When coming to New Technology High School you are given these opportunities that can never be offered at a regular high school. You will get to use laptop during class and have the trust that you receive from your Faculty members. In New Tech we have this trust we have to gain. Well some of us don’t get that trust. Why is that? Is it because the teachers are harsh and cruel on us or is because we simply don’t know what that cause is? Well in this school we get our trust by wear this card that is called a “Trustcard”.  Well I spoke to some students who did not get a trustcard that feel that they deserve that trust that they want to gain. “Well I feel like I do because I am responsible and I have good grades…..”, said a 9th grader student from New Tech. Many students felt this way because they were getting good grade and doing good deeds yet they did not receive the trust they were getting.

How would teachers feel in this situation? “I would want to know what I had to do to get them. What do I have to do to improve? I would want to know which teachers wanted me to do..”,said Mr.Morley a teacher in New Tech. “I would be sad, because if I worked hard and didn’t get one then my hard work wasn’t recognized. But if I’m lazy and didn’t get one, I would be like, “oh well”..”said Mrs.Thiele a teacher in New Tech. Of course we all feel upset not receiving a trustcard but you should not be upset instead you can look in the bright side by improving yourself in a better way.

When having such trust is this sometimes taking advantage of? Well according to people with trustcards say they don’t. For example,” Well other than using the restroom without asking for permission is the best. It just sometime get annoying when having to ask the teacher over and over again but that’s the only thing I really use it for.” said 9 grade student. Well what would happen if a person without a trustcard receive one? “Yes I would but then again I know it would be the wrong thing to do because I being held this responsible for me not to screw up.” ,said a 9th grader student. We all are given opportunities that sometimes we need help with which why I asked people with trustcards and teachers who gave tips for you and I.  

Doing your work and getting it done is something to proud of. We all are willing to work yet some of us chose not too. Which is why some of your peers and teachers gave you (the reader) some tips for those of you who don’t have a trust card.“Working your butt off in class!”,said a 9th grader student at New tech. “Don’t slack off!”,said 10 grader student at New Tech. “Do your work!”,said 9th grader. “Put your phone away! Be where you say you are going to be.” said Mr. Morley a teacher at New Tech.  Coming into this school is a blast,but having the trust of others is even better.