March has finally arrived, pretty quickly might I add, bringing spring and warmer temperatures with it. Thank Goodness! It won’t be long till we see Peter Rabbit Cotton Tail hoppin’ around with his basket of never ending colored eggs. As the children sleep soundlessly from their sugar crash, the adults sneak a couple pieces here and there. The refrigerator holding week’s worth of leftovers and before you know it April is here. April 1st or otherwise known as April Fools Day. Don’t get caught getting prank this year! This year is your year to prank. I’ve compiled 10 April Fools pranks to trick your friends, family or heck that one person you just really hate!


10: The good old fashion toothpaste in Oreo’s:

OreoGot siblings that eat all the tasty Oreos, teach them not to mess with your cookies by removing the icing and adding toothpaste instead. Surprisingly the toothpaste looks exactly like the icing. There’s nothing like the sweet minty taste of revenge.


9: “Bake” Brown E’s:Brown E's

Trick your family by calling out, “I MADE BROWNIES” and watch their excitement turn to disappointment when you reveal brown paper cut outs of the letter E.


  1. Cover Everything in Googly Eyes:Google Eyes

Although this may not be a punishment towards someone you can’t help but smile at this prank. Watch the shock when someone opens the fridge in the morning to find 300 pairs of eyes staring at them!


  1. Fill glasses up with water and turn them over:Upside Water

This may seem hard to do but it’s actually pretty simple. Just fill up glasses of water and place a flat solid surface on the rim, for example a plate. Turn it upside down and place it down somewhere, then quickly pull the plate out from under it so the surface beneath it holds the water, leave a funny note for your victim.


  1. Mold Play dough into sticks of gum: PLay Dough

This one may be the grosses I’ve ever heard of, but yet so clever. Just take the gum out of their wrappers and replace them with molded playdough, then when all those annoying kids at school ask for gum, they’ll get an non-minty surprise.


  1. Cotton sticks to anything when dampened:Cotton Balls

Cotton balls will stick to anything is you get them wet. Just imagine waking up to see your car like this.


  1. Wrap a rubber band around the faucet: Faucet

This hilarious trick is a classic, by wrapping the rubber band around the second faucet it will automatically spray the person trying to turn the water on.


  1. Hide little Pop It’s under the toilet lid:pop its

Just imagine……


  1. Replace the Orange juice with Mac and Cheese:Sunny D

It looks just like the orange juice but trust me… it does not taste the same!


  1. Slide hole punched paper bits into the car AC vents:Car paper