Recently I read “The Maze Runner”, which is the first book in a four book series. I was captivated. This book is amazing. It was action packed and suspenseful. I never wanted to put it down. There were always new problems around every corner. The story is based around a boy named Thomas. Thomas was a small pawn in a huge experiment that the “government” had launched using a bunch of children. Thomas was sent into a maze of all boys with his memories wiped. All he knew about himself was his name and his gender. Even though Thomas is the main character, he is not my favorite. I had a hard time trying to distinguish which characters I liked and didn’t like.  Towards the end of the book I decided that I liked a character named Minho. Minho was the leader of the runners. The runners were the people who navigated the maze and searched for a way out. I liked Minho the most because of his attitude. He was grumpy sometimes, but he was fair to everyone. He was funny as well because he brought sarcasm into the weirdest and most unfortunate events. My least favorite character turned out to be Gally. Gally was a messed up dude. I don’t think that he was all there, yet I think he was at the same time. He was mean to almost everyone. Not many people liked him. I pitied him. I think that his anger and rudeness was driven by fear and the fact that he knew stuff about their situation that nobody else knew. He didn’t have anyone to talk to about it.


This book has a great plot and I am excited to read the next ones. I recommend this book to anyone seeking action, suspense, and futuristic dystopia. For the future readers of this book, I have a warning. The book is not completely faithful to the movie. Some pieces are mixed up and left out.