishop Kelley, Rogers, and Bentonville. The only team that JV tied against was Southside. Throughout all of these games, there have been multiple goals scored. All together, JV has scored 16 goals and have conceded 13 goals. The number one spot for JV top-scorer is a tie between Matt Many and Daniel Fuentes, who have both scored 3 goals. They have only five games remaining in their season, which are against Springdale, Westville, Northside, Fayetteville, and Har-Ber. The team is hoping to get the best results out of the last games, and wish they could end this season with a positive record.

On the other hand, the team that is actually trying to qualify for the State Playoffs is Varsity. They have a 10-4-1 overall record, and a 5-2 conference record. In Arkansas, they are ranked the twelfth best team, and nationally they are ranked 140th. They have defeated Northside, Rogers, Fayetteville, and other teams that are out of the state. They have 7 games remaining in the season against Springdale, Rogers, Northside, Southside, Fayetteville, Bentonville, and Har-Ber. They look like they are going to qualify for State Playoffs, and they’re going to try their best to bring home the championship.

Unlike the two previous teams, the HHS Freshman or 9-10 team is not having the best season they could have imagined. They have not won a game, have lost four, and tied one. Their top-scorer was Gabriel Frias but he has recently moved up to JV and will finish the season playing for them. One reason that could explain why the 9-10 team is not performing so well is that the majority of the teams they face are Varsity teams from other schools. They only face these teams because most high schools do not have a freshman team. 9-10 has been defeated by Gentry, Subiaco, Commerce, and Siloam Springs. They tied against Decatur. There is only one game remaining for them which is a rematch against Siloam Springs. They are hoping to get their first win, but it won’t be easy considering that they lost 5-1 to them.

Not only is HHS performing well on the pitch, they are also doing great off the pitch. For the first time in HHS history, the whole team was able to have a 3.5 GPA in the first nine weeks of the second semester. Every individual student has been carrying their own weight, and have been able to produce amazing grades compared to previous teams in HHS history. The coaches hope that all the players can maintain this high GPA until the end of the year. This means that every player are working extremely hard to keep their grades up, but also be focused on winning games and performing well on the pitch.

Overall, this season has been incredible, and Rogers Heritage High School will be hoping to finish strong this year. The players are undergoing very difficult training, and the coaches are trying to get the best results out of every game. This season looks like it will go down in history considering HHS’ success with their games, but also with their unbelievable academic improvements.