Spring Break is here and you’re wondering to yourself “What the heck am I going to do for a whole week?” Of course most will respond with ‘sleep’ or ‘eating’, but there are lots of other things that you can spend your time doing throughout your break.

One thing most of us will probably be doing is binge watching your favorite show on Netflix. I know we all want to finish most of the seasons of Grey’s Anatomy or watch all of the Cupcake Wars episodes, but there are many more activities to do. If you’re not going on vacation and just staying at home, you can: treat yo self!

Yes, treat yourself and do things that are beneficial to you. You can have yourself a spa day and maybe even invite some friends over. Prep your skin for spring and make yourself a DIY face or scrub mask. There are tons of good tutorials for every skin type that can be found on Youtube or Pinterest. They’re really easy and fun to make and your skin will thank you. Masks aren’t only for your face, but you can also make a hair mask. Depending on your hair type, there a

Have your nails been look a little dry and brittle too? Well use some of that leftover scrub and gently rub it on your nails. Even with just a little olive or coconut oil on your nails, will leave them moisturized and looking a lot healthier. If they’ve formed into a funky shape, use nail clippers and a filer to give yourself a mini mani. See, with just the little items that you have in your house, you can save yourself money to the trip to the nail salon.

I’m sure many are going to try to avoid doing any exercise at all during the week. It may be very hard to actually get up from bed, but there’s a way that you can incorporate actual body movement in your day. Something that I enjoy doing is just dancing. When you’re being forced to do your daily house chores, put on some music and just dance to the beat. Add a dance move for when you’re cleaning the kitchen or your room. Another fun alternative is looking up the choreography or making up your own to your favorite song. This will get you doing cardio, without having to actually going out to take a run. This can simply be done in your own room. It’s more about having fun, so you won’t think of it as exercise.

Put down that laptop and phone, and get up and do something. It’s important to be active and do some different activities in your break, so when people ask you what you did over your break, you can proudly say that you had fun, whether or not you were alone and stayed at home. You’ll look back and be proud that you actually did something for yourself, rather than lying in bed, finishing a whole bag of chips.