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April 2016

Cleaning/Organization Tips

Is your room a huge mess and you have no idea what to do with it? I’ve got the solution. I will show you some quick and easy ways to clean your room striped-painted-baskets-with-tags31and get rid of that mess.

Tip #1: Have organization bins with labels on them. Using bins are a really simple way to organize your stuff and make it look nice. Adding labels to the bins make it easier to know what is in the bin without having to to look in it. This tip is great for your bedroom, your college dorm, your closet, or anything that you need to organize.

Tip # 2: Make a game when you are putting your clothes away. Instead of being bored every time you put your dirty clothes away, make aimg-thing game out of it. You can play basketball, soccer, or whatever you find fun. You can make rules and play with your siblings or just play by yourself. Just have fun with it.

Tip # 3: Keep bins under your bed. Keeping bins under your bed will clear up a lot of space in your room and make it more organized. You can also put labels on these so you can know what is in the box. You can put clothes, toys, books, anything you want to. It is a great way to store your stuff and keep it out of sight.

Tip # 4: The laimages (1)st tip is to dance while you clean. You can jam out to your favorite songs while you clean to make it go by faster and make it more fun. You can make up dance routines and tidy your room at the same time.  Just have fun with it and before you know it, you will be done cleaning.

Hope this helped you clean your room and have fun at the same time.



“The Girl Of Fire & Thorne’s” by Rae Carson Fan Review

10429092Not to long ago I read “The Girl of Fire and Thorns” series and was surprised. These books definitely should not be judged by their covers. The plot was absolutely wonderful. It was action packed with a bit of romance. It was based in a fantasy world. The best way that I can relate it to a time period in our society is the middle ages. The main character, Elisa, is sixteen. She was the sister of Alodia, who was the eldest and the heir to the throne of Orovalle, her home country. Elisa was put into an arranged marriage to the king of Joya d’Arena. She was to be announced as queen of her husband’s kingdom shortly after her marriage. Her new kingdom was on the verge of war when she entered it. Elisa is a shy girl who lacks confidence in herself. She possess a Godstone in her navel and is believed to be the “chosen one”. She is kidnapped and is taken to a group of rebels. There she organizes a small army. Also while she’s there, she finds her confidence and grows into a strong woman.

Throughout the series Elisa must sacrifice so much to protect her people and the ones she loves. Her intelligence and powers help her on her journey, as well as help from her closest friends and allies. I recommend this story to anyone that enjoys action, suspense and enormous feats of strength.

Thank you to my Mom

arielAs I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to realize how the time spent with my family has gotten so minimal. Nowadays I’m out with friends, studying, or just hanging out in my room watching the newest episode of whatever show is on Netflix. I seem to have forgotten about the people who got me to where I am, and I’ve especially forgotten about the one person who pushed me to make me into the person I’ve become, my mother. So mom, this one’s for you. I love you


Dear Mommy,

I want to start by telling you how much I love you. I know I don’t always show it. I don’t even say it that often, but I do. You are the most important woman in my life, and you always will be. You are my mom my best friend. I could tell you anything and trust you. Ever since I was little you have been my hero and someone I’ve always looked up to. I know life is hard for you and I don’t always do much to make it easier, but you have sacrificed so much in your life just to raise me, and it means more to me than I’ll ever be able to express in words in this article. You are the strongest person I know, full of love and motivation, and I am incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to have that all of my life. So, Mom, I love you so much, to the ends of the Earth and until the day I’m no longer walking on it.

Next comes me telling you, thank you. Two words that means so little when comparing them to every little thing it is that you do for me. Thank you for the countless hugs. Thank you for that time you let me cry on your shoulder. Thank you for working ungodly hours just to buy me and my brothers and sister things to make us happy. Thank you for the laughter, the smiles, the lessons, and reminding me that I’ll always have somebody who loves me for who I am, flaws and all. You have shown me that it is okay to make mistakes, it’s okay to cry, and it’s okay to be who I am.Lastly mom, I want to tell you how I am sorry. I’m sorry for all of the times I fought with you, for the times I’ve let you down, and for the times I chose friends and other things over you. Sometimes I tend to lose sight of the things that are most important to me. I never meant to fight with you when you told me I couldn’t go out with friends or my boyfriend  because you just wanted to sit and watch a movie together. You truly mean so much to me and I don’t express it enough, and I certainly don’t prove it when I leave you doing the dishes to go out to some party. A lot of the time, especially lately, you deserve someone who pays more attention to the things that you do. I hope that by the time I’m older you can someday forgive me for this.

All in all, I love you to death mom. You are my entire world, whether you know that or not. Thank you for being everything to me, always.

Job Shadowing

So many of us as 8th grade did this thing called job shadowing and the point was to job shadow someone you didn’t know and learn and experience a job.

Well I am writing about what they have to do and what have been the best ones that students get to do. I will be also talking about my own experience on job shadowing.

First thing is they get this package of paper and things they need to fill out. The way they do this is their teacher talks about how and what they need to do. After a few day they soon start looking at jobs they could go and see if they could job shadowing. One of the thing they have to do is they need to contact that person and see if they could have them there and if they are okay with being asked about their job. Then they tell them what day it is and if they are available  that day. Well i remember then I had to do this last year. I really wanted to interview a cop because that’s what I wanted to be as I grew up but they said that i couldn’t so I looked for more options and then I thought about this lady that works on the radio and her name was Maga and I asked her if I could job shadow her and she said yes but as it got closer to the day she called me and told me she couldn’t so she gave me a few people i could interview instead and I ended up with Mr. Amargo at Rogers High School. The cool thing is that I learned a lot from him and I also got to talk to the police officer there at the school and he told me that if i wanted to be a cop he would highly recommend that I finish school and get your bachelors in business because he was going back to school for that and so that  when you get tired of working as a cop you could just open a business and I really liked that. Point was that I learned that not always do you have to job shadow something you really want other jobs could surprise you. That’s what I learned from job shadowing. I also got to get on their broadcast and they interviewed me and asked me questions about job shadowing. My sister is doing this right now and she wants to job shadow someone who does hair but she might have to choose something else. The reason is because she is very shy and scared to ask things but I am always there for her but this time its going to just be her and she might be job shadowing someone else but we cant always have what we want.


Spring DIY’s

d8b3b21dd7cd644839579a57f7e8c59f Spring is the time for flowers, sunshine, and being bored out of your mind. I have five fun Spring DIY’s that you can do to have a fantastic spring. I will be showing you cute animal mason jars, pillow balloon animals, popsicle party invitations, a cute donut hat, and a gummy bear popsicle that will knock your socks off.

The first DIY I have for you is animal mason jars. This is the perfect room decoration/ storage for any spring day. What you will need is paint, jars, 617f636c09aeb5c72af9490090bebf26glue, and plastic animals. You can use any animal you want for this project. First, you are going to paint you animal and the lid of you jar the same color. If you want to can do two different colors to make it more colorful. After you left both the lid and the animal dry completely, you put some glue on the bottom of the animal and stick it to the center of the lid. Wait for that to dry and you now have a cute and colorful jar that will make your spring time happy.

  a1deee2198433345d37ac6a2ee7ac496The second DIY I have is a balloon animal pillow. Your will need 1/4 yard of knit fabric (37′ L by 6′ W), hand needle & thread, scissors, wood dowel or any long stick, pillow stuffing that is good quality. Start off with your 37’ by 6’ fabric and fold it over and pin up the long side. Sew up the side leaving about ½ inch for seam allowance. Then you are going to turn the fabric inside out so that you have a tube of fabric. Sew & close the top part of the fabric. Stuff about 3 inches of stuffing in the top to create the head. Sew just below the stuffing and use the wooden stick to push the stuffing lower. Make sure to sew it very tightly. Then repeat this two more times but make it 2 inches instead of three inches. Be sure to sew in between the parts. Bring the two ears to the end of the head and sew them tightly together. Then, you are going to stuff three more sections that are 3 ½ inches and sew the bottom of each of them closed. The first section is the neck so leave that alone. The next two are the front legs so the need to be brought together at the end of the neck and sewn.  And lastly you are going to stuff four sections three inches tall and sew the end of each of them. The first is the body so leave that alone. The next two are the back legs so repeat what you did for the front legs, and the last section is the tail. Make sure that the tail is pointing up and that the end is sewn tightly. Now you have an adorable balloon dog pillow that will light up your day.

This next DIY is really easy and is perfect for those spring parties. They are popsicle party invitations. You will need a wide paint sample, glue, scissors, popsicle stick, and paper or cardstock. First you are going to cut out a popsicle shape from your paint sample big enough for the party information. Then you are going to trace thac28da213a2dce4083be749a879386601t shape onto some paper or cardstock and cut that out. You then write your information on the paper, glue the stick to the back of the paint sample, and then glue the paper with the information to the stick. And now you have a bright and colorful party invitation that will really make your party pop.

This next DIY is one of my personal favorites. It is super cute and perfect for the spring time. It is a donut floppy hat. You will need and tan floppy hat, paint brush, and seven different colors of paint. You can pick whatever colors you want. Start off by painting the rim of the hat with one of you colors. Paint two coats of that so it is opaque. Then take your remaining six colors to paint on sprinkles. Just paint straight lines in a random pattern to make it look real. Now you have an adorable hat that will keep you stylish all spring.  

My last DIY that I have for you is a cool snack that will have you loving spring. It is a gummy bear popsicle. You will n82df06cba6a83e2b70e59f85418e3fefeed a popsicle maker, gummy bears, and sprite. First get your popsicle maker and open it. Then fill it with gummy bears about ¾ the way. Fill it with sprite, put in the popsicle stick, and put it in the freezer overnight. When it is frozen you will have a wonderfully tasty treat for your whole family.   

The Light in the Dark (The Truth in Lies)

Lying may seem a deadly sin, but what is it really? Lying is imagination taking its course, Lying is delving into the depths of your brain, lying is thoughts. Furthermore, a good liar is always an intelligent individual. Being able to lie is being able to use many parts of your brain. These being; anterior cingulatory cortex, dorsolateral prefrontal cortex,parietal cortex processes sensory input, and the brain power to use these brain parts are required.But, how do people see lying?

Religious people tend to be biased on lying, even a little white lie is terrible. Robin S. Rosenberg Speculated, “Not lying Is honestly a Superpower, requires a strong will.” Let me tell you once you are at the end of the rope, you’re most vulnerable to lying, so you do. “OH you look beautiful in that puke colored shirt!” People lie all the time; scientists say at least 7 times a day. Furthermore, lying isn’t what it seems. Deep in the darkest parts of your brain–the Amygdala– is your fear and greed stimulus. Lying is mainly caused by fear or greed. It is natural instinct to be afraid, and to want. Nevertheless being ourselves is wrong correct?

Lying is the light in the dark. You’re six — around the age where lying is noticed most — you have just broke a your moms favorite necklace that she let you borrow. You have a little sibling who can’t walk talk or anything, and there is no way your parents would harm the little kid. Saying “Sally broke it” is very much the easiest, smartest decision. What would you do at the age of six? Avoid a rough beating, or Take a bruised backside? Fear, stimulates lying. Greed stimulates lying. Sadness stimulates lying. Anger stimulates lying. Lying can solve so many problems. It can get you out of the dark.

So why is it bad: ethics, Morales,God? Nope. Greed, and Fear, is why lying is “bad”. People are afraid their best friends are going to lie to them, so they shun lying. Pastures and religious leaders shun lying, because they want people to agree with them. God shuns lying because, he wants us to be perfect — It’s all wants and fear.

Lying is all on you, whether you choose to do it or not, it is your choice.Lying can help. Lying can harm. Lying is caused by fear and greed and etc. Lying is Despised because of fear,greed, and more. Lying is simply light in the dark.

Creating Bonds with Family

It’s going to be summer soon, meaning you’re going to be stuck with you family! Before groaning or cursing for this not so good perks of summer, think about the good it would do to spend the summer with your family. You have the chance to change the way your summer go, it all depends on what you’re willing to do and your mind set on making it positive or negative. If you spend your summer with only sitting down on the couch while thinking ‘this is so boring, why must nothing be happening in my life?’ then your memories and stories of your summer won’t be as good as you recall them with others.
Now let’s say you literally have no plans and sitting down on the couch, what can you do with to make good memories in summer then? Summer is the time when you can step up, brain storm, and suggest what to do with the family. Not sure what you can do? Well, there’s always the ‘trying something new’ that your family might enjoy. Try and create your own type of ice cream milkshake, try out recipes you found online, do some crafting, or you can even do small competitions. Want to do some type of outing with the family? Talk to your parents and explain your plans and thoughts.There are few known types of parents who would say no to their kids going out and enjoying stuff around them after all.
Now, are you the older sibling? Time to step up and have the little ones have fun! Offer taking them to the park, for a walk, or play hide-and-seek with them. Hungry and want to spend time? Make dinner with help of the little ones, or blend smoothies/create milkshakes. Either way, it would a great time to bond over summer.
What about the younger siblings? You too have a purpose, making sure your older sibling don’t laze around and forcing them to be active. Make them fall victims of those puppy eyes and have fun! But remember, be considered on picking what to do so it would be fun for all of you.
Make sure you aren’t that one type of sibling that forces their older brother to have tea parties while wearing a pink fluffy scarf-though that’s is funny-and make them enjoying the time they’re spending with you.
Summer is coming and it’s better to start planning on what you should do, especially with your family and create stronger bonds with them. Summer doesn’t have to be boring, you have the power to make it enjoyable and make it better. Just have a positive mindset and don’t hesitate to use force.

The Movies To See:

Everyone loves to go to the movies! The best parts are the action, passion, and the jump scares. Not all movies have these though that does not mean they are not worth seeing. People go to movies for entertainment; it is the best thing since sliced bread! : ) The new upcoming movies that are a must see is Barber Shop: The Next Cut, Alice Through the Looking Glass, and Finding Dory. These three movies have lots of potentials to be the next block buster biggie! With their comedy, adventure, and a little silliness these movies will be ones to see. I’m going to cover the next top three movies giving a summary and a rating based on research!

The First move we are going to look at is Barber Shop: The Next Cut! This is the third movie in this series of comedic movies. Some big stars in this movie are Ice Cube, Nicki Minaj, Anthony Anderson, Deon Cole, Utkarsh Ambudkar, and many others. Some of these stars are from the first and second movies. The biggest one you should notice is Ice Cube. It will be in theaters starting April 15, 2016, in most theaters! Synopsis of the movie: The Barber shop with trying to stay afloat in the midst of harsh economic times. They merge the barbershop and the beauty salon into one business. With this big change the times of male bonding are long gone; replaced with now sassy female co-workers and high-spirited clientele. This movie got a movie rating of: 76% of people liked it.

The next movie to talk about is the adorable sequel to Finding Nemo, Finding Dory! If you loved the first movie with the voices of actors like Ellen DeGeneres, Ty Burrell, Albert Brooks, and more. It will be released out to theaters starting June 17, 2016! Synopsis of the movie: You see some original faces like Dory, Nemo, and Marlin. On a quest to find Dory’s Mother and Father. These new voices are being played by Diane Keaton and Eugene Levy. It will be a cute movie filled with action and adventure with hopefully a little whale talk from Dory! : ) This movie got a rating of: No Score yet!

The Last movie is a beloved book turned into a movie. Alice Through the Looking Glass! This movie was first written as a book Lewis Carroll in 1871 and is now being re-imagined into a movie. IT will be released into theaters on May 27, 2016. Some returning cast members will be Johnny Depp, Mia Wasikowska, Anne Hathaway, and some others. The synopsis of the movie: Alice after coming back to the real world and travels around the world returns to the magical world of wonderland. Where anything in your wildest dreams could happen! This place once filled with fun and adventure turns into a deadly place. Alice must go back in time to save the Mad Hatter before his time indefinitely runs out. This movie got a rating of: No Score yet
Movies are an iconic masterpiece that will never go away. These are just three of the newest movies coming out this year. I picked these movies out of a long list because these are the ones that popped out most to me. These movies may not be something you are interested in but these are not the only movies coming out to theaters soon.

How cats have effected the homosapiens of the world.

Cats. Cats are ancient beings, or at least they used to be. In ancient times cats were worshiped by Egyptians along with other humans. They were so extremely loved and worshipped by the humans of the Earth that there were extreme penalties for someone if they hurt or injured a cat in any way. In ancient Egypt, they worshipped Bastet, who was a Cat Goddess who was supposedly half cat and half woman. The Ancient Egyptians even had a festival honoring their beloved Bastet. “The festival honoring Bastet was described as one of the largest and most enthusiastically celebrated in all of Egypt by the visiting Roman writer Herodotus.” states the Cat Museum of San Francisco on their website.

Along with Bastet, one of the very first feline Goddess is Mafdet. Mafdet was one of the very first worshipped cats of Egypt and was written to have killed a serpent with her claws. Mafdet was said to be the goddess of justice, judgement and execution. Some symbols that resemble Madfet would be the pole, the rope and the blade of execution. Madfet is also said to be the protector of the pharaoh. Madfet held different titles such as “Lady of the House of Life”, “Slayer of Serpents” and “The Great Cat”.  Madfet though, was represented as either a leopard or cheetah-like cat while Baset was one of the only cat Goddesses represented by the house, or domesticated, cat.

Cats today are usually of the domesticated ways. Felis catus is the scientific name for a domesticated cat. The name tells us that the cat is a mammal, carnivorous and falls into the phylum of Chordata which tells us the cat is bilaterally symmetric. The domesticated cat is especially valued by humans for companionship for their striking ability for hunting rodents or unwanted animals. Cats also hold over 70 different breeds which range from black cats to the multi colored calico cats. In the end. cats have been an interesting part in the history of humanity and their history only continues to grow as time ventures on.

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