This story is tragic, dark, and twisted. The plot is about a high school girl named Grace who is taken advantage of while in a very weak and vulnerable state. Not only did this hurt her physically, but also emotionally. After the tragic event that came upon her passed, she lost everything. Her friends, some of her family, and her confidence. She even began to have panic attacks. When it seemed that she could sink no lower into despair, she meets someone. His name is Ian. Ian was the naive and oblivious best friend of the evil that cast it’s will upon Grace. Grace began falling for Ian and he for her, but Ian didn’t believe what she told him about his friend. Over time the story unravels and the perpetrator of the evil deed acted upon Grace gets what was coming to him, and Ian and Grace become an item of sorts. IMG_1472

   I enjoyed the plot of this story because is was a in your face, un-sugar coated piece of reality. This story wasn’t a fantasy. It is not stated in the book that the plot is based on a real instance, but it is realistic fiction. It was the real world put in a fictional sequence of events. I also admired the perseverance that Grace displays later in the plot. She is put down in multiple ways, but she continued to fight. Because of this, and the help of Ian, justice is served.