IMG_3436RNTHS has been around for about four years, a reason why we  we don’t have many things we call our own. We don’t have our own teams in sports, we shared dances with other schools, we also have to sent our students to other schools to attend choir, band, or orchestra. When attending RNTHS, you don’t have all the opportunities that you can get from regular high school. For those who haven’t noticed the posters hanged up on the hallways or the topic that most people are discussing, we’re proudly to inform you that RNTHS is going to have their first prom! Even though we were informed that only juniors and seniors would be able to attend to the prom, everyone in every grade are talking about it. Which isn’t hard to understand since everyone knows that the first is always important. First date, first kiss, first time sleeping over, to even the first time trying to drive. The first prom in RNTHS is definitely something to be excited about!

We spoke to Mrs. Bazyk, who’s in charge and guiding the prom, and she replied that she has been planning it for months by now and will be now working on decorations. All types of fundrasing had taken place earlier the year for the prom. The prom will take place at  the Four Points Sheraton in Bentonville, which you sure can expect to follow the same rules as a normal prom would have. The prom will take place at Four Points Sheriton in Bentonville at 8pm to 11 pm. Now knowing that the prom only needs the decorations to work on, Mrs. Bazyk voiced out that she needs students to start buying tickets soon so decorations can be taken care of, “I know that it is in the nature of a teenager to wait until the last minute, but doing that makes it difficult for us to purchase what we need for the decorations.” As she told us that, she also informed us that the tickets were actually lower than most school prices for prom.

Some of the people who are freshman and sophomores respect the thought that they can’t be able to go. “I mean it’s part of the high school experience you’re not supposed to go.”,said freshman at New Tech. Many others said an answer similar to this one. Which if they could go how would the others feels. “Well I mean it’s fine but since there is more freshmen and sophomores in this school. I feel like prom will be crowded and the freshman will just play around and make a mess.”,said a junior at New Tech. Prom was a tradition thing only meant for juniors and seniors. Which many respect the idea of this because soon they will be able to go with the ones they want or you can ride solo either way you will enjoy it. You will be looking back at your life and remember the great memories you had not only in prom but in high school as well.

Learners of RNTHS, quickly help to make this prom a success by buying your prom tickets now! Best to do it before spring break when the cost for them is less then after spring break! The ‘Black Tie Affair’, name of the prom, was to describe the first prom as elegant and sophisticated. A great way to describe the way to send the seniors off, style is, after all, what needed to make a dramatic exit from high school. Remember fellow learners, next time you see you Mrs. Bazyk, high five her for her work. The prom was not only hard to be able to lead but it takes guts to plan something this huge for everyone to enjoy and have some fun.