jaapan 3 Japan is a place full of wonders and colors during spring. Sakura is cherry blossom in Japan and they hold viewing parties for them in the beginning of march and april that only lasts a short while. This is when the sakura trees are in full bloom. Cherry blossoms are important to Japan because it signified new beginnings. This visual jpaaan 2reminder how valued life should be. Many thought that the sakura trees contained spirits and made offerings. Hanami is the term for the festivities of viewing the cherry blossom trees. They celebrate this in parks, temples and shrines. Most celebrations take place during the day but others prefer dusk for the lanterns and with the pink glow that the trees give off. During hanami season japanese people tend to go a little “ overboard “ with the whole cherry blossom time. Markets tend to even have limited edition sakura japaanflavored items. Some ideal places that hold these celebrations include Mount Fuji , Shinjuku Gyoen, Tokyo , Kyoto, Matsuyama.