It’s going to be summer soon, meaning you’re going to be stuck with you family! Before groaning or cursing for this not so good perks of summer, think about the good it would do to spend the summer with your family. You have the chance to change the way your summer go, it all depends on what you’re willing to do and your mind set on making it positive or negative. If you spend your summer with only sitting down on the couch while thinking ‘this is so boring, why must nothing be happening in my life?’ then your memories and stories of your summer won’t be as good as you recall them with others.
Now let’s say you literally have no plans and sitting down on the couch, what can you do with to make good memories in summer then? Summer is the time when you can step up, brain storm, and suggest what to do with the family. Not sure what you can do? Well, there’s always the ‘trying something new’ that your family might enjoy. Try and create your own type of ice cream milkshake, try out recipes you found online, do some crafting, or you can even do small competitions. Want to do some type of outing with the family? Talk to your parents and explain your plans and thoughts.There are few known types of parents who would say no to their kids going out and enjoying stuff around them after all.
Now, are you the older sibling? Time to step up and have the little ones have fun! Offer taking them to the park, for a walk, or play hide-and-seek with them. Hungry and want to spend time? Make dinner with help of the little ones, or blend smoothies/create milkshakes. Either way, it would a great time to bond over summer.
What about the younger siblings? You too have a purpose, making sure your older sibling don’t laze around and forcing them to be active. Make them fall victims of those puppy eyes and have fun! But remember, be considered on picking what to do so it would be fun for all of you.
Make sure you aren’t that one type of sibling that forces their older brother to have tea parties while wearing a pink fluffy scarf-though that’s is funny-and make them enjoying the time they’re spending with you.
Summer is coming and it’s better to start planning on what you should do, especially with your family and create stronger bonds with them. Summer doesn’t have to be boring, you have the power to make it enjoyable and make it better. Just have a positive mindset and don’t hesitate to use force.