Mason Jars were a big thing for canning vegetables and other types of food back in 1960’s. Now they are making a big comeback with this generation. These once again discovered jars are being repurposed again as jazzy pencil holders, drink cups, and even flower pots. A big thing is painting or decorating the jars to add some creativity to any room or garden. Here I have linked the tutorial to where you can create these very pretty BEACH CHIC: PAINTED MASON JARS! The thing that drew me to these colorful jars was the way the paint was chipped in certain spots to show aging or lots of use. As I started looking into this very easy but creative craft, I found that it was quite easy to create these for yourself. The Materials needed were: Glass Mason Jars, Acrylic Paint, Paint Brush, Newspaper, Nail File, and Clear Acrylic Sealer. Not a huge list! The Mason Jars you can find at basically any walmart or grocery store for not very much money. At Target you can find a set of ten, thirty two ounce, for only $10.19. If you are just looking for a couple though there you should be able to find some at a local consignment store for only a few cents. A great tip if you want the paint to last is to add the acrylic paint sealer. You don’t have to exactly, but if you want the pain to stay on there longer without any excess chipping it would be best to add the sealant. When I tried to DIY the only main problem I had was making sure there was no moisture on my jars. If there is any moisture on the jar the paint will run and not stick to the jars as well. The worst thing is to have runny paint! : ( Once you paint over the jars to where the colors are very vibrant let them sit overnight to ensure they are nice and dry. Once you let them sit over night you are ready to make them look all beachy feeling with an aged look. The way you make it look distressed is you just take a nail file and run it over in places you want. No