5 Crazy Easter Traditions


  1. In Haux France one easter tradition is to have a giant omelet served in town square it feeds up to a thousand people and uses four thousand five hundred eggs. The story behind it was that when napoleon was traveling through france he and his army ate omelets. Napoleon decided that he liked them so much he had ordered the townspeople to make a giant omelet for his army the next day.
  2. On the greek island of Corfu an easter tradition is to throw out all the pots and pans and flower pots from their windows on easter sunday. It is said that the tradition came from the venetians who on new year’s day used to throw out all their old items. Others say that it is symbolized as throwing all the plants out that will grow during spring.
  3. On Holy Thursday in the Medieval town of Verges, Spain, the traditional “dansa de la mort” or “death dance” is performed. To reenact scenes from The Passion, everyone dresses in skeleton costumes and parades through the streets. The procession ends with frightening skeletons carrying boxes of ashes. The macabre dance begins at midnight and continues for three hours into the early morning.
  4. For 130 years, the White House has hosted the Easter Egg Roll on its South Lawn. The main activity involves rolling a colored hard-boiled egg with a large serving spoon, but now the event boasts many more amusements, like musical groups, an egg hunt, sports and crafts. This year’s theme is “Ready, Set, Go!” and will promote health and wellness, featuring activities that encourage children to lead healthy and active lives
  5. In Prizzi, Sicily, “the Abballu de daivuli is a representation of devils from locals wearing terrifying masks of zinc and dressed in red robes,” Those dressed in costume pester as many “souls” as they can before the afternoon when the Virgin Mary and the risen Christ save the day by sending the devils away with angels.