Forget Cancun. Forget Vail. And forget your childhood bedroom, replete with stuffed animals and a stack of comic books from 1997, there are better ways to spend your spring break.

  • Volunteer around the world.

Instead of going out just partying or even staying home and doing nothing, you can actually travel and volunteer. Just visit:

  • Volunteer nearby.

You don’t have to travel to extravagant places just to do some good in the world. Go to your local children’s home, animal shelter, and/or soup kitchen. If there are other volunteering locations you can go to, do it! Every small detail counts.

  • Organize!

It’s spring! Get your spring cleaning out of the way. Organize your closet, kitchen, bathroom, anything. Rearrange, do anything related to cleaning. It sounds like a lot of work, and boring, but get some friends to help, open up the house, dorm, or apartment, and play some music.

  • Get active.

Take a hike, go for a walk, go to the gym. No, I’m not calling you lazy, but it’s a good way to stay fit, and it passes the time. It doesn’t even have to be going to the gym, you can do anything that gets your heart racing.

  • Shadowing

What I mean by this is say you’re considering your options for a career, go ahead and get the first hand experience by job shadowing someone . It can be a week long shadow, or just a day or two.

  •  Become a Big Sister, or Big Brother.

No don’t get your mom pregnant. That’s ridiculous. Instead go to: Big Brothers Big Sisters of America is a foundation that assigns you to a younger child, and lets you meet and do many activities with them. The point is to help children develop strong supportive relationships with positive role models.

There are so many other things you can do to impact the world, or just your life. It doesn’t have to be a big thing. Besides, the smallest things make the biggest differences.