Spring is in the air which means it’s time for the annual spring cleaning. Some people always put the work to the end and never get around to it, but don’t you want people coming over and looking at your nice clean house? Let’s stop procrastinating and if you’re worried about not being able to get out those tough stains that just won’t go away well I have the solution because I know a few diy spring cleaning ideas that will help. These recipes are all natural and that leave your surfaces clean. The recipe that I found the most useful and effective is called the glass cleaner. The recipe calls for two cups of water,two tablespoons of white vinegar,two tablespoons of rubbing alcohol,and five drops of peppermint essential oil. After you have gotten all the ingredients combine them together in a 24 ounce spray bottle and shake it very well so that they are all mixed very well. Once you have combined your ingredients spray it on a cloth and apply to the surface. This recipe is proven to be very effective to clean your surfaces during your spring cleaning season. I know what you’re thinking why should i care about having to do spring cleaning well you should care. If you don’t clean your house it could cause your house to be messy and cause believe it or not bacteria. So if you decide to actually do spring cleaning use the glass cleaning method.