Do you have a messy backpack, have a Messy room, can’t find what to wear in the morning? If so, you have either an organizational problem or, siblings or friends who act like siblings. Hopefully, it is just an organization problem because that can be fixed(unlike sibling).

First, instead of buying one big book to keep notes in, get multiple. Each should be a different color, that way you can easily interpret which one is your math, science, or English notebook. Having multiple of something seems like a clutter, but it will get you in the habit of only using one section to write on instead of doing math homework on the page next to your English assignment due tomorrow.

For the second part, you need a paper and pencil. Start writing “I promise I will put it back where it goes.” Something commonly formulating in the mind of  unorganized people is, “Oh I’ll put it up after I do [anything].” If you  think that I promise you 9/10 times you will not. You have to do it right away, even if it sacrifices some of your precious time talking to cute human beings.

This one may seem simple but, bear with me. Plan.Plan.Plan. That is right if you plan to do something you will 9/10 times do it. “Yeah I’m going to my friends house this weekend, I can either clean my room five minutes before I leave, or I can do it now and be “unproductive afterward”.

I hereby proclaim this message to a halt. Just make sure you follow these small easy tips, and you are guaranteed to go even farther in your organizational life.