Cats. Cats are ancient beings, or at least they used to be. In ancient times cats were worshiped by Egyptians along with other humans. They were so extremely loved and worshipped by the humans of the Earth that there were extreme penalties for someone if they hurt or injured a cat in any way. In ancient Egypt, they worshipped Bastet, who was a Cat Goddess who was supposedly half cat and half woman. The Ancient Egyptians even had a festival honoring their beloved Bastet. “The festival honoring Bastet was described as one of the largest and most enthusiastically celebrated in all of Egypt by the visiting Roman writer Herodotus.” states the Cat Museum of San Francisco on their website.

Along with Bastet, one of the very first feline Goddess is Mafdet. Mafdet was one of the very first worshipped cats of Egypt and was written to have killed a serpent with her claws. Mafdet was said to be the goddess of justice, judgement and execution. Some symbols that resemble Madfet would be the pole, the rope and the blade of execution. Madfet is also said to be the protector of the pharaoh. Madfet held different titles such as “Lady of the House of Life”, “Slayer of Serpents” and “The Great Cat”.  Madfet though, was represented as either a leopard or cheetah-like cat while Baset was one of the only cat Goddesses represented by the house, or domesticated, cat.

Cats today are usually of the domesticated ways. Felis catus is the scientific name for a domesticated cat. The name tells us that the cat is a mammal, carnivorous and falls into the phylum of Chordata which tells us the cat is bilaterally symmetric. The domesticated cat is especially valued by humans for companionship for their striking ability for hunting rodents or unwanted animals. Cats also hold over 70 different breeds which range from black cats to the multi colored calico cats. In the end. cats have been an interesting part in the history of humanity and their history only continues to grow as time ventures on.