April 2nd, 2016 is the big day. This is the day where the two mightiest, most historic soccer teams in the world clash, Barcelona and Real Madrid. This matchup is the most watched soccer game in the world besides the World Cup final. These two teams have so much history to them, they have been rivals since their beginning and have never stopped hating each other.


Most likely if you are a soccer fan, you know what this game is. The day it comes, many fans will compete with each other and argue as to what team is better. Some people even go to the extreme and gamble over who will be the winner in the end. I have even risked 5 dollars on my team, only to lose them. My family has a tradition of gathering up the day of this historic match to watch it. We always go to either my or my uncle’s house to see the winner. My family has many mixed opinions about the two teams. Most of them are FC Barcelona fans, including my father, grandpa, brother, and 2 cousins. There are only 4 Real Madrid fans in my entire family including me, my aunt, uncle, and cousin. I also have the bad habit of betting with one of my family members to predict the winner. The last Clasico, which was in November of 2015, I lost the bet. Barcelona ended up destroying Real madrid 4-0 and I felt ashamed.


I am not the only passionate fan of this game. There are people worldwide who support one or the other. Some statistics show that ‘El Clasico’ gets more views than the Super Bowl final, as stated in dailynorthwestern.com. Can you believe that? A soccer game getting more views in the U.S than a Football final? Amazing!


To conclude, This matchup has grabbed the attention of all the soccer fans around the world. These two teams have battled it out for their championships many times and have received many views for it. That is why ‘El Clasico’, will always be my favorite match in the whole athletic world.