There are illegal dog fighting, boxing, illegal fighting rings and much more, so why hurt living beings for the joy of it? Bot fighting was a temporary way around this, and now, the new ‘it’ thing is Micro Wars.

Micro Wars consists of a large array of protists and other microscopic organisms battling each other to the death. Protists are microscopic eukaryotic single celled organisms that can be plant-like, animal-like and fungus-like. Protists are basically the unwanted organisms or the ones that don’t fit anywhere else. The kingdom that protists fall under is Protista. Protists are also eukaryotes; some examples would be amoebae, diatoms and so on. Certain protists, such as animal-like, go hunting for food meaning other protists. Using two protists that are both able to eat each other is how Micro Wars will work.  People will choose their protists, for example an fungus like protist versus a, animal like protist. Microscopic rinks can be set up to place the two protists in and the fight can be recorded through a microscope and placed onto a projector.

Beginning Micro Wars will bring all kinds of people in to watch the fights. People such as Microbiologists will be drawn to the arenas. Money could also be required to enter the arena and the fundings could go to microbiologists or people searching for cures to diseases. Micro Wars also don’t just have to be about the protists, diseases can be included too! One of the most asked for battles is Ebola versus E. Coli. As most know, Ebola is a deadly disease that spreads through the mucus membranes of the body. E. Coli on the other hand is an intestinal infection that can sicken warm blooded organisms and even cause death. Micro Wars will open up a whole new world for everyone and can definitely have a positive impact on humanity.