intropicDuring the past few days, I conducted a poll where people would vote for the place that they would want to go for spring break out of five options. The options listed were Florida, L.A., San Diego, Las Vegas, Mexico, and New York. I asked 52 people to vote, and the most popular vote was Florida. Florida received 19 votes. This surprised me a bit. I was pretty sure that Las Vegas would give Florida a run for its money. Las Vegas is where the M&M factory is, and M&Ms are amazing. Florida definitely has its charm. The beaches are warm and sunny most of the time, and there is no shortage of places to go to have a good time. One place in particular being Club La Vela in Panama City. This club is open night and day on spring break, and during the day people 14 and up can enter. At night, you have to be 18 or older to enter. There is the lovely Panama City beach.