Spring Gardens

Have you ever dreamed of having that perfect garden with bright, vibrant flowers that look like something out of a magazine? Well even if you haven’t, I will teach you What type of flowers to plant to make your yard look beautiful.

First thing you should know. In order to grow healthy plants you have to have healthy soil. You need to have three to four inches of organic matter to help keep your plants fertilized. Then you need to put mulch or leaves around your plant to retain water. Doing these steps will ensure that your plant have a healthy base to grow and trive.

download (2)(2)What plants should I plant? One of the flowers you should consider planting is the Coneflower are brightly colored perennials. They are easy to care for and are going for cut flowers. They need full sun and come in many different colors including pink, purple, red, and white. And a bonus that comes with these flowers is butterflies. They are attracted to this flowers and they will brighten your day. download (3)(1)

Another beautiful flower you can plant is an Azalea. An Azalea is a flowering bush that has ten or more stems with bell shaped flowers. They need acidic, well-drained, enriched soil to grow beautifully. In the spring, they need mulch and fertilizer. Most types of  Azalea need partial sun. There are many different species and colors of  Azaleas to choses from. This flower brings a bright and lively feel to your garden. 2__Dahlia_2126282b

The last flower that should be planted in your garden this spring is the Dahlias. This flower come in many colors and size so be sure to pick the one that best suits your garden shape.  Dahlias can handle pretty much any weather, but they need full sun and soil with organic matter in it. If you do chose this flower, be sure to plant them in rows for easy access to them. And remember, for any flower you plant, when winter frost comes, make sure to protect your plants by covering them. Now you have a beautiful garden that anyone would love to have.