The world today has been judging a lot people by the way they act or what race you are, but they aren’t realizing that we are all people. Everyone in the world has a different story they might be from the upper-class or the lower class they might be black, white, Hispanic, or maybe their Chinese. It doesn’t matter but to some people it’s everything. I like to believe that everyone is equal and doesn’t matter what race they are everyone should be treated the same it isn’t fair that some people think it’s ok to be judgmental. I have noticed a change in the world that isn’t good and to be frank the new presidential campaign with Donald Trump isn’t helping us at all. After so long and and after so many wars for freedom he just wants to throw all of that away and change this world that we worked so hard to fix. What i want to know is how is this going to end?

“Judging” has anyone really thought of the definition of this specific word? The official definition of this word is “form an opinion or conclusion about” i have to honestly say that this definition isn’t correct. The reason I think this is because i have been judged for either being too curvy or being too sassy or being told i am a different race. To me the definition of judging is bullying someone to the point where you make them get into depression. People who judge people aren’t realizing that you’re causing them to get depressed and making them overthink things that they shouldn’t be dreading. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and they shouldn’t be told if their ugly or fat from another person and they shouldn’t care because if you really think about it everyone should love themselves and not care. I know that if people tell me something i won’t get upset but even people who i actually care about and whose opinions matter to me i will care and i will get mad or even sad. I know that once people put away the negativity and stop judging others just because they think they can I know that this world is going to be a world I want to live in and be apart of. You know how many times i have been called chubby or being told I look bad because of my acne well to many to count and that was even from my own family. After awhile i started ignoring everyone’s thoughts because once I took a long look in the mirror I realized that I’m okay with the way I look all that really matters to me is that I love myself,and I noticed it doesn’t matter how i look because it’s all about personality and intelligence it doesn’t if you’re curvy,skinny or if you have acne or no or even what race you are. The race you are doesn’t matter and if you speak another language if you speak another language it just makes you extra special. I mean what are looks gonna do looks aren’t gonna get you into a good college or get you a job no I mean your pretty okay we get it but if your ugly on the inside you’re nothing.

I’d like to say that if anyone out there and that is being judged and bullied you should keep your head up high because you are beautiful in your own way and those comments don’t mean anything the only thing that matters is what you think about yourself.