Last Sunday, one of the most exciting events for us American soccer fans began, The M.L.S season. Us soccer fans love this time of the year because we get to experience a new competition and see who will turn out champion. Last year’s victorious team was the Portland Timbers, a team from Oregon. Most people who like the sport in the nation know some of the brief history of the league. There is a lot of history to this soccer association. It was officially created on December, 17 1993. The whole creation of it began with the bidding of the 1993 World Cup. When FIFA announced that the World Cup would take place in the U.S, people thought that we should have a professional league to make the sport ‘bigger’ in the country. Although the league consists of many American teams, there are also some Canadian teams as well. There are only 3 Canadian teams, as opposed to the 18 American teams. These Canadian teams are Toronto F.C, Montreal Impact, and the Vancouver Whitecaps.  

Many People are huge fans of the league and support one specific team. I am a fan of New York City F.C, a team based in N.Y.C as stated in the name. Many people do not know this, but N.Y.C F.C is actually one of the newer clubs in the league. It was established in 2015. Once I found out about this, I was glad because I thought New York needed a new team to compete for the title. When the team was first created, it acquired some good players that played for top clubs in Europe (the hardest continent of soccer). NYC FC bought an FC Barcelona legend by the name of David Villa, a Juventus FC legend by the name of Andrea Pirlo, and a Chelsea FC legend by the name of Frank Lampard. These three players were veterans of the game, each winning multiple titles around europe. To conclude, the M.L.S may not be commonly known around the U.S, but I believe it will be a part of our lives in the future.